Abstract: This paper presents the main differences between the new coming version of the Brazilian Standard on Lightning Protection ABNT NBR and IEC. Abnt – Nbr – – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Learn about SPDA & MPS – ABNT Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at SPDA & MPS – ABNT , leverage your professional.

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It’s the complete system to protect a structure against the effects of lightning.


Contrary to what many think, the Stop Rays do not attract lightning on a stormy day. Its purpose is to convey to the highest points of the buildings, the same ionic potential we find in the earth, causing the ray search for the captors to 55419 instead of the structures around the captors or the soil itself lying at lower levels in relation to the sensors.

The ground must have low potential so as not to present resistance to lightning discharge electric current. In the abbnt of a grounding, the ideal is that it has a ohmic resistance of ten 10 ohms tending to zero.

  IC 74147 PDF

First wbnt all it is worth remembering that nothing can be done to prevent a lightning strike in a specific place or structure. In general, higher and higher exposure area points are the favorite radius. The captors type in Franklin poles form a cone of coverage that protect structures located in a certain radius of action.

The cordage and ground rods are made of copper or copper-plated materials, which have low resistance to the passage of electricity.

There are some ways to prepare adequate lightning protection. Among the most common found: This system acts as 541 electrostatic shield, trying to keep the radius can pierce the armor and hit the building and also reducing the electric fields within it.

The new ABNT NBR 5419: Lightning Protection

Other metal structures of the building to be 54119 against lightning can be used as natural captors or descent conductors such as: Stops Rays systems should not run installed without the prior achievement of specific project by engineer authorized by the competent body.

The Rays can cause: Loss of life; electric Choqui when talking on the phone; Burning appliances and antennas; Computer problems; Faulty electrical network and telephony; etc.


RAY one of the impulses of a lightning strike to the earth. Building of explosives, flammable, industrial, chemical, nuclear, biochemical laboratories, factories of ammunition and fireworks, telecommunications stations, power plants, industrial heat with risk of fire, refineries, etc.

Theo Fire | ExcelĂȘncia em Engenharia de IncĂȘndio

Residential buildings, industries, residential houses, agricultural establishments and farms with wooden structure. Building and industrial or commercial establishments with more than 1, square meters in building area; Any building with more than thirty 30 meters high; Building and industrial or commercial establishments with more than 1, square meters in building area; Any building with more than thirty 30 meters high; Areas used in explosives or flammable deposits; At the discretion of the Fire Department when the characteristics and the danger of the buildings so require.

Of the outer SPDA designed to intercept lightning.

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