Cadenas troficas. JD Cadenas alimenticias detritofagas Una cadena alimentaria en sentido estricto, tiene varias desventajas en caso de. Elementos de las cadenas tróficas. Eslabones Elementos de las cadenas tróficas . Tipos de cadenas. Circulación de energía. Eslabones.

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A estas herramientas se suma trofkcas estrategia combinada de estudios de campo y de laboratorio. The inner estuary of the Loire France in the summer of Mercury transfer in a subtropical coastal lagoon food web SE Gulf of California under two contrasting climatic condition. Journal Geochemical Exploration Relationship between subcellular cadmium distribution in prey and cadmium trophic transfer to a predator.

cadenas troficas

Trace element trophic transfer in aquatic food webs. Origin of lead in the Gulf of California Ecoregion using stable isotope analysis. Trophic structure and flows of energy in the Huizache-Caimanero lagoon complex on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Chronicling a century of lead pollution in Mexico: Biomagnification in marine systems: Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta The ET essential and nonessential are trophi-cally transferred and can accumulate up to toxic levels in organisms, populations and communities. The Science of the Total Environment The assimilation of elements ingested by marine copepods. A pharmacokinetic model of cadmium in rainbow trout.


Concentration and Assessment of Human Health Risk. Mercury accumulation in the fish community of a sub-arctic lake in relation to trophic position and carbon sources. Trophic relationships in an Arctic food web and implications for trace metal transfer.

The developing framework of marine ecotoxicology: Environmental Science and Technology The interactions of selenium with cadmium and mercury. Today’s modern techniques and methods of study facilitate the understanding and evaluation of such processes.

Journal Applied Ecology Environmental Science Technology Metals and marine food chains.

Cadenas Tróficas by dela dela on Prezi

Trace metal concentrations in aquatic invertebrates: Total mercury content found in edible tissues of top predator fish from the Gulf of California, Mexico.

Influence of food composition on the biokinetics and tissue distribution of zinc and americium in mussels. Stepwise enrichment of 15N along food chains: Stable isotope ratios as tracers in marine aquatic food webs.

Trophic transfer of lead through a model marine 1 four-level food chain: Interactions of trace metals and different marine food chains. These mechanisms can be measured experimentally in the laboratory by using radiotracers and heavy metal’s isotopes artificially enriched.


Evidence from stable isotope analysis. Archives Environmental Contamination Toxicology 61 2: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30 7: Determination of selenium bioavailability to a benthic bivalve from particulate and solute pathways.

Distribution and association of trace metals in soft tissue and byssus of Mytella strigata and other benthal organisms from Mazatlan Harbour, Mangrove Lagoon of the northwest coast of Mexico.

TTet en ecosistemas costeros subtropicales. Modeling metal bioavailability for marine mussels. Modeling the elimination of mercury by fish. Total mercury in canned czdenas tuna Thunnus albacares marketed in northwest Mexico. The Handbook of Ecotoxicology. Toxicokinetics in aquatic systems:

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