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If you are trying to get the best out of Nikon Capture NX, this is the webpage you want to bookmark. Here is the current list of how-to guides, tutorials, tips, pratkque, and other related information.

Please consider it work-in-progress. If I missed anything, please let me know by using the comment box below. Capture NX 2 v2. Learn the cool trick of using Noise Reduction to soften the skins.

Capture NX 2 tutorial: Brought to you by DPTnT. Nikon Capture NX 2. Please subscribe to our RSS feed or email newsletter. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please use the contact form or the comment box below the post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

I have a question about Capture NX2. I have been using it and I think is a wonderful program but I cant find a feature that Lightroom 2 performs in a great manner: Perhaps not as elegant as Adobe Lightroom but it is possible to get something similar by adjusting the curves of each individual R, G, B channel.

This is truly a great website. I am glad i came across it. Very informative yet easy to understand. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. Excellent paar, especially for a new Lla enthusiast like me. I have been using the D80 my first DSL since the Nikon N in the 80s for three months now and have been using Picasa 3, and more recently Picnik which is hooked up to FlickR now for photo editing.

Thank you for your kind words. You can expect better stuff to come to this website in the future.

Thank you for the kind words. Capture NX has no concept of layers but each adjustment step is similar to a layer and you can select from several different blending modes as well as adjust the opacity of each adjustment step.


While listening to the introduction settings ect a point was made that leads to this question. My question now is how I obtain prophoto I do not see it in my color management profile Do I just install it on my computer then change the capture nx2 color management to pro photo. I am a relative novice with all of this and if you can respond with some advice and if you have to read between the lines of this query please do.

Capture NX2 par la pratique

Now it seems that the color profile is no longer installed in system directory so no other third party softwares can use it. Here began my trouble in using and discovering the endles possibilities of the software. It has colossal potential in working with RAWs.

I shoot RAW only. Desperate as I was finally I found your amazing website!!! All my questions were answered using your clear step-by-step instructions. Max, I thank you very much for consolidating valuable how-to on Capture NX 2. I wish you all the best in doing this. Lately Pra was testing some processing procedures on the Capture NX2 trial version.

Unfortunately Capture NX does not have these features you are looking for. Just stumbled across it this morning Just purchased NX2 and have been looking for resources to learn this program Can you pxr any of the books listed on this page. Is one better than the other Thanks again for your time putting this together.

Will be using this quite a bit! Both are pretty good. I run on Xapture vista and have installed Capture nx2. My question is in regards to color management and would like to know my choices. Can i install the pro photo color profile or any other profile.

Darkroom – Books Sitemap

How do I do it. TMac, Windows Vista has built-in support for color management.

Go to Control Panel and you will be able to find it there. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the free settings files to use in Capture NX2, offered by Jason.


Hi, just came across your fabulous website from a lq in the Retouch forum on dpreview. What I was hoping to find on your page, right near the top actually, was dapture all the How-Tos — but the Whys: Unless I missed it, if you can, perhaps you can have an introductory page explaining this?

For example, a dusk shot of a house with interior lights on. Goal is to show backyard, patio, interior, sunset behind house. To locally remove Fluorescent WB? More about NXSignature here: I had a plan for a long time to do something like that but I was trying to render fonts into pixels rather than using a jpeg. I think it does make it a whole lot easier.

The page flashes past and within 1 second I am redirected Using Safari and FireFox, neither are working. I managed to download the file. I hope you will continue to update your Capture NX tips and suggestions going forward? Intel Core i3 Processor Speed: B00 SMC Version system: Nikon Capture NX2 V2. Nik Software Capture NX2 training video: Capture NX2 Video Tutorial: High Key Portrait Video Tutorial: Online Resources on September 30th, Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook.

View October 24, View November 16, Is there a way to do split toning with Capture NX2? Thank you very much.

Articles (en anglais) – PHOTOPRATICO – La Pratique de la Photographie

View November 17, View January 27, Robert Sanz Vancouver B. View February 12, Hi there, Excellent website, especially for a new Nikon enthusiast like me. View February 13, Bill, Thank you for your kind words. View March 5, View March 7, Enjoy Capture NX2 and come back for more tips, tutorials, and resources. View March 11, View March 12, View March 16, View March 17, You can download it from here: View March 31, View April 1, Thank you for any advise. View April 2, View April 13, View May 23, View May 25, View May 28, Question on Jason P Odell e book.

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