Air-Valves: Air-Release, Air/Vacuum and Combination. M Second Edition. Manual of Water Supply Practices. Page 2. AWWA Manual M51 iii. Contents. AWWA M Air Valves: Air Release, Air/Vacuum, and Combination, Second Edition. Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Water Works. A valuable guide for selecting, sizing, locating, and installing air valves in water applications, M51 provides information on air valve types listed in AWWA.

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Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres. Choosing the proper air valve for the application is critical to all liquid piping systems. This manual provides essential information for selecting, sizing, locating, and installing air valves in water, wastewater and reclaimed water pipeline systems.


This revised second edition includes information pertaining to wastewater applications including scouring velocities for larger piping systems, and information on an inflow preventer device installed to protect from malicious tampering, freeze wawa flood, and to prevent the entry of contaminated water into the potable water distribution system.

Operators, technicians, and engineers will use this manual to understand the design, use, application and maintenance of air valves. Organizacion y gestion de empresas. Tecnologia del cuidado de la salud Medio ambiente y proteccion de la salud.

Sistemas y componentes mecanicos de uso general Sistemas y componentes de fluidos de uso general Ingenieria de la energia y de la transferencia de calor Tecnologia de la informacion. Equipos para oficina Tecnologia de la imagen Ingenieria de vehiculos de carretera Ingenieria de ferrocarriles Construccion naval y awwz marinas Ingenieria aeronautica y de vehiculos espaciales Equipo de manipulacion de materiales Envasado y distribucion de productos Industria textil y tecnologia del cuero Industria de la indumentaria Tecnologia de los alimentos Mineria y minerales Petroleo y tecnologias relacionadas Tecnologia de la madera Industrias del vidrio y la ceramica Industrias del caucho y del plastico Tecnologia del papel Industrias de la pintura y del color Materiales de construccion y edificios Entrega Entrega Estado de su pedido Retorno.


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