Absolution Gap (spoilers!) Warning: this page has many spoilers for Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds Victor Gollancz UK Hardcover First ISBN Publication Date: Pages; £ Date Reviewed. Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science fiction, a thoroughly modern space opera full of dangers and marvels.

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Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Beware of the Leopard. If you see a title with a spoiler in it, downvote it as hard as you can and then message the moderators.

We will delete it ASAP. To write spoilers in commentsuse the following method: Message scifi and let alastait friendly mods know!

Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds

Just finished Alastair Reynolds’ “Absolution Gap”. Can we talk about this? I feel absolutely destroyed by how horrible he concluded not only the book, but the series.

What are all your thoughts? The story is pretty much “and random aliens showed up and saved the day ta da the end fuck you”. Am I missing something here? Revelation Space and Redemption Ark are probably my top two science fiction books of all time, and I feel like Reynolds showed up at my door and kicked alaatair in the sack with that ending.

Is there something I’m missing that makes this ending better than how I perceived it? It is a while since Reynolfs read it. But the “ending” of the Revelation Space Universe is not written in Absolution Gap, but in the short story collection Galactic North, which describes the genesis of the Green Fly, the Nestbuilders and the far far future.

As said, it is a while, so I won’t comment on Absolution Gap. But do your self a favour and finish the series with the bleak ending of humanity in Galactic North.

Green is the future.

Yes, in the butterfly dress scene, she describes, how they have to flee from the Greenfly. The space wolfs are not a threat any more, but the human industrial accident the Greenfly is. By the way, I cannot recommend “Diamond Dogs” enough, of all of Reynolds work, this one still bubbles absolutoin in remembrance in a quite minute.

I literally just started House of Suns today, but I’ll check out that one eventually too, haha. HoS was decent, but I really liked Galactic North. I really feel like his grand concept space opera ideas seem to alastaig better in short story form. How is that a better ending? I read Galactic North which I loved for absolutioon most partbut the Galactic North short story didn’t seem to add much to the Absolution Gap ending.

People keep saying it does, but I don’t see it. Absopution still vague and an open ending. But about the ending. In Absolution Gap, the future of humanity and the galaxy is still open, they have to flee, but the stories could still continue. After Galactic North, nothing is open any more, the Galaxy is converted sbsolution space habitats, no planets, brown dwarfs, star dust is left, only Fusion Reactors stars and space habitats. There are still humans around in some of the habitats, reynoldss humanity as a space faring and autonomous culture is over.

As are all the over alien cultures in rdynolds galaxy. One, or maybe some more ships are still fleeing from the Galaxy, but their is no hope for them. They now have to cross intergalactic space, and by the time they arrive the universe will be several hundred million if not billions years older.


There is no guaranty that they make it, and wbsolution they make it, that the Greenfly was not faster than them. There is no guaranty that they are remotely human, after such a long journey, which even in their reference coordinate system will take thousands of generations.

Yeah, it was pretty awful, and felt very much like it was just wrapping up stuff he didn’t know how to end any better at that point. It was really a let down after an otherwise extremely good series – pretty much turned me off of Reynolds.

I suggest his short stories. The longer he writes, the shittier his stories are. His short stories are so good though. I absilution agree – – it was a hokey, out-of-nowhere unraveling of an otherwise great series.

Been a few years since I read it but you pretty much sum up my feelings about it.

To me the sudden disappointment, synchronized with their solution to the inhibitors. That after everything we had built up until that point, in the galactic time table, it was suddenly all turned and dispatched.

Alastair Reynolds Absolution Gap Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

That the win we achieved was nothing we would have actually alasrair for. Friends of mine said the same thing about House of Reyynolds, which to me was just a very alien ending. I just started House of Suns today.

I’m 2 chapters in and it’s just kinda hard to follow what’s going on. Is the whole thing like that? It starts leaving you with a lot of questions. But the blanks all begin to fill in soon. The scope of the story is so advanced and massive you have to allow it a bit to unfold. But the scope of time and humanity is one of my favourites in this book. Love to know what you think of this one when done. I reyonlds that the Inhibitors weren’t the worst thing out there. I liked that there were other species which had been hiding from the Inhibitors something we saw the Shrouders do in the first book.

I liked the Shadows and the alasair decision Scorpio had to make in the end, and I really liked the implied twist that the Shadows were actually humans. That was a great little twist at the end, that we do survive and spread across the universe in an effort to avoid the Green, but in the end absolutoin face extension because of a decision made by a pig. I would completely agree ga you if he hadn’t executed it in such a hamfisted manner.

The shadows were not at all expanded upon enough in my opinion, and besides a small little hint from Skade there was no real indication that there was another species hiding there.

I hated the ending, too bleak. Humanity must eventually end, but to take the universe with it? I think it’s a commentary on global warming or something to that effect.

I tried denial but NO, it was foreshadowed in the good damn beginning! I read all the books at release and a lots gone on since then, could you elaborate please? I really liked the rest of the book though. The scrimshaw suit and Morwenna, the description of the battle over Ararat from the perspective of the colonists as they try to leave, Rashmika’s living situation and her trip to join the cathedral, the cathedral itself and all the mythology they’d come up with.


There were a lot of images that stuck with me from that book. It was just such a cool universe. I also liked the imagery, but personally I felt that the entire narrative on Hela was boring as shit and I was just trudging through it to get back to the cool shit in space. Things got pretty cool once the other protagonists showed up to Hela.

I think I liked the Hela narrative more because it didn’t suffer from the high-stakes-and-epic-scale-fatigue that the main story had going on at the time. It was a simple story within a wider context. Sometimes sci-fi has a habit of raising the stakes past the point where I can connect with what’s happening. The careful moves and counter-moves while two ships chase each other from one star to another at near-light speeds, for example, is great, while chaotic space battles with sudden fantastic technology with a foe that had been carefully built up as a threat over several books?

You make a good point. I feel like the mystique and wonder of the Inhibitors was executed perfectly in the first two books but in Absolution Gap they were just there too often.

They didn’t seem scary anymore. That disappoints me, I kind of wrote Reynolds off after terminal world. I was just about to give him a second chance with this series, but if he’s botched this ending to I think I’ll skip it. I know this post is pretty negative, but honestly I think that the first two books are completely amazing in their own right.


The series has a horrible fucking ending, but up until the last few chapters of the last book, the series is pretty amazing. As I’ve stated, Revelation Space and Redemption Ark are probably two of my favorite books of all time. Give them a chance!

I have a pretty large list of books on my “to read” list, but I’ll add that one on there! That was my reaction. I’ve never read so thoroughly disappointing. But it wasn’t for just the ending but the general realization that the whole trilogy is just a mess concocted by a person that really doesn’t know how to build a story which came out interesting in the beginning only by a sheer stroke of luck. It was showing cracks by the end of Revelation Space but the atmosphere and freshness of the ideas was carrying it over.

It was a major step down in Redemption Ark but the scope of what was going on made it up for me. Absolution Gap was just no no no no no no no no no no and no. You could see it is going to go nowhere around the middle of the novel when a girl is revealed to someone else we thought she was and it was only worse from there on.

Reynolds has plenty of great ideas he just hasn’t absolutely any clue or skill on how to make them work in a book. He should find some other writer good with stories and characters and write a book together. As for people claiming that Galactic North is the “real end”. Even though sci-fi is more widely known for it’s ideas rather the characters.

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