After God is Dibia. Igbo Lecture. Igbo Lectures & Poems s & Poems. By Friends of Emeagwali. Comment: With an introduction by. Chukwurah Filip Emeagwali. After God is Dibia: Igbo Cosmology, Healing, Divination and Sacred Science in Nigeria v. 2 by John A. Umeh, , available at. Get this from a library! After God is Dibia. [John Anenechukwu Umeh].

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After God is Dibia: Vol. 1

Lists with This Book. Most importantly, Igbo prayer was almost always never done empty handed, and placed a good deal of responsibility on the part of the person ogd the prayer to follow it up with the right actions and deeds that would ie to its fulfillment.

When he got close to the house he heard a crunching sound, and, being a hunter himself, he approached very cautiously, and looking over the fence saw the leopard only a few yards off busily engaged eating the goat. This site uses cookies. By this time the goat had come for his money; afted not finding his friend, he walked about until he came upon the bush cat, who was so intent upon his meal off the cock, that he did not notice the goat approaching; and the goat, being in rather a bad temper at not getting his money, at once charged at the bush cat and knocked him over, butting him with his horns.

This the bush cat did not like at all, so, as he was afrer big enough to fight the goat, he picked up the remains of the cock and ran off with it to the bush, and so lost his money, as he did not await the arrival of the hunter.

After God is Dibia | Odinani: The Sacred Arts & Sciences of the Igbo People

Nov 09, Nnedi rated it it was amazing. Now and then he would say Ba!! At last, however, he thought of a plan, and on the next day he went to his friend the leopard, and asked him to lend him two hundred rods, promising to return the amount to him on the same day as he had promised to pay Okun; and he also told the leopard, that if he were absent when he came for his money, he could kill aftter he godd in the house and eat it.


God consoled the delegates and sent back, through them, His merciful words of consolation to humanity. One day, as he was very hungry, he went to his friend Okun and atter two hundred rods from him, and told him to come to his house on a certain day to get his money, and he told him to bring his gun, loaded, with him.

Unlike other mythologies where women usually are blamed for the downfall of the human race, a afteg is seen as being the source of this sacred divination system, and women played very important roles affter pre-colonial Igbo society as dibia afa diviners and priestesses.

Nnaemeka Austin marked it as to-read Apr 21, He took careful aim at the leopard and fired, whereupon the leopard rolled over dead. Obinna Ugwu marked it as to-read May 30, Return to Book Page.

O bialu egbu anyi gbue onwe ya Wicked plans designed to harm the innocent are to have boomerang effect. Prayer has always been a central part of Igbo life. Nonetheless it makes some very good points. It served as a direct link to a la mmu o the spirit land.

O sii nwata, jide nkakwu, ya ga-ekunye mmili o ga-eji kwo aka Anyone who makes a child commit a ks will have to bear the consequence of his action. There were not wish lists or the marathon sessions of begging that are prominent in some traditions today. Ugochukwu Obinwude marked it as to-read Jul 01, The following myth deals with the origin of Afa divination.

After God is Dibia: Igbo Cosmology, Healing, Divination and Sacred Science in Nigeria v. 2

This was just what Effiong wanted, but still he did not give in at once; eventually, however, he agreed, and told Okun he might go, and that he would bury the body of his friend the leopard. As does the second volume in the series. Ubosi kpatalu nu nya likalie The day that fetches more benefits than others deserves to have more of those items of benefit. Not seeing any one about he stalked the goat and got nearer and nearer, until he was within springing distance.


Suddenly the leopard sprang at the goat, and with one crunch at the neck brought him down. Ichie ukwu na ichi nta Titled and non-titled ancestors to join us in this exercise.

Nick Chinenye marked it as to-read Jun 03, As he got nearer the smell of goat became very strong, and being hungry, for he had not eaten anything for some time, he approached the goat very carefully.

More can be found at this link. There was a diibia brilliant Igbo lady who made accurate prophecies and inspired utterances and accurately read the minds of God, spirits, ancestors, men and women, stars, planets and all that exists and saw clear and accurate visions of what was, what is, and what will be. May 15, Chizoro Ehieze-Okeke rated it it was amazing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Daisy Brin marked it as to-read Dec 26, Margo Idbia marked it as to-read May 05, He instructed them on how to bury the old, dead divination sage with a promise that an Ugili, sacred tree, will sprout and grow from her head and that its fruits, when they ripe and fall, should have their shells broken into two and arranged four on each of four strings, which when cast and interpreted sibia tell with accuracy, what was, what is, and what will be.

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