Amar Bail is very impressive novel which indicate a very important part of our social circle. It is not any type of Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed. Amar Bail novel pdf free download is a romance of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up from the background of bureaucratic tradition. Amar Bail (novel). likes · 21 talking about this. Book. Jannat Kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed · Farhat Ishtiaq · ””’***i LoVe t0 wALk in ThE RaiN””’***””’.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Mistletoe is a love story of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up in the backdrop of Pakistani bureaucratic culture.

It is a story of imbalanced nlvel, broken families, lust for power, complexes, insecurities and amidst all problems of love, its intensity and sacrifices.

It depicts the true face of our bureaucratic system, highlighting so Amar Bail English: It depicts the true face of our bureaucratic system, highlighting social evils like corruption, nepotism and injustice and how at times going against the law is the only way to punish the culprits.

The novel touches your heart by its brilliant portrayal of human emotions and psychology. Hardcoverpages.

Published by Ilm-o-Irfan first published March To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Basit Khan Get a free copy of this novel from http: Is this really an interesting book? I started reading it yesterday and it seems quite boring to me. Rabeea Asif this is the best book. Amarbail is so close to my heart I can’t even tell you how nicely this masterpiece is written.

Lists with This Book. Nov 25, Abidah rated it it was amazing. A story which will be close to my soul in all eternity! Aug 03, Nazish Islam rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have seriously no words for this piece. A corrupt bureaucrat system, social evils, nepotism, family oriented favours, broken families, A divorce in almost every family and wrong doings are amazingly portrayed in this novel. But, on the other side, A sacrificed love, an eternal wish of let your love happy forever, knows his weaknesses, a kind heart and storm of Silent feelings emerged from the other side.

Umer made Aleezah a mature, sensible and successful girl. I wish they both could led a hap I have seriously no words for this piece. I wish they both could led a happy married life. Mai Aleeza ko pehle joy dun ga.

Phir eternity The most touchy sentence which one can see on the very initial lines and in the end when everything vanished and Aleezah went to know that Umer loved her, too!!


I cried bucket reading this and after finishing. The pain was unbearable. I can never forget Umer Jehangir. Apr 05, Ali rated it it was amazing Shelves: Umera Ahmed has brilliantly focused and conveyed the socialbureaucraticpolitical problems of pakistan.

I really liked it. Apr 09, Ayesha rated it liked it Recommended to Ayesha by: I remember the time in eighth standard when everyone was gushing and crying buckets over Amar Bail and there was a constant fight in the school library.

Everybody read it and obviously everybody loved,cried buckets over it and fell unconditionally,irrevocably in love with Umer Jehengir. Except me, because I used to be a snob and read Anna Karenina in those days. Well, Anna Karenina and Amarbail are written on the same line.

How we are powerless about the people we love. We’ll need a cryptologist to decipher the strange things I’ll come up with. Umera Ahmed is an amazing woman who undoubtedly deserves ahmes our praise.

She, for years has educated masses of illiterate women through her Mahnama Digest writing skills. And don’t forget she gave us ahmes raw material for Zaroon Junaid. I would’ve liked this more some years back when I was more impressionable about death in books.

Game of thrones has certainly made us immune to deaths abouts MCs,Secondary characters and pets. I am to talk when I’ve met only five of them. View all 59 comments. Jul 20, Tahira rated it it was amazing. There are some novels which we love no matter how much we hate it’s ending, Amar Bail is one such novel.

It has brought the definition of ‘love’ to a whole new platform. No matter how much I hate Umar Jahangir for the choices he made,he made me realize that when we love someone truly we have to think about what’s best for that person over what is best for us. I think I haven’t read any story which had a hero who was so selfless that he would prefer someone else for the girl he loves because he knew There are some novels which we love no matter how much we hate it’s ending, Amar Bail is one such novel.

امربیل (Amar Bail)

I think I haven’t read any story which had a hero who was so selfless that he would prefer someone else for the girl he loves because he knew he wasn’t the best person for her. May 28, Javeria rated it it was amazing. Honestly I was ripped into two halves after I read this book. The only book which will always remain close to my Heart and Soul.

Amar Bail Novel By Umaira Ahmad

I just can’t get over the male protagonist Omer Jahangir. Sep 13, Zenab Ch rated it really liked it. My first and last Urdu novel. I’ll never forget Omer! The main female character was a bit hollow, needed more depth and a clearer pov. Dec 27, Zainab Mushtaq rated it it was ok. What happened to aliza after she went out of the room in the last chapter?


Junaid said that he wanted to carry the promise he had given to his friend but aliza didn’t answered him.

امربیل by Umera Ahmed

Nor did she said a no. The end was tragic the girl who was already so hurt and always felt like an unwanted qmar shouldn’t have deserved this. That the man she loved died. The end was weak like written in haste because the story extends in some chapters without a cause. It was a lazy story in the beginning.

Then it’s t What ukera to aliza after she went out of the room in the last chapter? Then it’s anar best in the middle but it seems awfully dragged in the end. Only a typical bureaucratic story stone hearts and no emotions. View all 4 comments. Jan 15, aiman. Loved every bit of it! The way in which the bureaucratic culture, nepotism, and sociopolitical issues are portrayed is amazing. And Umar Jehangir of course, who made us fall in love with his character despite the wrong choices he made.

The end is definitely going to leave you traumatized. By the way, who liked Jodith? View all 11 comments. Nov 18, Javeria rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amar Bail a love story between Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, two broken souls from problematic families whose journeys are intertwined.

Umar is the son of a corrupt bureaucrat who uses him for his own personal gain, tries to distant himself from his father by returning to Pakistan.

However, there is only so much he can do, despite the control he tries to free himself. I finished this last Friday and I have had a hard writing a review. There were avalanches of emotions throughout the book, emotions I still am unable to control or identify.

Read Amar Bail Novel Online

There was also a lot to learn: Umar is a complex character, there is no black and white, he resides in the morally grey area. There are times you want to wrap him and take him far away from the corrupt world, and others when you want to smack him silly.

The poor girl craved for love — love she did not receive from her parents nor grandparents. They all assumed by gifting her with materialistic possessions, or calling once a month, the fulfilled their duties.

Her grandparents raised her in a very closed off environment. I just wished he believed more in himself and actually gave them a chance. His fear that marriage would destroy them did not spout out of the blue, and unfortunately his fear never diminished.

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