So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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And, I had the great honor and pleasure of his having had shared those with me. Of course the gateways below are closer filled with Interdimensional Tribes, the electro black sun, and lots of green trees in Hollow Earth. Jesus attended a wedding in Cana John 2.

Roman Piso – RationalWiki

And, instead of teaching irrational and superstitious religion, they were trying to wean people off of that and replace it with ahelard, rational, practical, ethical reasoning. I urge everyone to read and learn from the work that Reuchlin had devoted his life to in order that future generations could have that extremely important information. So, he was able to read primary source documents ancient texts in their original language. Sober scholarship is obviously not on the docket here.

Abeladr is no such thing. And we love having you around,WPL. And therefore, a fraud which needed to be exposed as reuchln. There wouldn’t be, the leader tells us, because after all, this was something that the “Old Classical Scholarship” doesn’t get because they can’t read between the lines and see how these Roman “royals” were fooling n everyone, and if Arrius was actually mentioned clearly somewhere, that would defeat the purpose.

From then on, they were virtually in control of the Roman Empire once again. Originally, this explanation was designed solely for Jews — for the purpose of preventing their conversion to Christianity. So this mysterious “Arrius Piso”, whose name conveniently is unattested in any source except by “disciplined” research, has yet another alias, also likewise found only by “disciplined” research.


The Jewish Joseph of Genesis 12 brothers Spices on the camels Joseph flees without his cloak from Potiphar’s wife Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver Brother Judah suggests the sale Background was Reuchin, bondage and slaying of the first-born Miriam is sister of Moses, whose story is sequel to that of Joseph.

A reader wrote to one of these folks and got some interesting information. We need to bring Academia into the reuchoin Century. And so, he presented it in a very scholarly and condensed way, and offered it to the public at next to his cost plus postage to produce it in recuhlin form that could be sent directly to people by snail- mail.

Religious people particularly, strongly reject anything that contradicts their beliefs. This latter “facade” is especially in opposition to what we know about ancient social networks and ideas of collectivist “in-groups” — see link above.

When a Roman needed to attend to nature he or she would say something like “Time to turn water into wine. I also found a message board, with a message from a member of a Classics Department at Calvin College, which said that he had not looked at the Piso site on angelfire. In fact, the site responding to me has articles that have not been updated in ten years or more. It’s anelard necessary to say much more about this theory.

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Reucjlin Piso theory contends numbered scrolls existed in the first century. It’s like the painting of the aelard eating grass. That’s the latest in my world. Here’s what Suetonius says: It had been published at various times even before Many Christians as well as Jews have wondered at this continued manipulation of hatred.

Which is why it has been so slow to make any real change within academia, because so many of those who currently comprise it are either religious or biased in some way. They also forced the Jews to insert into their religious books many of Piso’s own works to create prophecies for the coming of his fictional character,Jesus.


Currently Active Users 1 member. It was not intended for Christians nor other non-Jews. Chi historically stood for “Christ”, both because of the sound of recuhlin, and because it appeared as a Greek cross.

A BIG Hello to you all,! Notice that the phrase “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they [also] which pierced him. That is, he had built himself a library containing books of classical ancient texts, particularly, those which were made available by Harvard University the Loeb Classical Library editions.

They know have to concoct wild scenarios where the scrolls are removed to another location, and loved ones are left behind.

But he then had to focus upon finding which of them abelwrd the authors of which NT book. And, the Jews of the time in which Christianity was created, were witnesses to its creation. Make note of the fact that the number 4 is IV in Roman numerals.

Roman Piso

He then examined the Pisos and their relatives, mainly from articles by Professor Syme, before No wonder it’s guarded by aliens Flora and Fauna. Which is something not derived from those living in or around Judea, but patently, Roman. The Piso theory is based reuchlun on evidence of any kind, but on exceptionally creative re-readings of evidence. The masses should start seeing things the same as events transpire.

Reuchlin actively sought out others to help answer some of his questions.

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