Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet (CDU) habe keine über das Alltagsgeschäft hinausgehenden Ziele für Nordrhein-Westfalen. Das zeige auch. Umweltthema Pegelstände, Niederschläge, Wassertemperatur, Gewässergüte. 7. März Die Kriminalitätsentwicklung in Nordrhein-Westfalen ist rückläufig. Die Zahl der Straftaten ist im vergangenen Jahr um 6,5 Prozent von.

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Please note that the information currently given below refers to the Drama Series Days The Panel Programme will be announced here by the end of January. Featuring a string of international key-players, the Drama Series Days Panels presents inspiring talks on the latest trends and developments in serial content. Find a detailed list of last year’s panels, speakers and their topics below.

Having created several stories that found resonance with audiences outside of Israel, Keren Margalit will tell about her experience in and view on working with stories that reach beyond national borders — and how to find and tell them successfully.

Das neue Programm

As CEO beamvtg Big Light Productions, based in London and Paris, Frank develops and produces a diverse slate of series, from highly authored short-form pieces to writers-room driven returning series. He will share ngw views on what makes a series successful, and which kinds of European stories have worldwide appeal. The session will be hosted by moderator Ali May and both short keynotes will be followed by an on-stage moderated conversation between Margalit and Spotnitz.

Moderated by Ali May. What are their strategies to place serial content with an international audience? What are important factors in story development, casting and international financing?

Polizeinotruf in dringenden Fällen: 110

Upcoming Series from Germany Highly anticipated series from Germany will be presented with an exclusive sneak peek and scenes straight from the set: Murder Management—Tension in Crime and Mystery Citing examples from their series Dark, the creators demonstrate how constructing binge-inducing suspense is all about how and when to reveal your characters’ deepest secrets.


Hosted by Berlinale Talents. Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Parfum What if fiction surpasses reality? What if feelings become manipulative — and nobody has anything left to lose? A brutal murder series.

A young, headstrong profiler with unusual investigation techniques. And a trail that leads to the past: Moderated by Henry Chu, Variety.

Danish Drama Three top-end drama series from Denmark will be introduced by the creatives and talent attached to the projects.

DEUSCTHLAND: NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Moderated by Stephen Armstrong. High in the North—New Finnish Series The makers of two brand new Finnish short series shed light on their uncompromising approaches to storytelling, new distribution strategies and the task of reaching youth audiences.

Upcoming Series from Scandinavia A selection of the most exciting new series from the Nordic region. Find out about their release and marketing strategies!

Short Form Drama Series with Helge Haas, Max Malka, Oskari Sipola Not long ago stuck in the niche of being a reasonable alternative to high-cost traditional TV series, digital short form drama series have recently developed into an important and richly creative segment of the serial landscape.

With the rise of mobile and apps and the dramatically different viewing patterns they brought along, short form series have also become an important business factor.

At this panel, producers of short dramas NERD: The changing treatment of diversity in recent productions, the importance of gender equality both behind and in front of the camera, the visibility and, above all, the perspective of women and minorities have become for the current market place a key strategy for the success of stories with audiences.


This panel will focus on this trend in the series industry whereby strong examples are set for high-quality narratives that depict a diverse world and in doing so successfully resonate with audiences. Experts present and discuss trends and successes. Globo Series Globo shaped its drama productions through telenovelas, a content exported nowadays to more than countries.

Gustavo Gontijo, the series showcase will present 12 top productions, among them awards wining series such as Under Pressure and Jailers as well as Vade Retro, The Wise Ones and City of Men, series that were co-produced with celebrated director Fernando Meirelles.

Let us present jrw Ali May, the main host of the Drama Series beamvg Panelswho will baemtvg several of the presentations and talks on February. Ali May is a happy hybrid that hovers between fiction and factual.

Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik | Polizei NRW

A presenter with a penchant for affectionately dismantling taboos and tickling the intelligence of the viewers. A writer of fiction, exploring the themes of war, attraction, and politics. With a mission to make the world a kinder, sillier, bezmtvg more equal place. Unhealthily attached to velvet. Anchor Go to main navigation Go hrw content Panel Programme.

Drama Series Days Newsletter. Contact Drama Series Days. Moderated by Ali May Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Moderated by Henry Chu, Variety Moderated by Stephen Armstrong

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