Repaso breve; Quiralidad Axial: racionalización geométrica, grupos de compuestos, nomenclatura y ejemplos; Quiralidad Planar. átomo de carbono: de aquí que se la llama con frecuencia Química del Carbono. Una molécula quiral puede presentar, almenos, dos configuraciones. Conozca la importancia del carbono y su influencia en todos los amplios No todas las moléculas son quirales, existen moléculas, que por su aspecto muy buena definicion sobre la importancia del carbono me gusto mucho gracias.

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Production strategy and technological challenges arisen with the low permeability gas reservoirs in the Mexilhao, Urugua and Tambau FieldsCampos Basin, Southeast, Brazil; Estrategia de producao e carboho tecnologicos no desenvolvimento da producao de gas nos reservatorios de baixa permeabilidade dos Campos de Mexilhao, Urugua e TambauBacia de Santos.

Besides the contribution to attend the country gas demand the production of these fields starts the establishment qurial a minimum gas production, transportation and processing infra-structure, that are flexible enough to permit increasing in production from possible upsides.

This new production pole has a strategic importance because it will increment gas production close to the main brazilian consumer center. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.


Full Text Available In this paper we present an example of a specific metric which geometrizes explicitly a light-like four-vector potential chiral field.

The geometrization shows that such a vector has the same geometrical structure as a gravitational Kerr field. We discuss a theoretical proposition that a rotating body generates, besides a special gravitational fielda magnetic-type gauge field which might be identified with a chiral geometrized field.

This chiral field represents a novel type of field because we cannot identify it with any of the known electromagnetic fields. As an application of this theory we discuss the morphology of the planets around the sun. Poynting’s theorem for complex fields ; El teorema de Poynting para campos complejos. Poynting’s theorem is derived for complex electromagnetic fields without invoking the harmonic dependence of the fields.

This reformulation yields the functional form of a continuity equation. En esta reformulacion se obtiene cabalmente la forma funcional de una ecuacion de continuidad. Este resultado no requiere que los campos armonicos sean trenes de onda infinitos, de manera que con este formalismo es posible abordar el caso de pulsos electromagneticos.

Paleomorphology of the upper part of the Macae formation, Namorado fieldCampos basin; Paleomorfologia do intervalo superior da formacao Macae, Campo de Namorado, Bacia de Campos. The Macae Formation Late Albian-Turonian of the Campos Basin is represented by a thick column of carbonate sediments whose deposition began soon after the evaporitic phase that marks the beginning of the marine occupation of the basin.

The top of this interval is represented by an unconformity Type Iindicative of a variation in the base level of the basin, on which the turbidities of the basal sequence of the Namorado Field were deposited.

For a better understanding of the depositional geometry of these turbidities, the paleogeomorphology analysis demonstrated to be quite efficient.

The developed analysis allowed the individualization and the three-dimensional visualization of a defincion paleochannel in the top of the interval, until then not described in previous interpretations of this depositional system.

With the information coming from this study, a better understanding of the genesis of this accumulation can be reached, especially in the part regarding to the units of important economic character, represented by the turbidities deposits and whose occurrences are related with stages of relative lowering of the sea level.

Full Text Available Every metric tensor can be expressed by the inner product of tetrad fields. We prove that Einstein’s equations for these fields have the same form as the stress-energy tensor of electromagnetism if detinicion total external quiarl. Using the Evans’ unified field theory, we show that the true unification of gravity and electromagnetism is with source-free Maxwell equations.

Filtration in ultrasonic field ; Filtracao em definicoin ultrassonico. Rocha, Inaura Carolina C. The production of water associated to the petroleum is an issue of big relevance in exploration areas classified as ‘exhausted fields ‘. The current alternative in practice is the re-injection of the wastewater into the geological formation with the dual purpose of increasing oil recovery and pollution minimization.

However, produced water presents several components that make impossible its direct re-injection, requiring a previous treatment. In this context, this work presents the state-of-art of filtration in ultrasonic fieldin order to contribute to the development of a new treatment technology applicable to the produced water problem.

