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Back in the mids, before Acura went completely off the deep end and teamed up with Angry Birds to promote its cars, there was this thing: Before I get into detail, a little background. That year, two models were available: Unfortunately, the only way you could get a stick acrua the 2. The CL was redesigned for with only one engine: While that may sound meaty, the CL also gained a ton of weight; it now tipped the scales just shy of 3, pounds.

Acura CL Type-S 6-Speed Manual: Used Car Reminder | PlaysWithCars

That, coupled with the fact that the CL remained automatic only and that the automatic became known for tremendous reliability issuesmeant the CL struggled to find a following.

Regular people bought the TL instead. Fortunately, there was a savior: But it was still automatic only. That changed in The car was axed bynever to return again.

My cousin has worked aucra North American Honda for over 20 years. We come from a family holy-roller tee-totalers who think drinking is a mortal sin and requires an exorism…and the only way he and I refrain from beating them to death with their own Manuap is to drink.

Acura CL Manual Transmission Fluid Change Cost

But after spending a few drunken nights hanging out at the local sports bar, I got him to talk! Accoring to him, the total number of transmissions replaced under warranty on Honda and Acura vehicles was over ,!!! BUT intenrnal estimtes of the actual acuea of failures prior to 60k miles is about 1. Thewarranty replacements covered just overvehicle. Thediscrepancy represents multiple failures axura the same vehicle. The worst example he knew about personally was a Acura 3.

They tried to sue him to shut him up first, though. I participated in several Honda entusiast forums for years and started hearing horror stories in mid-late about transmission problems. Byit was obvious that there was a major issue and Honda refused to admit it and fought almost every warranty claim possible to avoid paying. I knew on some maunal that I would never buy another Honda unless I was willing to abandon my deeply held ethical beliefs….

Most of the family now considers me as evil as Beelzebub himself. I started going to family reunions again just to park my Mazdas front-and-center to piss them off…when I left the last one, I swear acurw was some Holy Water spotting the windshield of my new CX-9…. This acuraa a great post!!! Wild that so many cars were so affected. As I recall this happened to a ton of Odysseys, too?

  LEY 27261 PDF

Yep, the Pilot, Odyssey and TL seemed to the be the worst.

But the V6 Accords also had the same fatal flaw. As a percentage of total vehicles, because they sell around k Accords each year, it was a lower percentage of all Accords from those years. It may sound crazy to some, but realizing what was happening and ultimately losing my respect and faith in Honda was a very difficult experience for me.

I would even liken it to a devoutly religious person having a major crisis of faith. In hindsight, I realize that having such profound feelings about a company and their products is so ridiculous and acyra unhealthy.

Acura CL Manual Transmission Fluid Change Cost Estimate

I had been brainwashed into the Cult of Honda…. I was the only customer from 1pm until everything wsa finally finished up a few minutes after they closed at 8pm. The redesigned was already on the lot and they still had 28 of the CX-9s left.

I chose them based on their own merits and not because of the brand name. Truly the automotive equivalent of a double, no make it a triple, bagger!!!

A car cover with a slit for the driver to peek out should have been standard…. I still have tremendeous respect for him on many levels. He was a brilliant, innovative engineer who refused to do anything just because it had always been done a certain way. When I read his written statement to all Honda employees inhe became one of my heros and continues to have my respect and admiration to this day.

Despite my personal convictions, I am glad to see that Honda has finally rediscovered how to build Hondas again! The Accord is the car that the Accord should have been. And the Fit has always been true to the Honda spirit and just keeps getting better. I hope they continue in the right direction. Acura needs and deserves whatever it takes to develop new products right now because they were needed several years ago!

While they added a lot of features to the base model which make it a much better value proposition forthey acknowledged to the automotive media that the 2. I also have a good friend who bought a TL with about miles from a family friend, so he got a good enough deal to risk it. I had an early CL Type-S as well. I felt the transmission do exactly what Honda said it would do and went by the dealer. I had to drive it for 6 months getting progressively worse until one day every light on the dash started flashing and I heard, for the first and last time, an automatic transmission grinding.

Better engine, better suspension, better transmission! Did the two crossovers have different transmissions by any chance? Yes I too mourn the dawn of the Angry Birds era at Honda bows head in sadness as well as the eternal vaporware about an NSX, and updated Ridgeline etc. I gotta disagree with the styling by Sears…. The transmission failed at 79K miles, right after my warranty was up!

More than angry, I was stunned, and my lifelong love of Honda went out the door. It still sounds and feels the same now as the day I bought it 10 years ago.


It sucks that Hondas have gotten huge, complicated, and unreliable. Too bad there is not an edit button. I meant to add a query regarding newer honda manual gearboxes. Do they suffer from catastrophic failure at low under k miles? The failure rated of manual transmissions in modern automobiles is infinitesimal. Absent of serious abuse or engine mods that overtax the gearbox especially the use of Nitrous Oxidemanual transmissions will usually outlive the useful life of the vehicle itself.

Also, Honda is the best of best when it comes to building the perect manual shifter! Quick shifts into certain gears become more difficult and are acoompanied by tuat grainding noise no driver wants to hears! In my experience, engaging Reverse becomes more difficult with age and mileage in all cars, Honda included.

My Mazda3 became very temperaental going into Reverse a few ago with around 72k miles on it. Almost 30k miless later, it still shifts like new! My mom bought a CL Type S brand new. It has 95k miles, and is on its 4th transmission. I bought a TL Type S brand new. It has k miles, and is on its 3rd transmission. My dad bought a TL type S brand new. We got them all from the same dealer, and they replaced all 7 of the transmissions free of charge.

He uses synthetic motor oil, changes the ATF every 30k miles and babies the car in general. Odds are very good that the transmission has been replaced at least once or twice on the majority of them. Maybe the most recent replacement occured once they actually FIXED the flaw in the transmission design that caused them to fail?

But I have modified the rules slightly- it only applies to and later models. Was rolling up to the speaker at a Taco Bell, and it just began to make this grinding noise as I slowly released the clutch.

It grinds more rapidly as one moves through the gears, i. I have never experienced anything like this. Always trying to squeak more mileage out, and do full-throttle applications very rarely and briefly.

I am looking for manuao repair manual to assist me in a rebuild, and a parts source. Anybody have any ideas? I have a downloaded CL manual, but it does not cover extraction or dis-assembly of the 6 spd.

Parts sources are hard to find, too. Your email address will not be published.

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