Contents: Technical specifications; Description of the installation; User manual; Electric description; Lubrication instructions; Repairs and maintenance. Lathe Make STANKOIMPORT Type 16K20 Year of manufacture turning Zschepplin; Price: ; Stock NoDR; Control:Manual; ID:AS The machine of normal accuracy of accuracy is intended for performance of various turning works when fixing a product in the centers or in the boss, and also for.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Manual for 1K62 Hello I bought 1K62 lathe, made inmm between centers. I have downloaded manual in Russian, but I cannot read Russian at all so I’m looking for English manual for it. There are many 1K62 lathes here in Finland, but manuals seem to be in Russian.

I do not know is English manuals exists at all, there might be only Russian manuals. I’m not an professional machinist, just hobbyist so I don’t know much about lathes.

Mainly I’m interested at correct lever janual for thread cutting. Manual for 1K62 Hi kimmocongratulations, you have bougt good machine, this is one of the best machine which produced in USSR. Unfortunately I don’t believe you can find manual in English, in case you can’t find in in Finland, here I never seen English version as well. You can download Russian original manul here http: In Fist file there is a table in manual pagein this table is shown how to chose pitch of thread.

In second file passport the same table on page I printed the pages and I will try to cut something to see if I understand the manual.

I have heard that the Moscow factory Krasnyi Proletarii made the best lathes 1k62, 16k20, 16k25but I do not know why? Was there better machines, better quality control or what was the reason for it?

That factory must of been huge, I read from the http: That is about 50 lathes every day and they built other machines too I guess.


Manual for 1K62 kimmohi fella! I suppose that model 1K62 is better, cause it has all of type metric threads, when you understand how to work with, you gonna love it!

Screw cutting lathe STANKO 16K20

I also have the same lather in my hobby place, produced another factory on Ural. Unfortunately it still does not run yet, there are some small problems, I’m going to fix it in nearest future.

I will try to translate these two pages, but it takes time, cause it need to rework in other format and so on, hope I can do it during this week. Manual for 1K62 Guys, if you need any help in translating I can support you. But because of the lack of time please don’t ask to translate all the manual, manyal particular articles or chapters. Manual for 1K62 IFominhe needs just regarding thread, it would be good to help our foreigner fellow.

Manual for 1K62 As for threads there are very simple and clear tables. I believe our new “adept” will be able to understand them without translation But anyway I am open to help. Some of the texts were understandable but some arent For example, if I would like manial cut M10 thread with 1,5mm pitch, what would be the correct lever positions.

Tokapho 16K20 Horizontal Lathe

The left lever number 19 in the manual is simpler but the right one number 20 is harder for me. I cannot see the texts in the levers, someone has wiped the levers with alcohol etc and the black paint has vanished. I was able to see that Column A and B are for replacement manuall, I do not know when those need to be changed.

I bought the lathe from bankruptcy auction, so I was not able to ask anything from the previous owner. I did not even know if everything was working or not, but had to take the risk because it looked fine.

Manual for 1K62

Thanks a lot from your help! Manual for 1K62 Hi kimmoI translate page 12, please look at pictures. But I afried you have to learn at first operation control handle you called leverit shown at page in manual, the same nubers of lever handle mentioned in the table at the second row. When I work with unknown lather it happened once manial Denmark I have preset the handle lever and than to check it – to make it clerar I just rotate spindel and look at the support movemet, for an examle: I hope 16kk20 are understand my idea.


Before using the lathe, I decided to change all oils.

Headstock and Feedbox were simple. Now Maual would like to change oils to Apron, but I don’t know where the drain plug is. Now I would like to change oils to Apron, but I don’t know where the drain plug is, there are couple of possible bolts under the apron. Do you know where I can get the oil out from Apron? Manual for 1K62 kimmodo not touch this detail on first photo. Manual for 1K62 alkaedthank you! Manual for 1K62 Hi kimmog;lad to help you In the passport of 1k62 second file at the page 40 you can find lubrication chart.

I tried to translated important points look at hte attached pictures. Manual for 1K62 By the way.

Manual for 1K62 kimmonow you can surf throught all the topics reagrding 1K Manual for 1K62 Hi kimmoDid you launch the machine? Manual for 1K62 Hello. It is in good overall condition but seems more complicated than my beloved 16k Manual for 1K62 Thank you very much for your help.

Tampere, Finland Manual for 1K62 alkaedthank you! Mb Manual for 1K62 Hello. Mb Manual for 1K62 Thank you very much for your help.

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