Metric Modulations, Vol. 2. Ari Hoenig. Mel Bay Presents Intro To Polyrhythm. Ari Hoenig. Intro To Polyrhythms: Contracting and Expanding Time Within Form. Systems, Book 1 by Ari Hoenig, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Metric Modulations, Contracting and Expanding Time within Form: v. 2 ยท Johannes Weidenmueller. 27 Sep Mixed media product. Notify me. Sign up.

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This message has been deleted by WhoIsTony? I’ve looked at it, but haven’t played through it. It seems boenig triplet-centric to me, and I’m a little wary of too much of that in jazz.

Ari Hoenig

As for your comping, your ‘safe spots’ could also be thought of as ‘things you know how to play, and like to play’, or ‘ideas you know how to use effectively’– Hlenig don’t think you need to avoid them. And you bolk need to create interesting drum stuff out of nothing– play the tune, and listen to the other players, and the creativity will take care of itself.

Book of the Blog now available. Find all posts by toddbishop.


Educational Materials | Ari Hoenig

Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? I also shoot videos. Find all posts by Wavelength. Originally Posted by toddbishop. Find all posts by Caz.

I like the book, but I look at it as a sort of New Breed for Jazz drumming. Pick systems that are useful. Some of the systems seem a little too out there to be useful in my opinion Pretty cool to have independence against that.

Find all posts by feldiefeld. You are right about that, there are many legends that have that safe spots and once you start booo them you see that.

I guess that the goal of coming up with new stuff is to actually play and interplay with other musicians. Those guys came up with their new ideas hearing their bandmates. The thing is that some guys that came next to them like Ari found in the triplets a whole new world of expanding those ideas, I think. Now that I’m typing it, I think that it was more a focus than a evenness problem.

Systems, Book 1 : Ari Hoenig :

The time now is Ari Hoenig Systems Hi everyone, I’m right in the middle of studying this book. Has anyone tried yet? The thing is that I cannot get organized with the different approaches to the melodies.


I mean, I’m still working on some of the hands workout but, at the same time, starting with the triplet partials. I feel that, somehow, my way of practicing this exercesises is making my playing uneven. I feel a lot better when it comes to coordination, but when it’s time to CREATE my own comping or avoiding my “safe spots”, that’s when I’m having a hard time.

So, the question is basically if anyone of you is done with the materials and how to avoid that unevennes that is really getting into my nerves. Send a private message to Alesi. Find all posts by Alesi. Ari Hoenig Systems I’ve looked at it, but haven’t played through it. Send a private message to toddbishop. Ari Hoenig Systems Quote: Send a private message to Wavelength.

Originally Posted by toddbishop I’ve looked at it, but haven’t played through it.

I have countless Art Blakey transcriptions Send a private message to Caz. Send a private message to feldiefeld. Ari Hoenig Systems Oh, yeah, Todd.

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