WGP Auto/Minicocker Online Manual. Introduction Basic Operation. Adjustments: The auto-cocker system only activates during the last half of the trigger pull. eBlade Operation Manual Planet Eclipse Ltd. Document . Preparation. You will need to prepare your Autococker ready to receive the Eclipse eBlade kit. Download the latest product Manuals for official guidance and instructions on operating Eclipse Paintball Markers and accessories.

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Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen: Notice is hereby given that this manual is part of the article owned in whole by Mac Developments Pty Ltd, known as indicated in this manual and drawings.

All rights of manufacture and reproduction of such articles or any part thereof are reserved by Mac Developments Pty. Neither said article autoccocker any part thereof may be manufactured or reproduced except by written authorisation from Mac Developments Pty.

Mercenaries Star – AutoCocker Manual

All proprietary rights and information are the sole property of Mac Developments Pty. This marker is not a toy! Do not operate without appropriate face and ear protection. Do not put any part of your body directly behind the back block when firing. Ensure all air is removed from the system before cleaning or working on it. Always use a barrel plug when the marker is not in use Do not fire a paintball at a person who is closer than 5 feet.

Failure to follow these autocoocker safety instructions may result in serious bodily harm. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. This marker is supplied with the understanding that Mac Developments Pty.

Sonic Front Block The Sonic front block uses a special front block screw that positions the LPR low pressure regulator in the centre of the front block. This central positioning gives a more compact and tidy look, with less pneumatic hose used.

The Front block is milled to match the body milling with a Sonic Jewel. Sonic Pneumatics The Sonic LPR gives manusl great flow and adjustment at low pressures – this allows for low cocking pressures to help prevent your Cocker from chopping paintballs. Sonic Yin-Yang Bolt Your bolt is very important – it positions the paintball and delivers the air that fires it. The Yin-Yang bolt is well fitted to your marker to eliminate blow back – thus giving you higher rates of fire and better gas efficiency.


The Sonic pull autoocker can be placed mxnual the vertical or side positions for maximum functionality. Sonic Feed Tube The hopper neck is held firmly autocockr the twin o-rings inside your Sonic feed tube – simply press your hopper in and play with confidence. Sonic RED Valve and RED Cupseal With optimised flow paths, smooth action and good sealing capabilities – your RED valve is manul in part for autocpcker low pressure operation of the Sonic Cocker – gas is not wasted and low pressure gas is delivered at amazing flow rates.

These two parts will not rattle loose so that once your gun is timed it autococekr that way. The hammer is extra heavy, with a strong stainless steel face to allow for ultra light cocking pressures. Gladiator Inline Regulator With a lightning fast recharge due to high flow rates, your Gladiator helps you keep up with incredible fire rates.

The precision parts inside your Gladiator allow it to regulate to the same pressure each and every time for great shot to shot consistancy. Sonic Ball Detent The Teflon ball in your ball detent gives minimal drag and wear on your bolt. It also has and anti-jam spring and anti-vibration o-ring to hold setting. The detent has a hole right through it so you can just wash it out to clean it.

Adjusting the Paintball Velocity The velocity of your paintball is determined by a combination of two things: Hammer spring tension 2. Gladiator inline reg pressure In many cockers the velocity is adjusted by holding the inline reg pressure constant and autococ,er the hammer spring tension by means of a screw at the back of the gun.

This is not the method used in the Sonic AutoCocker – you hold the spring tension constant and adjust the inline reg pressure. There are a few advantages to this: Thus to find this optimum pressure, you must chrono your gun – if the velocity is too low, then use an allen wrench on the side of the Gladiator inline reg autococier turn the adjustment screw clockwise this will increase the inline reg pressure.

Now when you re-chrony your gun, take note of whether the velocity increases or decreases.

Super stock Manual

If the velocity increased, then you can increase the gladiator pressure by turning the adjustment clockwise to increase the velocity. If the velocity decreased, then you will need to decrease the Gladiator pressure by turning the adjustment counter clockwise to increase your velocity.


Your marker has been timed by our Sonic techs at the factory – the only time that you need to adjust the timing is if you have taken the hammer out of the gun and thus moved the sear lug. If you have any doubt about timing your gun, have it timed by a qualified WGP technician. Timing is the time between the marker firing and re-cocking. Turning the wrench colockwise will make the firing and re-cocking events closer together, if they are too close, then you will find that the balls may not fire, or there will be excessive blowback or low velocity.

Turning the wrench counterclockwise will make the firing and cocking events further apart – if they are too far apart, then the marker may not fire or give poor consistancy.

Cocking Pressure Your Cocking pressure determines how hard the bolt pushes forward to ready another paintball. The Sonic Cocker uses a very low cocking pressure so that in the event of a ball misfeed, the ball is not broken – the bolt simply stops on the ball. This pressure is controlled by the Sonic LPR on the front of your marker. If required you may increase the cocking pressure by turning the adjustment knob clockwise, or decrease the cocking pressure by turning the adjustment counterclockwise.

If your cocking pressure is too low, then the marker will not re-cock, if the pressure is too high, you may experience balls “chopping”. Ensure that there is no gas in the marker before working on it.

Cleaning and Lubing Your regulators and other moving parts should be cleaned and relubricated after every 6, shots. The most important ones are listed below: Remove the end cap from your reg by unscrewing anticlockwise 2. Remove the autovocker and piston using a pair of needle nosed pliers if necessary. Clean the piston with a clean rag and the piston bore with a q-tip 4. Remove the pull pin and slide the bolt out.

Clean and inspect for wear 3. Molykote Lithium grease:

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