Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc. Redbud Blvd. Suite NORTH AMERICAN CYLINDER & ACTUATOR CATALOG > Release ii. Welcome to the world of. CATALOGUE > Release standard and low friction: 0°C ÷ 80°C (with dry air – 20°C) . electro-pneumatic regulator with the low friction cylinder as shown in. Camozzi USA – Your source for high quality pneumatic fittings, pneumatic valves, Cylinder and Actuator Catalog Fitting & Flow Control Valves Catalog NEW.

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Take off blocks Series MC. Magnetic proximity switches with 2- or 3-wire cable for V-slot. Rear trunnion male Mod. Pneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size Single manifold with front outlets. Tie-rods for assembling kit D. Rod fork end Mod.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

Series PR precision regulators – dimensions. Series 31 compact cylinders. Series 63 cylinders with rod lock. Short-stroke cylinder Series QPR. Series 1 and 3 mechanically operated valves.


Counter bracket for centre trunnion Mod. Series MC take-off blocks.

Series 2L basic logic valves. Series 4 valves and solenoid valves. Series 63 cylinders – Aluminium tube and profile. Camozi cover for subbase. Series MD coalescing filters.

Cylinders with flanged carriage Mod. CGPT gripper, size 32 mm – dimensions. Series VNV check valves. Electropneumatical valve with outlets on sub-base – size Single body for Series K8 solenoid valve. Series 27 roundline cylinders. Series 24 and 25 minicylinders with rod lock Mod. Series PDV directly operated solenoid valves with separating diaphragm.

Piston rod lock nut Mod. Cylinders Series 61 with rod lock. CGSN gripper, bore 16 mm – dimensions.

North America Catalogs

CGLN gripper, bore 25 mm – dimensions. Series 14 compact mini-cylinders. Kit to connect the gearbox – enhanced series.

End blocks for subbase. Interface plate – profile side on slider – right position. End blocks for manifold bases with front outlets. Cylinders Series 31 – Pneuamtic version.


Series CLR micro pressure regulators. Series 3 and 4 mechanically operated sensor valves. Series MD activated carbon filters with visual indicator – dimensions.

Series VEM compact ejectors. Series AP proportional valves – size 16mm, with lower flanges. Elastomer coupling with clamps Mod. CGSN gripper, bore 20 mm – dimensions. Manifold bars with separate exhausts low version. Pressure gauges with radial connection. Series electronic control device for proportional valves. Series dual seal super-rapid camizzi.

Camozzi Products area – Homepage

Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with 3-wire ccylinder. Shock Absorbers Series SA. Cylinders Series 94 and CGPS gripper, size 20 mm – dimensions. Series MC coalescing filters. Series VTCF flat suction pads round. Front spot faced trunnion Mod.

Pressure indicators Series Straight female connector M12 8 poles.

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