Brivo, Inc. is a company providing cloud-based access control and video surveillance products for physical security and internet of things applications. Brivo takes access control completely into the cloud, with a state-of-the art IP system that eliminates nearly all hardware and lets you manage. ADT Security Services and Brivo Systems today announced the implementation of a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities.

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Founded inBrivo is a pioneer in Software as a Service SaaS applications for security management, providing access control services for small and medium businesses, as well as scalable and centralized management for global enterprises.

Brivo was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of The Duchossois Group, a privately held holding company.

Brivo Systems Acquired for $50M by Eagle Eye Networks CEO Drako

The combined offering will be bi-directionally integrated using the open APIs from both companies. Drako said combining the technologies will result in:.


The next wave of cloud technology is going to be based around these open APIs. The acquisition marks the first time that two cloud companies will be fully integrating inside the security industry, said Van Till, who co-founded Brivo. It is just a lot richer experience at the API level and that translates to a richer experience at the user level. Because Brivo and Eagle Eye are both cloud-based, the combined solution uniquely offers flexible deployment, with scalability and cyber-secure remote management, according to Drako.

Every company wants to remotely manage their access control system. Zdt access control system can now be a gateway into the rest of the network, potentially compromising credit card and private customer data or control the doors and let people in. If you go with a Brivo cloud system, then you avoid a lot of these headaches.

Van Till said the timing of the acquisition was driven by external factors having to do with its former family-operated ownership, which has been cashing out of some of its bigger businesses to better diversify its assets and make plans for passing wealth along to the next generation.


Van Till said for years Brivo had contemplated developing its own native VMS implementation, but the considerable resources and infrastructure necessary to pull it off was never available.

ADT Select Entry Login

So this is something that we are getting through the relationship that we have always wanted to have anyway. A free subscription to the 1 resource for the residential and commercial security industry will prove to be invaluable.

June 11, Rodney Bosch. Drako said combining the technologies will result in: Veracity Time Server Syncs and Wins. Adtt to Sell the Cloud Experience. Recommended For You Tim Whall: Latest Quizzes Year-End Quiz:

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