Would it not be great if there were a golden rule for selecting buy to let finance? Well here is what we have all been waiting for, there is. This golden rule for selecting buy to let finance might appear very simple, but its application might prove a bit more difficult as this rule is, invest in yourself before you invest in anything else.

So what do I mean by this, well as I said, it is rather simple. Simply take the time to gather the correct knowledge you require so as to be able to make the most informed investment decision that you possibly can. Now does this mean following the conventional routes? I think not as we all know that the conventional routes bring only conventional results and if our aim is to achieve financial freedom, these are not the routes to follow.

There are however far better ways to be able to be able to gain knowledge and information which will greatly improve our ability to make the correct decisions when it comes to our buy to let finance investment decisions and in fact any of our investment decisions, but to be able to acquire it we will have to become action takers and decide to make the most important investment decisions of our lives and that is to invest in ourselves.

It is absolutely amazing what we are able to discover and learn when we choose to break the shackles of the mindset of the norm and decide to begin to follow proven techniques and systems of the extra ordinary. This one simple decision has the power to change our lives and greatly shorten the road we need to travel to true financial freedom.

By simply freeing our minds of conventional wisdom, we are able to tap into what has been for many years considered to be the mindset of the exceptionally wealthy and by doing so set our own destination on the co-ordinates which they have followed to arrive at the destination of a life of harmony and abundance.