Boss has ratings and reviews. Kevin said: Mike Royko must have had balls of steel to write this book in , during the heyday of the Chicago. “The best book ever written about an American city, by the best journalist of his time.”— Jimmy Breslin New edition of the classic story of. Boss, Richard J. Daley of Chicago by Mike Royko is the life story of Mayor Richard Daley, tracing his modest beginnings on the South Side of Chicago in the.

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Sue Kwong This winter, the Reader has set a humble goal for itself: We chose 16 books that reflected the wide range of books that have come out of Chicago and the wide range of people who live here and assembled them bosx an NCAA-style bracket. Then we recruited a crack team of writers, editors, booksellers, and scholars as well as a few Reader staffers to judge each bout.

The results of each contest will be published every Monday, along with an essay by each judge explaining his or her choice. The Reader reader who best predicts the judges’ rulings will win a trip to Mexico. This week, in round one, bout four, Reader writer Danette Chavez has to choose between Mike Royko and. Yes, in an example of true Chicago election chicanery, the late, great columnist has a pass to move on to round two.

The question is, will it be for Boss: To see the results of previous bouts, look here. On some level, I think the Mike Royko bout of this tournament has the lowest stakes. No matter which book I pick, Royko’s biss lives to fight another bracket. As a lifelong Chicagoan and a more recent fan of his work, that’s something I can get behind.

Boss (book) – Wikipedia

Boss was the favorite going in, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to commend in its opponent. It’s an excellent sampling and a great example of the pithiness and vinegar that his daily readers enjoyed, and part of the body of work that earned him a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in The columns range bos vignettes of Chicago life and its players, such as the day Maishe Baer left his restaurant never to return to it in “LaSalle Street Lament,” to satirical pieces like “A Flip of roykp Ethnic Coin,” in which Royko “interviews” a self-made black businessman who has no patience for eastern European read: There’s a fair amount of condemnation here, too: But Not Too Much” is a police-blotter-type post that ends with the author admitting he can’t keep up with reporting crime statistics because he’s writing a “daily column, not a daily book.


I know that “Mary and Joe, Chicago-Style,” a reimagining of the Nativity, is probably the best-known column from this collection, but I’m going to close out my commentary on I May Be Wrong with a look at ” Vogue on Clout.

It even cites the Pope and President Johnson as people who goyko following this latest “trend. Royko argues that world leaders like the Pope or LBJ don’t need clout because they don’t need to dabble in the favor trade.

Daley was another fella who knew a bit about clout. I think, or at least hope, we’re all familiar enough with Daley the Elder to not mlke a voss history lesson here.

As I made my way through BossI got the sense that this was not only an unofficial biography of Daley, but a trial as well.

Each chapter begins with excerpts from defense attorney William Kunstler’s cross-examination of Daley at the Chicago Seven trial. Daley’s words don’t provide much of a defense against Royko’s own inquiry and even less of one nowbut Daley was never really one to back up his actions with eloquence.

There was no need, since “Da Mare” had control of the local governing bodies. Now where have we seen that before?

Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago

Boss is the least romanticized rags-to-riches story you’ll ever read. Royko takes us back to Daley’s humble beginnings, but it’s to put his rise to power in perspective: As such, it sometimes feels like Royko assumes the reader has followed booss coverage of the Daley administration, and rather than rehash the finer points, he uses a little poetic license to illustrate wrongdoing. When he accuses Daley of pandering to the rich with housing developments at great cost to the poor, black citizenry, for instance, he does so with vignettes and commentary rather than with hard data.

Time affords the contemporary reader me a lot, and that’s history; most modern-day Chicagoans are only too aware of rouko lasting effects of Daley’s racism and patronage peddling.

But Boss was published right around the time Daley was elected to an unprecedented fifth term, and his subjects were still in thrall to him. While I wouldn’t describe this as a lack of diligence, I feel mlke a move that Royko could get away with, if only because he dared to do so. Still, I can’t think of anything more “Chicago” than a city that gave Daley the Obss his mayoral terms like so many punches on a “buy ten, get a free sandwich” card. Unless it’s cops on the take, or cops gone wild on detainees, or appointments in place of elections.


Or how about pitting two Mike Royko books against each other in a tournament to determine the Greatest Chicago Book? Which is why Boss toyko this bout.

After two weeks of upsets, the favorite among the voters, Bosswith mime percent of the vote, will move on. Mike RoykoRichard J. Showing 1- 16 of Switch to the mobile version of this page.

Showing 1- 16 of 16 Add a comment. Subscribe to this thread:. More by Danette Chavez. Bully, Accessory, Wulfpac Empty Bottle.

Tabbed Event Search All. Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man: Famous for photographing Michael Jordan and other celebs, the wheelchair-bound artist is working his way back photographing families as part of a Groupon deal.

Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago Summary & Study Guide

mile By Evin Billington By Deanna Isaacs A new mik exposes the perfidy of their sons’ wives. By Michael Miner Restaurants, films, parties, exhibits, and more to help you avoid holiday-induced cabin fever on December By Brianna Wellen He gave tirelessly of his time, talent, knowledge, and advice, whether running sound at a gig or recording a young band.

By Leor Galil The proposed law would make it legal for adults to possess, purchase, and grow weed and would regulate and tax the drug statewide. The Chicago-area native dished tabloid-style gossip here for almost a decade. Now she’s a leader in a fringe right-wing online community spreading a bizarre political conspiracy theory.

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By Ryan Smith This chemical compound found mikf marijuana presents a tale of two extracts. The son of Richard J. By Ben Joravsky The new trailer for the Death Wish remake portrays a Chicago that looks like Donald Trump’s dream come true.

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