Environmental impact in geothermal fields ; Impacto ambiental en campos geotermicos. Generally, water exploitation and deep steam of geothermal fields may be cause of a pollution potential on the surface, specially by the chemical composition of geothermal water which has a high concentration of minerals, salts and heavy metals.

The utilization of stable isotopes as deuterium and oxygen 18 as radioactive tracers and water origin indicators allow to know the trajectories and sources of background waters as well as possible moistures between geothermal waters and meteoric waters. Some ions such as chlorides and fluorides present solubilities that allow their register as yet long distances of their source.


Magnetic Surveying Techniques are fully used in order to control the well path in drilling operations, and electronic tools, known as Measure While Drilling MWDuses the intensity and inclination of Earth’s magnetic field as a reference for its inputs.

These tools have three magnetometers and three accelerometers spaced 90 degrees apart which measure the components of magnetic field and gravitational field to calculate the inclination, the direction of the well, and the tool face orientation. Erroneous readings can occur due to the magnetic interference since the Earth magnetic field can be affected by external sources such as, magnetized materials in the BHA axialcasings strings or near by wells cross axialand these abnormal readings are enough to put the well bore far away from its desired location.

In this paper we intend to show the methodology and software usage to allow magnetic field strength exam and identification of systematic failures in mechanization or calibration of the electronics tools. Furthermore, the results obtained comparing the solutions with gyroscope survey data is shown.

Residual magnetic field in rotary machines; Campo magnetico residual en maquinas rotatorias. The residual magnetism is a phenomenon in which the magnetic dipoles of a substance are oriented in a certain degree. On the other hand, when internal forces exist capable of aligning elementary magnetic dipoles of a material, a permanent magnet is obtained. Just as in a conductor or in a material, in the elements of a rotary electrical machine magnetic fields can be induced that produce a residual magnetism or magnetization.

In the rotary electrical machines, the magnetization phenomenon causes serious problems, such as the generation of induced currents that propitiate the mechanical wear in bearings, collars, trunnions and inclusive in the shaft, by effects known as pitting, frosting and spark tracks, as well as erroneous readings in vibration and temperature sensors, that in some cases can cause the shut down of the machine.

Importancia del carbono

In this article are presented the general concepts on the residual magnetism in rotary electrical machines, the causes that originate it and the problems that arises, as well as the demagnetization of the components that have residual magnetic field. The results obtained defibicion the area of Electrical Equipment of the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas are revised, during the execution of activities related to the measurement and elimination of the residual magnetic field in rotary electrical machines.

Por otro lado, cuando existen fuerzas internas capaces de alinear los dipolos magneticos elementales de un material, se tiene un iman permanente. Al igual que en un conductor o un material, en los elementos de una defiicion electrica rotatoria se pueden inducir campos magneticos que producen un magnetismo residual o magnetizacion.

En las maquinas electricas rotatorias, el fenomeno de magnetizacion causa graves problemas, como la generacion de corrientes inducidas que propician el desgaste mecanico.

The potential flow in presence of a magnetic field ; El flujo potencial en presencia de un campo magnetico. From the Lagrangian formalism as in classical field theory, the partial differential field equations for the propagation of a small perturbation in a continuous and homogeneous conducting media in a magnetic field is obtained.

deefinicion The specific Lagrangian is calculated and it is shown that the equation of motion is the wave equation. Finally, the law of energy conservation is obtained. Usando el mismo marco teorico se obtiene la ecuacion de balance de energia. Se calcula la lagrangiana especifica y se demuestra que la ecuacion de movimiento es la ecuacion en onda. Ademas, se obtiene la correspondiente ley de la conservacion de la energia.

Finally this text did not integrate the book, but for its richness and interest we decided to share it in the RMA. It presents a synthesis of the analytical issues addressed in the book about the notion of literary field and its relations with the political, scientific and artistic fieldsas well as the logic of the fields of reception. It includes around eruptive centers, mainly monogenetic basaltic definiclon but also explosive maar structures.

According to K-Ar geochronology, its main activity phase occurred during Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs between 5 and 1. However, some recent works have proposed Holocene ages for some of the volcanic products, opening the possibility of considering the CCVF “active” according to international standards.

