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Beyond Lies the Wub Philip K. Dick From Planet Stories July Many men They had almost finished with the loading. Outside stood the Optus, his arms folded, his face sunk in gloom.

Captain Franco walked leisurely down the gangplank, grinning. He turned away, collecting his robes. The Captain put his boot yafe the hem of the robe. You people can go out into the veldt and track it all down again. Franco joined the first mate at the bottom of the gangplank.

Beyond Lies the Wub

He looked at his watch. We need it more than they do. Franco watched him disappear. He was just starting up after him, up the plank toward the port, when he saw it. Peterson was walking along the path, his tace red, leading it by a string.

Franco walked toward him. It was sitting down, its eyes half shut. A few flies buzzed about its flank, and it switched its tail. He said it was a very unusual animal. A huge dirty pig! The natives call it a wub. It must weigh four hundred pounds.

Its eyes opened, small and moist. Then its great mouth twitched. A tear rolled down the wub’s cheek and splashed on the floor.

When they were out in space and everything was running smoothly, Captain Franco bade his men fetch the wub upstairs dl that he might perceive what manner of beast it was. The wub grunted and wheezed, squeezing up the passageway.


The wub twisted, rubbing its skin off on the smooth chrome walls. It burst into the ante-room, tumbling down in a heap. The men leaped up. The wub stood up unsteadily, panting. The wub rolled its eyes mournfully. It gazed around at the men. He went to get some water. French shook his head. I had to reset all my ballast calculations. The wub began to lap gratefully, splashing the men. Wyb Franco appeared at the door. I fed it on grain and it liked that.

And then potatoes, and mash, and scraps from the table, and milk. It seems to enjoy eating. After it eats it lies down and goes to sleep. That’s the real question. I doubt if there’s much point in fattening it up any more. It seems fat enough to me already.

I want him here. What did it say? He went all around it, examining it from every side. Then he came back over and stood with the men. Whoever you are, come out! The men stood together, their faces blank, staring at the wub. The wub swished its tail. They all looked at each other. The cook came in.

I can see that you and I do not agree on some basic issues. The wub waited good-naturedly, licking the water from its jowls. He turned and walked out of the room. The wub rose and padded after him. The men watched yacr go out.

They heard it climbing the stairs. Let me know as soon as you hear. He sat down at his desk and folded his hands. That’s what they call us, the natives, I mean. We have our own term. You’ve been in contact with Earthmen before? Am I speaking English?

Beyond Lies the Wub – PDF Free Download

I’m not conscious of speaking anything in particular. It is difficult for us to move around. You can appreciate that anything so slow and heavy would be at the mercy of more agile forms of life. There was no use in our relying on physical defenses. How sub we win? We can eat almost anything. We live and let live. That’s fl we’ve gotten along. I mean, what else can you do along those lines? You keep it quite neat. I respect life-forms that are tidy.


Some Martian birds are quite tidy. You spoke of dining on me. The taste, I am told, is good. A little fatty, but tender. But how can any lasting contact be established ywce your people and mine if you resort to such barbaric attitudes? It might interest you to know that we will be hard put to find something to eat for the next month. After all, democracy is to protect the minority from just such infringements.

He opened the door. He opened his mouth.

He stood frozen, his mouth wide, his eyes staring, his fingers still on the knob. The wub watched him. Presently it padded out of the room, edging past the Captain. It went down the hall, deep in meditation. Your mind contains many familiar myth symbols. He shifted in his chair. As I interpret it, Odysseus wanders as an individual, aware of himself as such.

This is the idea of separation, of separation from family and country. The process of individuation. The moment of separation is a temporary period, a brief journey of the soul. It begins, it ends. The wanderer returns to aqji and race The wub stopped, turning its great head. Captain Franco came into the room, the men behind him.

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