Ansat-U, a trainer variant of the Ansat helicopter, is being produced by Kazan Helicopters for the Russian Air Force. The helicopter can be used for the training of. Mission and primary tasks. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on. MiA2 and Ansat helicopters, manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of State Corporation Rostec), completed a demonstration tour.

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Kazan Ansat – Wikipedia

The helicopter can carry various types of optional equipment. Vision out of the cockpit is expectedly strong thanks to large use of transparent windscreens where possible. As of [update]apart from the fourth prototype, no further Ansat’s had yet been built. In it was selected by the Russian Air Force for flight training schools. The engines drive a four-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor with the main rotor sitting atop a short mast while the tail rotor is offset to the starboard side of the aircraft.

Russian Helicopters Has Demonstrated Advanced Flight Security Systems Experts of the Kazan Helicopters KVZan affiliate of the Russian Helicopters holding company of the Rostec State Corporation, has showcased a demonstration stand with an installed system for active dampening of vibrations, an energy-attenuating seat and a floor covering fragment at the Innoprom international industrial fair.

Retrieved 12 December The fuselage has a pair of doors in pilot’s cab, and a pair of upwards and downwards opening side doors in transport compartment. Thanks to easily-removable equipment the multirole Ansat helicopter can be re-equipped for a wide range of missions in a timely fashion.

Ansat Light Utility Helicopter |

The Ansat can carry external loads with a heliopter weight of 1 kg. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements Commons category link is on Wikidata.


Russian Helicopters, Jan Tags: Ansat-U military trainer with dual controls.

The Kazan Ansat is a multi-purpose helicopter that can suit many roles. Main advantages versatility; compactness that enables landings on unprepared small-sized sites; high hovering ceiling; easy operation and low maintenance; high safety and single-engine flight and landing capability.

Additionally, the cabin can be configuration for various roles – both civilian and military in nature – which adds a quality of modularity to the product.

AfricaAnsatCivilNewsTop. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on external sling, as well as perform special tasks in the interests of different customers.

Today, the product is known under the name of “Ansat”, features several possible variations on the base design and is poised to generate some interest on the world market – particularly with many medium-lift utility types meeting the end of their useful service lives the world over.

The Kazan helicopter plant is one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the world. Russian Helicopters is working on import substitution During the 7th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia, the CEO of the holding company Russian Helicopters discussed the plans and economic performance of the holding company, as well as future models and international cooperation.

Retrieved 14 August The next prototype became was a flyable version which marked the line’s first official airborne attempt in More helicopters are planned to be acquired. Download in pdf format pdf kb doc 11 helixopter. It is also producing Mi-8Mi and Mi helicopters.

Kazan Ansat

Graph average of miles-per-hour. In Russian Helicopters became the initial launch customer for the Ansat under civilian purposes.

Russian started certification of the Ansat helicopter Russian Helicopters part of Rostec State Corporationtogether with Rosaviatsiya, has conducted the first stage of negotiations with representatives of the Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAC regarding validation of the Helicoptrr certificate for the Ansat helicopter in China.


While these are all useful helicopter products, the most interesting offshoot of the Ansat line is the proposed “Ansat-2RC” – a vastly modified two-seat light attack helicopter model based on the Ansat internal workings. A smaller and more efficient helicopter was required. The crew are seated in stepped cockpits and this has resulted in a slimmer fuselage and thinner forward profile.

Russian Helicopters inked a contract for supply of 20 Ansat helicopters to the China Association of Emergency Medicine helicopterr the Airshow China exhibition. The “Ansat-UT” is another variant though featuring a wheeled helocopter as opposed to the original’s skid assembly. In the first prototype for ground static tests was completed. Under the agreements, signed at HeliRussiathe first customers for five of the new aircraft will be Tatarstan-based Tulpar Helicopters and Vector Aviation Company.

Ansat offered to African market The Russian industrial holding company Helkcopter Helicopters, a part of the multi-profile industrial group UIC Oboronprom, offers the African heliicopter markets south of the Sahara, the new light multi-role Ansat. A follow-up prototype was identified a lengthened fuselage which increased internal volume and yet another prototype was granted new “clam shell” style doors at the passenger cabin, the lower section used as a handy stair case.

Where applicable, the appearance of U. Following a failed joint venture attempt with Eurocopter, Kazan eventually struck out on its definitive own during the early-to-mid s and formed its own in-house team of engineers with new product goals in mind. Training ansst, including a flight and navigation simulator and a computer-aided training classroom, are offered for flight and maintenance personnel training.

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