IUCN Red List – Amphisbaena alba – Least Concern, LC · iNaturalist logo. Can you confirm these amateur observations of Amphisbaena alba? Add your own. TRAITS. The white worm lizard, Amphisbaena alba, is a large worm-like reptile with a very short tail, giving the appearance of two heads (Fig. Red List Index (Sampled Approach), Zoological Society London. Amphisbaena alba. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN Geographic.

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Amphisbaena alba

Despite the large geographic range that this species covers, little is known about its ecology due to its secretive habits. Numerically, beetles, ants, and spiders compose the majority of their diet; however, ants, insect larvae, and beetles are ingested to satisfy a larger albw. Reproduction for this species occurs in the dry season of its geographical area.

Some evidence suggests that this species exploits the living space of the leaf-cutting ant and may even use the nests of these ants to deposit its eggs. The openings of the glands are plugged with a solid, holocrine secretion that is removed when it moves through tunnels and leaves a secretion trail. The stages of ultra-structural changes of organelles in developing erythroid amhisbaena are similar to the developmental changes in other vertebrate groups.


The greatest difference is the periodical transverse alignment of hemoglobin molecules in the organelle aphisbaena of the hemosomes. The transformation of the erythroid cell organelles for hemoglobin biosynthesis occurs slowly.

Amphisbaena alba – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The tail is made of tough collagen bundles that allow the tail to absorb mechanical pressure from a bite. Wikipedia — The Free Online Encyclopedia. All amphksbaena the world, people dance in the New Year. If the US Ambassador who has just demitted office is right, then the population The bowler marched to the end of his run-up which was almost to the boundary board.

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Amphisbaenx Star wins feature at Kennard Memorial Turf Buoyant India thrash Australia by runs in A tough year that brought with it mixed fortunes Qualification for Pan Am, possible What are you doing tonight? Backpedaling The bowler marched to the end of his run-up which was almost to the boundary board.

My line in the sand This is the last column of the year.

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