Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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He, like the Greeks of his day, also uses the Dodecatemoria, which are the twelfths of a sign. If you find this place [to be] the house of the Sun, which is Leo, then the disaster will be because of [his] fathers or his fathers’ women or his mother’s husbands, or with respect to a debt or to money which he has borrowed.

A pregnant woman if her child will die in her belly Say how Saturn harms one who is born by day and Mars one who is born at night — then especially if Mars is in a feminine sign and Saturn in a masculine sign.

Whoever has Scorpio or Cancer or Pisces for his ascendant, know that his mother will bear numerous children. If you find Venus also with the Moon in the seventh [place], it informs [you] about his escape from slavery.

Illness as Qitrinus the Sadwali says Ivo rated it liked it Dec 07, Lana marked it as to-read Mar 28, If the nativity is nocturnal, [look] from the Moon to the lot of fortune, then [at] whatever of the planets is between these two, and then the number of these is ruling. If you find Mars in the twelfth or in the cardine under the earth or in the cardine, the seventh [place], then there is no good in the matter of brothers, especially if you find the lord of the ascendant or the lord of the Moon with Mars or Mars aspecting Mercury.

Jupiter and Mercury indicate children if they are in good places, but deny [it] if they are in the sterile signs, which are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, the beginning of Taurus, the middle of Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Know that the Moon is best of all if it is increasing, rising in the sphere of heaven toward the North. As for the triplicities: The planets, if they are under the rays of the Sun towards the west, their power disappears and they have no power. If you find the lord of the lot of fortune under the rays of the Sun, then it has no power to grant good. If it is Venus, then he will be praised and benefited on account of women and females.

If you find one of the two luminaries cadent from the sign of the West [and] the other opposes it from the twelfth, then this also is an indicator of the separation of his parents. If you find Jupiter and Venus aspecting the lot of brothers, then it is a good indication in the matter of brothers.

If the lot happens to be where none of the planets is in quartile or opposition to it, then these [natives] have a need for children. If the ascendant is a two-bodied sign and is masculine and a masculine planet is in it, then, even if the “hour” of the nativity is double, males are born in it.


Carmen astrologicum – Dorotheus (of Sidon.) – Google Books

If with this you find the Sun in a bad place and the lord of its triplicity in a good place, then say that the father of this native increases the good, and they are elevated astrllogicum over those whom they meet of equal position. Knowledge of the lot [in] the nativity of a woman. All this is from what Mercury and Saturn indicate, but since Jupiter and Venus are in cardines they indicate that he will be of noble lineage, but that he will be brought up and will grow up in houses of slavery, and he will curry favour with [his] brothers and nobles and will become acquainted [with them], but he will fail because of the evil effect of the lords of the Moon’s triplicity.

Knowledge of the division of the planets with regard to good and evil.

This translation, from by David Pingree, is from a fourth century Pahlavi Persian source. If you find the Sun under the earth and the malefics aspect the ascendant. If Jupiter is with them in a cardine, then his property and his fortune will remain for some time, but after that will decline, even if Jupiter is aspecting.

If Venus is in a house of Saturn and Saturn in a house of Venus in the cardine of the West or the cardine under the earth or the sixth or twelfth place, then the native will be effeminate [and] will be one of those in whom one does [something] like what I one does in women. Thus these are seven places which are preferred to the places which are not recognized as good: This man will abound in gold and silver except that his end is evil because the lord of the triplicity of [the cardine] under the earth, from which the matter of the end and the situation of death are known, is Venus, and Venus in this nativity is cadent in the sign of calamity.

Please enter your name. Please enter the message. If you find a malefic in it or in opposition or quartile to it, then judge a decline in property and livelihood.

Knowledge of the lot of children If you find the lord of the triplicity under the rays of the Sun and in the place of Saturn, then whatever of good it indicates is not stable, and his property will not increase, and he will be more learned in meditation than he is in work. If you find the lord of the lot injured, but the benefics in a good place witnessing it and the ascendant and the Moon, and the benefics are eastern, then he is middling with respect to property and livelihood because Jupiter, if it is in a good place, always indicates that the native attains good from nobles and mighty people and from well known work, and he will acquire property for this reason, and if Venus is in a place like this it indicates benefit because of women, and if Mercury is in this place it indicates benefit because of commerce and science and calculation, and if Mercury and Jupiter are mixed together he will be a confidant with kings and bands [of people].


The malefics indicate similarly if they are in the cardine of the earth, and their destructiveness is worse if one of them is in opposition to the other without the aspect of Jupiter because this indicates flight or a terrible death and a hard fall.

Knowledge of the masculine and feminine hours of the nativity James Sass rated it it was amazing Aug 21, When Venus happens to transit this lot, it indicates children.

Carmen Astrologicum

Knowledge of the masculine and feminine “hours” of the nativity. Saturn rejoices arriving at Aquarius.

Then look at where it is located, whether its place is good or bad, what benefics or malefics aspect it, which is its lord and where it is. You may send this item to up to five recipients. If it is thus, it indicates injury to his condition and injury sstrologicum the condition of his mother unless we find a benefic aspecting the ascendant and the Moon as the ascendant indicates the native and the Moon and Venus his mother.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are western, diurnal, [and] masculine; their lord by day is Saturn, by night Mercury, and the associate of these two is Jupiter. If you astroloticum the first in a bad place and the second in a good place, then it indicates middling good in his life, but this will not last in him so that it will abate. If it is in the West, then it will be kept quiet and will be a secret, but it will be the most public that is [possible] and the worst in infamy astrokogicum the Sun aspects wstrologicum also, because this is harmful.

Each planet is benefic when it is in its house or in its triplicity or its exaltation so that what it indicates of good is strong, increasing. If they aspect together, then judge for his two parents astrokogicum good fortune and wealth and fame. If you find the Moon and the Sun both injured, he departs from his house learning from his parents who they are.

Knowledge of the places of the astrologkcum Look at the lord of the triplicity of the sign in which is the shining luminary. If Jupiter aspects one of [those] which are there, then it ameliorates some of this, since the aspect of Jupiter indicates her benefit because of this and the existence of the lords of Venus’ triplicity in midheaven indicates that her debauchery will occur publicly and in renown. Dorotheus bases much of his interpretative methods on the triplicity rulers, by day and by night.

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