Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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To rent this item contact us by e-mail or phone. Link to Brands Sales conditions. Page 1 of Medio formato digitali Kit-Corpi.

Photo accessories for Smartphone and Tables Other Accessories Various accessories x medium format Accessories x video footage with Reflex Battery Grip – Battery Pack Bubbles – Levels Backs datas – various handles lens correction Magazine-backs x medium format viewfinders Engines – Winder and Accessories Eye cups Lens Hoods Screen Protectors Reproduction and accessories Display remotes shutter release Wired shutter release Wireless remotes shutter release Mechanical remote shutter release Screens slide – focus bellows plugs Wireless data transmitters extension tubes.


Stickers wedding album Envelopes Ring Envelopes for photos Negative holders. Various accessories photographic studio Alim x V external battery.

Accessories for bags cases Bags – Luggage transport equipment Bags obieftivi video equipment Bags photo Bags multimedia Holsters Rain covers- Dust covers and accessories. Retouching supplies – Brushes Various accessories darkroom antistatic Cards Black and White baryta Black and White paper polythene Black and White paper polythene Multigrade Black and White chemistry Colors chemistry Various chemistries Filters for printing focusers magnifiers magnifiers accessories Lamps and filters for darkroom Print washers Easels Lenses for magnifiers cutters Tank and Accessories Timer – Analyzers.

Sublimation Paper for printers. Carta per Stampanti Alpha – Cellulosa.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi 2014

Accessories for tripods Bags tamrln straps for tripods Dolly Tripods photo Small easelstable obiettibi, stand, special Tripods video Monopods and accessories Plates and Accessories for heads Novoflex QuadroPod slides micrometer. Accessories – Filter holders — Rings Solid squared Filters mm.


Filters 82 and over Filters up to D. Illuminatori portatili e accessori. Remote controls – Controls IR triggers accessories Slides – joints – brackets – supports. Background accessories White backgrounds of all types Black backgrounds of all types Paper backgrounds up to 1. Paper backgrounds up to 2. Paper backgroundsup to 3.

Chroma Key Backgorounds Degraded backgrounds Canvas backdrops portable reclosable Canvas backdrops spotted Cenvas one color backdrops Vinyl backdrops Backlit backdrops Various backdrops. Cleaning Accessories Compressed air Cleaning monitors and displays Cleaning lenses and cameras sensor Cleaning.

Medium size Stands Heavy Stands.

fixed lens su

Telescopes – microscopes accessories. Accessories Underwater Underwater Flashes. Varoius accessories for video and audio Crane arm – Giraffe Speakers. Le spese sono a carico di Tuttofoto.

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