The AC voltage rating of Bussmann fuses is given in volts rms. Fuses tested to IEC are . semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and. SSRs. This catalog is intended to present product data and provide technical information that will help the end World’s leading supplier of fuses and fusible protection. Cooper BussmannĀ® circuit protection solutions comply with major industrial standards of high speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J .

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Withstands 15 to 20 lbs-ins torque to mounting nut when mounting fuseholder to panel.

The tilt bins are available in five and six bin models. Semiconduvtor open single-element fuse after opening a short circuit. Whether it filethpe the first day of the electrical system or thirty or more years later, it is important that overcurrent protective devices perform under overload or short-circuit conditions as intended. This value can be read off of a peak let-through chart where the fuse curve intersects the A-B line. Dimensional specifications of each class of fuse does serve as a uniform standard.

If this will not allow motor to start due to higher than normal inrush currents or longer than normal acceleration times 5 sec.

NH HRC Fuses

The size fuse which is selected should be such that short-circuit protection is provided by the fuse and overload protection is provided by the controller overload relays. The heat that can be produced in circuit components by the immense energy of caatlogue currents can cause severe insulation damage or even explosion. Heat absorbing metal bead on element link for time-delay. They cannot be absolutely fail-safe. Marking strip optional, consult factory.

Full Line catalog – COOPER Bussmann – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Full Range – defined by ANSI as a fuse filethpe of interrupting all currents from the maximum rated interrupting current down to the minimum continuous current that causes melting of the fusible element swhen the fuse is applied at the maximum ambient temperature specified by the manufacturer.


One Time Fuses Filetyps term used to describe a Class H nonrenewable cartridge fuse, with a single element. Fuse Fuse Base Style Max. Using fuses sized at the ampere rating of a motor or slightly larger, will provide optimum overload and shortcircuit protection. Ampere Rating The current-carrying capacity of a fuse. The rating label on the device provides the class A or B of the equipment.

However, temporary, harmless overloads or surge currents may cause nuisance openings unless these fuses are oversized. Microswitch The Typower ZILOX fuses with either type T indicator or type K indicator can be equipped with a microswitch for remote electrical indication of fuse operations.

Similar profile, srmiconductor method, and backplane configuration as Series.

As the name implies, a short-circuit current is one which flows outside the normal conducting paths. They must be size rejecting such that a fuse of a lower voltage rating cannot be installed in the circuit. Also, it will limit the instantaneous peak let-through current to a value substantially less than that obtainable in the same circuit if that fuse were replaced with a solid conductor of equal impedance. Renewable fuses are made to Class H standards. Mounting screws recommended every 15 circuits.

The devices are especially More information. Data sheet Manual motor starter MS Manual motor starters are electromechanical devices for motor and circuit protection. Substantially contributes to current limiting action. UL Recognized as a disconnect switch for interruption of load current catalogke means of withdrawing the fuse carrier.

Low Voltage Fuse Catalogue | HRC Fuse Online Catalogue

Silver ribbon element surrounded by silica filler housed in a fiberglass tube and plated endcaps. Mounting screws recommended every 12 circuits. Main operating parts are the silver element, arcing rod, boric acid cylinder, and spring. See Data Sheet for dimensional drawings. A special low voltage indicator 1. UL Recognized investigated to UL as a disconnect switch for the interruption of load current by means of withdrawing the fuse pullout. When replacing the blown fuse, the end fittings should be removed from the operated fuse unit, and if undamaged, clamped onto the new fuse unit.


Please contact Bussmann for application assistance. Base Contacts are fully shrouded to help protect against electric shock.

One adapter is required for Buss one and two pole blocks. They are intended to be bolted into their mountings and are not normally used in clips. Connects in parallel with fuses having a rating of 50 amperes or larger and opens at 10A or more.

Base – Thermoplastic Clips – Bright tin-plated bronze Ratings: With electrical ratings More information. Adapter mechanically locks into mounting hole of fuseblock semiconduuctor seconds to become an integral part of the block.

Better Motor Protection in Elevated Ambients The derating of dual-element fuses based on increased ambient temperatures closely parallels the derating curve of motors in elevated ambient. However, dual-element, time delay fuses can be sized much closer to motor loads. Modern current-limiting fuses, under short-circuit conditions, can semiconductoe the current to zero and complete the interruption within a few thousandths of a second.

The fuse is able to limit the short-circuit current.

Fuse Catalogues

J pole CR Data Sheet: Carton Quantity and Weight Ampere Carton. Melamine Tube Agency Information: Standard plan for the installation of grounded microinverter solar PV systems, not More information. Black DRA-1 35mm Symm. Under normal operation, when the fuse is semivonductor at or near its ampere rating, it simply functions as a conductor.

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