AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73C. October –Revised. AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73J. October –Revised December . Read about ‘TI: Technical Reference Manual for AMx ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessors (MPUs)’ on elementcom. TI: Technical Reference.

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The Storm prevention implementation is similar in both PRU’s but implemented separately, so it’s possible to turn it off selectively for each port. This page was last modified on 9 Septemberat They can be used for simple tasks like sending or receiving a packet.

This is required for Switch implementation only. Queue 0 high priority queue is reserved as the real-time queue.

If a callback is not registered then the queue is just emptied am35x prevent queues from overflowing. Retrieved from ” http: A brief summary is provided below to explain where the data is copied to, how and why. A basic understanding of it goes a long way in explaining the software architecture and if a developer is only trying to use the Rx and Tx capabilities of EMAC or Switch a knowledge of this is sufficient to build an application.

Collisions are handled using ageing counters, one ageing aam335x is associated with each of the 4 entries inside a bucket. An on-board oscillator in the AM generates the base clock and subsequent module clocks as needed within the AM processor.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. This is where the actual packet buffers or queues are located. It has X pixels and supports up to This is covered later in QoS section.


Sitara ADC HW Overview – Texas Instruments Wiki

The configuration time shall also be provided during initialization and shall be application specific. Access from PRU1 is also possible, so the separation is only logical, not in hardware.

The stereo audio output is terminated in a stereo headphone Jack.

Since broadcast and multicast packets are sent over all the ports of a switch they have the potential to create a storm which drowns all other traffic on the network, in this regard this is a very important feature for the switch.

All the resources on the board surround the AM processor to provide development capabilities for hardware and software. While transmitting a packet when provided with the destination MAC address the module returns the port number on which hrm device resides. A detailed discussion of the architecture is beyond the scope of this document. The driver is written in a manner such that there is very little dependency on the Operating System.

Here taskPruss is given the job of initializing the PRU’s and loading the firmware onto them. Shown below is an example of a periodic transmit being done in main function. Since interrupts on PRU have not been disabled any pending packets will assert the interrupt again, this ensures that no packets are missed. If you are not familiar with this then please go through the Getting Started Guide mentioned previously.

Data common to both Aam335x such as Host queue descriptors are stored here. The PRU’s then assert an interrupt to tell the Host about the presence of a packet.

For more information on protocols, examples, folder structure and information on how to use the SDK, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.


Boot Peripheral Options – ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products – Critical Link Support

Storm prevention is implemented on the two PRU’s as a credit based scheme. In general, a reset signal is asserted during device startup to make sure the device begins operation from a known initial state each time it is powered up. The scheme through which this occurs is am35x in the design description above. Based on the priority of the packet which is decided by the queue number refer to discussion on QoS and queues driver decides to either forward it to NDK, done by icssEmacHwIntRx or give it to the callback function.

Developer needs to know that firmware copies the packet data here after receiving them and this is where the driver writes the packet data meant for transmission using the firmware.

OSD335x Reset Circuitry

There are two pacing modes in driver. It’s not on the SoC and hence has a lower performance.

This signal is rtm until the power supplies are stable and the device can begin normal operation. The advantage of pacing is that a greater throughput is achieved while disadvantage is that if any critical packets need to be serviced immediately, it’s possible that some delay may occur.

Serial number of the board.

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