The Bugei Ryuha Daijiten isn’t just one version, there have been three separate editions, with alterations and corrections as you go, as well as. Modern schools of ninjutsu are schools which offer instruction in martial arts. To a larger or . In , the Bugei Ryūha Daijiten said of the Takamatsu Togakure- ryu,. ” The genealogy of the Togakure-ryu includes embellishments, to the written . Get this from a library! Bugei ryūha daijiten. [Kiyoshi Watatani; Tadachika Yamada;].

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Modern schools of ninjutsu

Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by Aiki LeeDec 7, Log in or Sign up. Dec 7, 1. Jul 18, Messages: I’m gonna open up a can of daijlten I think, but I’ve been wondering about the Takamatsu lineage and what is actually said in the bugei ryuha daijiten. Has anyone ever read the BRDJ?

If so, what does it say about Takamatsu? I keep hearing conflicting statements. I’ve heard that the authors were friends of Takamatsu.

I’ve hear that they question his claims.

Bugei Ryuha Daijiten | Ryukyu Bugei 琉球武芸

I’ve heard from others that the BRDJ makes no opinion and just states the schools by name. Does anyone know what it actually says about him?

Dec 8, 2. Feb 18, Messages: Okay, first things first. The Bugei Ryuha Daijiten isn’t just one version, there have been three separate editions, with alterations and corrections as you go, as well as minor tweaks in publishings inbetween.


So which version are you asking about? Such essential daijien as dates and histories are presented differently corrected, or added to in different editions. Next, yes, Watatani was a friend of Takamatsu’s But, as with much of these arts, that wasn’t always possible. Thirdly, it should be remembered that, as well as the multiple editions, there are a number of Ryu that were attributed to Takamatsu, so when you say that the schools are basically just listed by name, that might be true of, say, Kumogakure Ryu, but not of Gyokko Ryu, depending on the edition.

This might explain why you’re getting conflicting messages about it Dec 8, 3. Feb 11, Messages: Dec 8, 4. I guess I’d be asking about all three versions and why the corrections were made buegi they were. Sometimes corrections are made because new information gets passed to the authors, sometimes there were just typos, and sometimes its to be more politically correct. I’m curious about that as well. Dec 9, 5. Dec 9, 6. Thanks for your imput. Personally, I tend to believe daijtien history perpetuated by the Takamatsu line.

I believe there may be some exaggerations but ryua far as I know that’s dajjiten in all martial historiesbut overall I have no reason to doubt the authenticity.

Any ideas on what evidence one should look for if they were trying to determine if any lineage is legit, if it can’t be verified by historical documentation? Dec 9, 7. Jul 2, Messages: Dec 9, 8. Dec 22, 9. Nov 5, Messages: The Bugei Ryu-Ha Daijiten is what the name implies, a big encyclopedis on schools of warrior arts. Its a massive work of around pages and like has been written before came out in 3 major editions, the latest being the edition which had many corrections.


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Its not much so it really should only be used as a first place to look. It has been interesting to Bujikan people because for a long time this was the only known information about bujinkan ryu-ha apart from Hatsumi senseis books. An interesting thing, considering the recent discussions on Gikan ryu is that it lists Hatsumi sensei as the successor of Takamatsu sensei. It also lists that thisnline of Gikan ryu went through Ishitani sensei. Dec 23, Aug 27, Messages: Sep 3, Messages: Please keep the discussion at a mature, respectful level.

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