Can position value in RLU exceed ??? Zhia All my answers were extracted from the “Big Dummy’s Guide to the As” and I take no. RLU is used to design a report image, print prototype reports, create printer files, and generate DDS from which the report will be created. A prototype report is a. RLU training Manual/Snippets. ***How to CRT new RPT W/ HDR {1st step = always define a RCD!!!} – 1ST you start a new report, or do an (I3) to get 3 lines.

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AS/ Questions: (Tips) Useful AS/ RLU Commands

Please download to get full document. Chowdary S Page 1. Define a record format 3. Define a constant field 4. Center the report title 5. Add database fields to a report 6. Create a field line 7. Create sample data for a report 8. Save the report design and create a printer file 9.

To start an RLU session, do the following: The Load RLU Work Space display indicates that the contents of t he source member are being loaded into the work space. If loading occurs quickly you may not see the display. The R,u Report ad400 appears on which you define the report design. Chowdary S Page 2.

Defining a Record Format: To define a record format: Type a report title on the first blank line of the Design Report display, as shown in the following display, and press Enter.

The line containing text shows a sequence number i n the sequence number area. To define this line as a single-line record format, flu DR beside the report title in the sequence number area of the Design Report display, as shown in the following display, and press Enter: The name of the record format appears in t he sequence number area of the line.


The naming convention RLU uses for record format names lru RCDnnn, where nnn is a 3-digit number beginning with f or the first record format you create in your edit session.

The 3-digit number is increased by one f or each subsequent record rlh created. Chowdary S Page 3.

AS Q&A: All Interview questions AS

Defining a Constant Field: To define the report title as a c onstant field using rlk Define Constant DC command, type DC beside the report title in the sequence number area, and press Enter.

A message indicating that an unnamed constant field is created in the record format and a fi eld line appears immediately above the field you just created. Centering the Report Title: To center the report title by using the Center Field CF line command, type CF beside the report title in the sequence number area on the Design Report display, as shown in the following display, and press Enter.

The field is centered relative to the report page width you specified when you started RLU, and this new position appears in the definition. Press F10 Database fields B. The Work with Database Fields display appears. The Select Database Fields display appears showing the fields available for selection into your report. AME is on the next page of t he display. The Rku with Database Fields display is shown ss400 a list of the selected fields. Press Enter again to return to the Design Report display.

The selected database fields appear at the bottom of the display. To show the selected database fields on y our report design, create a second record using the Insert I line command.

Type I2 in the sequence number area beside the report title, and press Enter. Two new blank lines are added. The first blank line remains as a f iller rpu. To define the second record, type DR in the first position of the second blank line, and press Enter. The second record is defined. Creating a Field Line: To create a field line using the View Field VF line command: Type VF in the sequence number area of the second record, and press Enter.


The FLD1 field line appears, which is used to add the selected database fields to your report design. The fields are placed on as40 FLD1 field line in the order rllu you want them to appear on the report. Chowdary S Page 4.

Arabic Font in Screen and RLU Design in Rational Developer i

Move the cursor to column 1 on the FLD1 field qs400 of the second record and type 2C, which places the EMP field on this line starting in column 1. The C adds the defined c olumn heading in the report design. Move the cursor to column 9 and type 5C, at column 33 type 4C, at column 45 type 3C, at column 57 type 1C, and press Enter.

The selected database fields are added to as00 report design and a new record format for the column headings is created. The following figure shows the Design Report display with database references: The following figure shows the Design Report Display with the database fields added: Creating Sample Data for a Report: To create 5 lines of sample data for the fi elds in record format RCD using the Sample Data SD line command, type SD5 in the sequence number area of the second record, as shown in the following display, and press Enter:

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