Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism has 9 ratings and 1 review. Brandon said: After reflecting on this book for the past two years, I don’t think that. When I initially read the first volume of “The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy” — I admit that I didn’t really understand it. I was fairly new to. Someone told me that an updated version of Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy (Vol . 1) will be released again. Do anyone know when it will be.

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Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism

Nov 16, I was fairly new to mentalism at the time and frankly, I lacked the performing chops to really grasp what I was reading. That changed with each subsequent reading. I’ve been through that book five times since and each time I understand more.

The most recent re-reading took place on an airplane to Vegas for MindVention. As I finished it, Caszidy clearly remember sitting quietly, looking out the window and feeling like that guy in the old Memorex ads — the one who is sitting in an easy chair in front of a speaker with his hair getting blown back by the power of the sound. Fundamentals” was going to debut at MindVention where Cassidy got a lifetime achievement award, by the way. I’d prepaid in advance and, as Jheff was just finishing his set-up in the dealer room, I had my copy.

MindVention runs on great teaching, sleep deprivation and good friends. I’m telling you this because at the end of each day, I’d sit down with this book and read something wonderful. There are over pages in this masterwork — and it’s classic Cassidy.

What does that mean? You get many of the classic routines Bob Cassidy is known for like Fourth Dimensional Telepathy and an absolute classic discussion of Q and A. But you ALSO get some of the most precise thinking on mentalism anywhere. Cassidy knows what he’s talking about and it shows in chapters like “Working It” and “Staging It” — both about the presentation of mentalism. Both are worth meentalism price of the book alone. You get the brilliant Fundamentals — which really needs to be required reading for anyone considering mentalism.

There’s too much in this book to detail here. What am I saying? If you’re just getting started in mentalism you need this book. If you’ve been performing mentalism for years — you need this book. If you want to sit quietly and nob to one of the unquestioned masters of mentaoism share some mind blowing, career creating material — you need this book.

It is, bar none, one of the very finest works on mentalism anywhere. It is literally a masterwork.

I suggest you read it carefully. It’s well written and has an engaging style. But that means it’s very much like sitting and talking with Bob. I’ve learned that some of the most useful things he has to share are delivered in an offhanded way. He’ll throw off a gem hidden within a comment or two and then wait to see who was paying attention. Pay attention to this book.


It’s literally a gift to the community. From me it’s got five billets out of five — and I’d give it six if that weren’t mathematically impossible. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Bears will kill you. You make me want to read it again myself. You can also order from Jheff’s Marketplace of the mind at http: Nov 17, Volume one was one of the best books I have read on the subject.

So this has to go on the buy fairly immediately list. Thanks for the review. Check out Tony’s new thriller Dead or Alive http: Thanks for he review, David. The “Art of Mentalism” is one of my favorite books. I was a broke graduate student and my mom sent me some fun money as opposed to funny money.

I was going through a rough time and I decided to order Bob’s book. Opening the package and finding a green leather cover with gold foil embossed lettering hinted at the treasure inside. I was amazed with the content and his instruction on how to think and act like a mentalist. Ever since, I have looked to Bob’s work for amazing material and sage advice.

It is with a Pavlovian salivation that I await my third hard back volume from the good doctor. Thanks for the generosity Bob. Thanks for your thoughts David, as always I enjoy your posts. This will be an instant classic IMO and I’m sure many will agree.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Bobs “the artful mentalism of Bob Cassidy” first book changed me who I am as a mentalist. Is there a list of the individual books that make up both vol. I own almost everything Bob has put out in the original forms. Many comb bound or saddle stitched. Just seeing what I may be missing. I should compile a caszidy of mentalsm I do have anyway. Best of success with the new book. David and Csssidy I was just wondering about where this book is pitched with regard to experience?

David suggested that even someone just starting would benefit from this book. If one does not own vol 1 due to not having started the mentalism journey at the timeis it still a good idea to purchase this book? I like the idea that this book includes”Fundamentals” in the title – as that’s what I’m after, but I was wondering if there are any suggested pre-requisites for getting the most out of the book.

I have been mulling purchasing some of Bob’s work lately, but have not been able to figure out where to start, and I was hoping this book might be a way to get mentallism good foundation.

I am working through Corinda – both the book as well as the Osterlind vids. Sparrowhwk, I’m not sure what you mean by “where this book bon pitched with regard to experience. If that’s not what you’re asking, mdntalism clarify.


As to what books are in Volume 2 as bdekolta askedhere’s the list: And, finally, one can certainly read this on its own without having volume one.

I made sure of that when I edited this. So you can start with this book, if you like. Volume 2 is not a sequel to Volume 1. The first part of the new book, “Fundamentals” is, I believe, a perfect introduction to the art of professional mentalism.

It should give you a solid foundation. But, then again, I wrote it, so I’m biased. Nov 18, There’s no question in my mind what book I’d recommend to someone new to mentalism Three key books are presented here: Fundamentals, Working It and Staging It.

These are all three books that deal specifically with mentalism. I’d actually be inclined to say this would be THE book for aspiring mentalists as well as those who are already performing mentalism. I’ve seen people recommend the 13 Steps and PME to newcomers and often thought these books, while excellent mentalismm performing mentalists, may not be the best choices for new mentalists. Artful Mentalism 2 is the one to read.

Hi Jheff, Bob and David Thank you for the replies. You have answered my questions.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Vol. 1

I wanted to be sure that this book would be useful and worthwhile for someone who has not read any other Bob Cassidy material, and has only recently begun to study the art of mentalism. Nov 19, I’m very interested in the 4th dimensional telepathy effect.

What book should I start with, Vol. I really didn’t expect to hear from the author!

Bob Cassidy

I love the effect! Nothing makes me feel like an mehtalism quite like reading Bob’s books. I know if I read enough he’ll rub off on me. With him on one shoulder and Ken Weber on the other, there won’t be room left for those pesky little red imps. I agree with David no surprise. There are so many good books to read but this is the one I’ll recommend to beginners and I’m still getting a lot out of it.

Bobb still haven’t arrived but I’m moving along faster. I’m re-reading Fundamentals, the first ebook reprinted in this volume, for the casidy time in three months. Last night I found something delicious in the Scary Movie routine that I had missed the first and second time around.

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