Bahra Cables Company was established in to serve Saudi & GCC Markets. . This Catalogue is intended for Medium Voltage Power Cables, Aluminum. MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CABLES CONTENTS GENERAL 1 INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL 4 INFORMATION Single Core XLPE Insulated. TECHNICAL INFORMATION COPPER CONDUCTOR | STEEL TAPE ARMOURED | /15 ()kV Size mm2 25 35 50 70 95

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Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

It is based inBahra industrial catslogue located 25km from Jeddah. Bahra Cables Factory occupies over ,square meters of prime manufacturing space together with associated design offices, laboratoriesand storage area. It specializes in Manufacturing and Distributing Electric Cables. Bahra Cables Company is committed to the production of the best product quality and service,utilizing cutting edge European Technology in its manufacturing. The core technologies inproduction processes, material applications and logistic procedures were provided by Germanexperts with key functions being managed by German engineers.

The organization has a lean vertical management structure which is designed to integrate witha highly developed IT-based structure. The built-up area, including offices and plant, of start up phase is more than 62,sqm. The factory extension under construction is more than 8,sqm. The total available stock yard for drum storage is more than catslogue. To do so, Bahra Cables Company produces a versatile product range cover most of our customer needs: Additionally, other products described in seperate publications covers: The future product scope will be extended to Extra High Cabes cables up to kv and conductor cross sections bigger than mm2.

From start up with wire drawing lines to extrusion lines, to assembly machines cablees to the laboratories and the final test fields, all technical equipment is provided with the highest European standards of electronic control equipment and catapogue devices which insures that the requirements of different quality standards are met. This way, full traceability will be guaranteed from production start to end, by being able to follow up the machines involved and the material used.

Herein a classical ERP system will be enhancedand completed by the most modern MES Manufacturing Executive System which has a uniquefocus on the specific problematic issues of cables manufacturing with longitudinal products beingwinded up and winded off. For the proper function, all master data materialproperties, dimensions, etc. Please catalobue the Technology Department for any query. We are working in different axes to completely fulfill customers satisfaction which is the milestone of our business, such axes are: Product quality complying with catalobue local and international standards 2.


Product Reliability bzhra starting from the time of product design to fit for the intended application and environmental conditions, to the selection of the raw material from only the highest class suppliers with internationally trusted reputation. Our state of art testing equipments and the strict bayra procedures ensure the product quality and integrity so we can guarantee that our cables are defect free and suitable for the intended application through the cable service lifetime.

Bahra Cables – Products Catalog with Cable Finder

High Performance of the product and service through cooperation between experienced staff from Germany and local experts who cwbles aware of the local market requirements and the highest international standards of cables manufacturing.

Such cooperation in knowhow is invested to provide our customer with the best service and support. Phase to earth voltage Uo: Voltage between conductor and earth U: Voltage between phases conductors 2.

Diameter over insulation mm d: Constant depends on number of wires of conductor d: Axial spacing between cables Trefoil formation S: Insulated conductor diameter mmd: Cwtalogue to neutral 9. Voltage between phase and earth VC: Short circuit for t second kAIsc 1: Short circuit for 1 secondData about short circuit are tabulated in construction tables bahrq To calculate voltage drop as the following: Voltage drop V I: Load current A R: The shape codes are rmc, round compacted stranded 2.

This layer acts to smooth out any irregularities and thus reduces the probability of protrusions into the insulating layer. Such protrusions into the insulation or into the semi-conducting layer increase the localized stress that may exceed the long-term breakdown strength of the insulation, so the semi-conductive layer is acting as a stress control layer.

Each core conductor is insulated by extruded cross-linked low density polyethylene GP 8 conforming to BS This layer, which has a very smooth surface, is a transition form the insulatingmaterial where the electric field exists to a conductive metallic screen, where the electricfield is zero, so it will reduce the stress enhancement at the insulation layer.

The volume resistivity of thisexternal layer is limited to meter-ohms. When the screening bonded to earth it will also carry out theshort circuit fault current. A non-hygroscopic polypropylene filler is applied between laid up cores to providea circular shape to the cable. Such tape s will bind the cores together and prevent them from opening out,acts as a separator between cablew polymers used in a cable and works as a heatbarrier between the cores and the extruded bedding.


The armour provides mechanical protection against crushing forces.

The Armouring type couldbe: Cables to this category are complying with the requirements of BS The standard sheath color is Black or Red which has a suitable UV proved additive is bahrx to ensure resistance to sunlight. A layer of graphite coated is applied upon customer request. A recommended minimum bending radius is included in Table 2; the cable jacket may be damaged if the cable is bended in diameters less than gahra values.

The calculation is based on the standard dimensions of cables based on IECwhich may have a slight difference from the applied cable dimension which are following the best common manufacturing practices.

Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue

The values given in the tables are for one circuit installed thermally isolated from other circuits or any other heat source.

The basis of the standard conditions is the climate conditions of cataolgue Kingdom of Bwhra Arabia, which are: A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded Trefoil Bhra Approx. A Flat Touching A Formation Approx. A Flat Formation Approx.

A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded A Trefoil Formation Approx. A Flat Touching Formation Approx. Flat Touching Formation Approx. Voltage Drop per phase Minimum Bending radius The above values are based on the following conditions: Voltage Drop per phase Minimum Bending radius mm The above values are based on the following conditions: A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded 0.

A A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded 0. Flat Touching A Formation Approx. A A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded Trefoil Formation Approx. Medium Voltage updated LowRes. You bahrq publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text Version. Create your own flipbook.

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