Here, we describe these ongoing efforts and we report results about groundwater geochemistry at several natural highly-gaseous springs in the area herviderosas well as soil temperature, CO2 diffuse flux from the soil and electrical self-potential data mapped on a small degassing structure called La Sima. In order to analyze microseismicity or any seismic anomaly in the CCVF, a seismic station quoral also been installed close to this degassing structure.


Physicochemical parameters temperature, pH, Eh and electric conductivity were measured in situ in four springs and samples were taken in order to analyze major ions and carbobo elements. Total carbno of dissolved gases and helium isotopic ratios were also determined. To complete soil temperature, self-potential and gas prospections performed in La Sima, soil gases were sampled at the bottom of the structure at a depth of 20 cm. Analysis of the defunicion gas composition found ppm of CO2.

QPNEstereoquimica by Humberto Gonzalez on Prezi

Low values of O2 and N2 were also detected and ppm respectively. Modeling and identification of new complementary development opportunities in a Campos Basin offshore giant field ; Modelagem e identificacao de novas oportunidades de desenvolvimento complementar de um campo gigante na Bacia de Campos.

Gomes, Jose Adilson T. The objective of this paper is to present the methodology that has been used for the complementary development of the giant Marlin oil field in the Campos Basin, with the study of the opportunities of new wells and application of new defibicion for the enhancement of production, recovery factor and the gain of reserves. This methodology is applied integrating geophysics, geology, engineering, planning and operation, containing: The obtained results were the optimization of the project portfolio of new wells considering the identification of new opportunities, schedule and entrance order of wells, helping also in the acquisitions of new data for reservoir risk reduction before project implementation.

Photoreceptors in electric field: Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Comparing field epidemiology and social epidemiology, we pretend to think about the no explicit images and meanings operating in both necessary convergent fieldsabout the obstacles present in epidemiological practice to fulfil its social function and about the necessity of.

Topics in quantum field theory; Topicos em teoria quantica dos campos. This paper presents some important aspects on quantum field theory, covering the following aspects: Economic viability of mature fields: Until the beginning of qhiral pre-salt dfeinicion, the discovery of new oil mature fields was almost impossible.

To take back the incentive to new researches about on-shore basins, without affect the focus on the off-shore basins, the Agencia Nacional de Petroleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis ANP has been making efforts to increase the segment of oil medium and small size producers, who are called independent producers. To guarantee the good results, ANP has created auctions of mature and original fields of oil.

The objective is to attract small and medium companies, so they can contribute to new technology of land exploration.

The auctions have brought strength to the independent producers. To prove the economic viability of these mature shields, it will be used real values, get in the first four years of production. Methodology for oil field development; Metodologia para o desenvolvimento de campos de petroleo. The main scope of this work is to study and develop a methodology which allows the elaboration of project for oil field development.

There fore it is necessary to consider to consider the integration of the human, technological and economical issues that are important parameters in the engineering project. The spiral concept was applied for the project in order to coordinate, in a reasonable and logical way, the activities involved in the field development, as well as the hierarchical analysis method for the decision making process.

Carbono alfa e beta – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The development of an oil field is divided in viability study, preliminary project, final project, project implementation, production and field abandonment cycles. The main components for each cycle are external aspects, environmental criteria, reservoir management, and drilling, completion and well workover, production systems, exportation systems, and risk and economical analysis.

The proposed methodology establishes a general scheme for planning and it presents applicable procedures for any field. Advances in electron dosimetry of irregular fields ; Avances en dosimetria de electrones de campos irregulares. In this work it is presented an advance in Electron dosimetry of irregular fields for beams emitted by defijicion accelerators. At present diverse methods exist which are coming to apply in the Radiotherapy centers. In this work definjcion is proposed a method for irregular fields dosimetry.

It will be allow to calculate the dose rate absorbed required for evaluating the time for the treatment of cancer patients. Utilizing the results obtained by the dosimetric system, it has been possible to prove the validity of the method describe for 12 MeV energy and for square field 7. Drill string corrosion problems at Pilar field ; Corrosao na coluna de perfuracao no Campo de Pilar.

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