A Civil Campaign: A Comedy of Biology and Manners is a science fiction novel by American writer Lois McMaster Bujold, first published in September Bujold dedicates her new novel to the Bront s, Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Sayers, which gives a pretty good indication of the territory she’s staked out in this . Despite all his power, Lord Miles Vorkosigan can’t win the hand of the beautiful Vor widow, Ekaterin Vorsoisson, who is violently allergic to marriage as a result.

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There is also a strong undercurrent of feminism here despite the old-fashioned and paternalistic way Barrayar treats its women. I doubt she’s in the mood for your humor. Paperbackpages. And by the time the shock of her husband’s death had worn away, and she was ready to put off her forbidding formal mourning garb, and every unattached Vor bachelor in the capital showed up on her doorstep, Miles could have a lock on her affections that would permit him to fend off the most glittering civul.

Surrounded by all those relatives. Good, they were not expected to dine downstairs in that elaborately-paneled cavern with the table that extended to seat forty-eight; ninety-six in a squeeze, if a second table, cleverly secreted behind the wainscoting, was brought out in parallel.

Amazingly, all the tangled threads are tied together in an outrageous but satisfying conclusion.

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In retrospect this bujolc can’t really compare in scope or originality to Bbujold Hugo win for A Deepness In the Sky, also nominated for Nebula but the two books are so different that its like comparing apples and oranges. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Lord Dono, who as Donna had an affair with Ivan Vorpatril and her cousin Byerly, turns to Ivan for assistance and advice. And how did someone so short manage to project that much menace?


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Did you think that Miles was the definitive example of how far the Vor will go to be Vor?

A listing of her awards and nominations may campign seen here: Can this be read as a standalone? Stick with me, lady, and I’ll show you the galaxy. The undaunted purr resonated against the silver hemisphere like some small machine stripping its gears. A bit of a wall there, too, to block off the street noise and to heighten the effect. Please try again later.

A Civil Campaign | Book by Lois McMaster Bujold | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

And then it happens again. The fabric had that odd fire-proof feel one found only in seriously expensive field gear. It’s going to take all Aunt Alys’s generalship to bring it off. Read more Read less.

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I think he’s going to get a little bored, if he has to wait until ciivl school starts to locate boys his own age. Somebody really amazing that you could believe as slitherer-outer as well as competent man of action. Dec 05, mich marked it as on-kindle-to-read.

I mean, they’re cooking up their kid in a uterine replicator.

View all 32 comments. All the years I thought I was an only child, he was developing the worst case campaibn sibling rivalry you ever saw.

Is there anything you’d particularly like to see? Her years with Tien had taught her that, if nothing else.

Some Komarran expatriates exiled to Campaifn did, as part of a much-too-baroque plot against my father. Bujold and her writting this is part of the unique maturation of her protagonist Miles and makes perfect sense.


The seizure-stimulator the military z had issued him to bleed off his convulsions was very far from being a cure, though it was supposed to keep them from happening at random times. But she held together without a crack from first to last.

Camlaign not actually courting Madame Vorsoisson. The events at the dinner party become widely known and contribute to rumours about Miles’s part on the death of Ekaterin’s husband.

This has long been my favorite of the Vorkosigan series, and it’s nice to see that it still holds up on rereading.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My problem is that I have a squick for sympathetic embarrassment, as we say. I think this might be my favorite so far of the Vorkosigan series, which is sort of an embarrassing admission because this is the most like a traditional romance novel – not the straightforward Harlequins I went through a phase of loving and now can’t standbut those fat baroque novels with multiple canpaign threads winding through subplots of adventure, intrigue, family drama, pirates, ninjas, and so on.

Mark was, thank God, not here. He checked his distorted reflection in the groundcar’s rear canopy.

They angled across the park.

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