APR datasheet, APR circuit, APR data sheet: APLUS – SINGLE- CHIP VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK DEVICE FOR SINGLE 60 SECOND. APR Datasheet PDF Download – SINGLE-CHIP VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK DEVICE FOR SINGLE 60 SECOND MESSAGE, APR data sheet . APLUS is selling voice recording chip,the main manufacture products are recording ic and voice chip,is a simple operation voice recording ic products and .

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of APR voice recorder problem. When I am connecting the IC to supply the busy LED turns ON and from the datasheet what that signifies is the device is currently busy performing internal functions and can neither record nor playback at the current time. Why this happens in my case? I am not able to record the sound file.


The strobe LED is also blinking continuously when connected to the supply. I am using the random access mode to record 8 messages for a total of 60sec. Last edited by Akhil Mohan; 5th July at APR voice recorder problem i have done successfully this circuit one years back for me this worked in one shot.

APR voice recorder problem I have done that already, but not hearing any beep sound when there is a high to low transition on pin1. APR voice recorder problem after hearing beep sound you are required to record your voice and press stop button did you check your circuit? Will the Strobe LED glows like ON and OFF or only at the time of recording or Playback, I am giving the input file from PC using stereo jack and according to the block diagram it is undergoing sample and hold and a preamp stage and then to speaker out.

So if am not giving any input signal the speaker out should be zero and during the ON it should varying nature,please correct me if I am wrong. Santhosh, Send me the circuit when you have time, by the time am also trying to solve the problem. Thanks in advance, Akhil. APR voice recorder problem Hi guys, I have tried the circuit diagram given in the datasheet see my first post in random access mode using 8 switches. Then set the initial conditions for CE and RE as low for record.


I have also included the feedback between ANA in and out by 0. I think that means my IC is working properly. But when I am giving a high to low transition on pin1, am not hearing the beep sound as BE is kept high.

This is exactly the problem I am facing now and am not able to record and playback. What is wrong in the apg9600 Please see datasheet and how it can be rectified? Waiting for a good reply: APR voice recorder problem http: APR voice recorder problem dear sir, there is not any stop button in 8 message aapr9600 access mode. Originally Posted by santoshaxl. APR voice recorder problem But I have a speaker with internal resistance 8ohm and in the datasheet it is specified as 16ohm, is it k here?

The ANA input part is the same that I have connected.

(PDF) APR9600 Datasheet download

I will try the pull up resistor part that you have specified ,but why it is needed and why M8is connected to Supply by k. If I am using 8lines it acts as input line and then why that connection is done? APR voice recorder problem as you can see M8 pin has k pull up resistor. APR voice recorder problem Will try and let you know de results: Thanks so much for the advice. APR voice recorder problem you are welcome.

APR voice recorder problem this works for me everytime i rig this up I have tried using pull up resistors and with out at M8 but its voltage is 1. What can be the reason? Also a noise like sound is coming through out from the speaker, Why this happens ans how to rectify that thing? The diaphragm movement is not good due to some dc components uf is there, still!!! Is am making my point in a confusing manner, any way I am sorry If I am doing that: APR voice recorder problem Instead of a stero jack i prefer you to use a small mic available in the market According to the datasheet description, one can neither perform recording or playback at that time.


And any idea why these kinds voltage levels coming in M8 and M9 pins as I mentioned that thing my previous post: Originally Posted by Akhil Mohan. Similar Threads complex voice recorder 1. Help me with a voice recording equipment project!

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Single-Chip Voice Recording & Playback Device 60-Second Duration

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