Can anyone explain what happens why I enable he overwrite function with BB, how does it ensure the data cannot be recovered if I overwrite a. Supercedes AFSSI , 15 April OPR: HQ AFCA/SYSS (MSgt Michael E. Bishop). Certified by: HQ AFCA/SYS (Ronald G. Goessman). title to AFSSI and changes AFCERT Advisories to Time Follow procedures in AFSSI , Remanence Security (will convert to.

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The amount of information needing to be purged is less than 0. Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland. Technical acetone should then be applied to remove residue from the drum surface.

Purge every system on the LAN and contaminated backups. Data on floppy disks can sometimes be recovered by forensic analysis even after the disks have been overwritten once with zeros or random zeros and ones.


While afssii are many overwriting programs, only those capable of complete data erasure offer full security by destroying the data on all areas of a hard drive. Center for Magnetic Recording Research. We found that none of the available software techniques for sanitizing individual files were effective.

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Data erasure

Credit card numbers, private financial dataaccount information and records of online transactions can be accessed by most willing individuals. Data erasure can also bypass the Operating System OS. Why no standardised erasing patterns, to ensure truer Data Sanitization: Theft of an SED results in a physical asset loss, but the stored data is inaccessible without the decryption key that is not stored on a SED, assuming there are no effective attacks against AES or its implementation in the drive hardware.


Afssii necessary, reload from clean backup. By overwriting the data on the storage device, the data is rendered unrecoverable and achieves data sanitization. Drives with this capability are known as self-encrypting drives SEDs ; they are present on most modern enterprise-level laptops and are increasingly used in the enterprise to protect the data. Under BB’s preferences options why not enable users to choose standard secure erasing patterns like:.

Information technology assets commonly hold large volumes of confidential data. WinPE has now overtaken Linux as the environment of choice since drivers can be added with little effort. Also, some standards require a method to verify that all the data have afsssi removed from the entire hard drive and to view the overwrite pattern.

To protect the data afdsi lost or stolen media, some data erasure applications remotely destroy the data if the password is incorrectly entered.

If data erasure does not occur when a disk is retired or lost, an organization or user faces a possibility that the data will be stolen and compromised, leading to identity theft, loss of corporate reputation, threats to regulatory compliance and financial impacts. Social security numberscredit card numbers, bank details, medical history and classified information are often stored on computer hard drives or servers. Allow for selection of a specific standard, based on unique needs, 50020 Verify the overwriting methodology has been successful and removed data across the entire device.


Recommends cryptographic erase as a more general solution.

Views Read Edit View history. Destruction at an approved metal destruction facility i. E-waste presents a potential security threat to individuals and exporting countries.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The number of wipes has become obsolete with 5002 more recent inclusion of a “verify pass” which scans all sectors of the disk and checks against what character should be there i. Bad sectors, however, may be invisible to the host system and thus to the erasing software. Hard drives that are not properly erased before the computer is disposed of can be reopened, exposing sensitive information.

Air Force System Security Instructions AFSSI

The system frequently writes to the drive location s where the data was inadvertently written or suspected to be written. Government Communications Security Bureau. Unless otherwise noted, the web page content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.

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