Aiwa CX-NMA Mini System Compact Shelf Stereo Dolby CD, Tape, Record Turntable | Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home Audio, Home Audio | eBay!. I have an Aiwa CX-NA50 and it was actually something I enjoyed . But at the same time, my system (CX-NMA) works just fine and has. Please referto them when you contact yourAiwa dealer in case of difficulty. ModelNo. CX-NMA SX-WNA SX-R SerialNo.(LotNo.) 1 Water and.

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Be sure to keep the Operating Instructions for future reference. All warnings and cautions in the Operating Jnstructionsand on the unit should be strictlyfollowed, as well as the safety suggestions below.

The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of iJninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence nmw845 important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

Owner’s record For your convenience, record the model number and serial number you will find them on the rear of your set in the space provided below. Please referto them when you contact yourAiwa dealer in case of difficulty.

Allow 10 cm 4 in. Should this occur, leave the unit vx a few hours, then try to operate again. If it is difficult or’impossible to insert the AC power plug intoan outlet, turn the plug over and try again.

If it still does noteasily insert into the outlet, please call a qualified service technician to service or replace the outlet.

Aiwa CX-NMA845 Manuals

To avoid defeating the safety feature of the polarized plug, do not force it into a power outlet. Do not pullthe cord itself. Pay particular attention to the cord from the unit to the power outlet. When the cord is plugged in, a small amount of current continues aiww flow to the unit, even when the power is turned off.

Aiwa CX-NMA Manuals

Outdoor Antenna Power lines –When connecting an outdoor antenna, make sure it is located away from power lines. Complete setting and connection of the main unit, supplied speakers, your TV and video equipment according to the following procedure.

FM antenna Sound signals from 5. Check that the rated voltage matches your local voltage, the surround speakers. There is no difference between the surround speakers. Both speakers can be connected as R right or L Jeff.

Then connect the AC cord. There are no differences between the front speakers. Both speakers can be connected as L left or R right. Referto the OperatingInstructions ofthe connected equipment for details. See page 8 “Game Demo” for details. To position the antennas FM feeder antenna: Extend this antenna horizontally in a T-shape and fix its ends to the wall.

  6ES7307 1BA00 0AA0 PDF

Positionto find the best possible reception.

To stand the AM antenna on a surface Fix the claw to the slot. Refer to the following illustration to find out the best location in your room. When this distance decreases, replace the batteries with new ones. O Front speakers Center speaker Positionthis at the center of the two front speakers and also, if a’lV set is connected, on or below the set.

Surround speakers Place the jma845 speakers directly to the side of or slightly behind the listening area.

Align them horizontally, about 1 meter 3. Using the remote control The instructions in this manual refer mainly to the buttons on the main unit. Buttonson the remote control with the same names as those on the main unit can be used as well. Playback of the inserted disc nma485 tape begins, or the previously tuned station is received Direct Play Function. POWER is also available. When the power is turned on, the disc compartment may open and close to reset the unit.

Flash Window The inside of both cassette holders are lit up upon powering up. The light turns off nmx845 you hord down TAPE and press i. Repeat the process to turn the light back on. The mode will be automatically set after nma485 seconds. However, if the clock is not set, the game Demo page 8 will begin when the power is turned off.

Suspicious Activity Detected

The current power-economizing mode status will be displayed. If the power-economizing mode is OFF: The illumination of the display is dimmer than usual. Aiw within 4 seconds to switch the power-economizing mode on or off. When “ON” is selected:: If the timer recording page 29 is done with the economizing mode page7 set to”ON” and the power turns off, the dimmer mode will be set to “DIMMER 3” the next time the power is turned on.

By utilizing discrete amplifiers for mid to-high-frequencies and low frequencies, awia sonic reproduction that is virtually free from distortion can be realized. This Multi Amplifier System, which utilizes independent circuitry for the different frequency ranges, enables superb sonic reproduction free from distortion.

Aowa Subwoofer System The built-in subwoofer System has a separate subwoofer cavity area that is part of the loudspeaker cabinet structure, which acts as a sonic filter to cut distortion components. Inthe Multi Amplifier System, the ultra-low frequency signals transmitted from their own independent amplifier are reproduced in this area.

This separate construction gives a clear, rich definition to bass reproduction and it can realize clear, well-defined mid-to-high frequency signals. And AIWA’s built-in subwoofer aia incorporates a subwoofer capable of powerful, satisfying bass performance with true stereo separation. With the power switched off the game is silent, With the power switched on it is livened up with audio referred to as game sound in the following. Three numberson the display start to run.


The number on the left side stops. If all the numbers are equal, 50 points are added to the score. If the gained points reachyou win. If the gained points fall to 0, you lose. The tray number indicator in the display changes between 1 and 3. As the tray number increases from 1 to 3, the higher the probability of equalizing. This initial state is disabled on ce.

As long asyou leave! Cancel the game Demo to use these buttons for the functions such as CD playing, etc. The volume level is displayed as a number from 0 to MAX 50The volume level is automatically set to 20 when the power is turned off with the volume level set to 21 or more.

You’ll hear the current rhythmpattern, the display showing the name of the rhythm. The display will change as follows: Each time it is pressed, the level changes. Select one of the three levels, or the off position to suityour preference.

Mna845 to the right speeds up the tempo. Turning to the left slows down the tempo. The tempo can be changed within the limits of 81 to Youwill hear the current rhythm pattern.

While the unit is trying to get synced up to the tempo of the music, a cascade-like blue indicator will flash on the sides of the graphic equalizer display section. Depending on sound sources such as, songs whose tempo is varyinghowever,you may see differenttempos appearing one after the other in the display.

B can be recorded on tape if you want to. For these functions see below. You’ll hear the current sound stored in A.

As thedisplay changes,you’llhearthe respectivesound, 3 In a similar way, select a sound for B. This sound depends on rhythm patterns. If you want, try to change the rhythm pattern. Selecting a rhythm pattern is discussed earlier, under the corresponding heading. The Scratch mode is disabled when you release the A button. You’ll hear the sound currently stored in A, its name appearing in the display.

Each time you press A the sound is produced. Threelevels,1,2 and 3, are available. Powerful sound emphasizing treble and bass POP: Accented higher frequencies for latin music. Enriched sound with heavy bass and fine treble. GEQ 0 2,4 t tJ s ,l The equalization curve can be customized to suit your preference.

JOG to adjust the I. The highest level frequency indicator flashes for 8 seconds. JOG to adjust the: To cancel the selected mode Press GEQ twice. No sound is output from the speakers while the headphones are plugged in. It only sets the level feeling the sneakers end heedhones.

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