Cattleyas are frequently called “the Queen of the Orchids,” and Carl Withner’s passion for them started before World War II. About 12 years ago he published the. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives. Landmark series on the genera of the Cattleya alliance, which provide details on appearance, growth habit, incidence, and. Buy The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Vol. 1: The Cattleyas 1st by Carl L. Withner (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

The Taiwan orchid breeders have been making notable contributions to the cattleya group, and this award-winner with its 6-inch cm bicolor bloom — yellow petals and darker yellow lip — is one of them. For 27 years he was in charge of the orchid collection at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and he was curator of orchids at the New York Botanical Garden for an additional four years. This hybrid has a complicated history. It has lavender flowers with a darker purple lip and is fragrant. When the color descriptions drift toward solid blues and clear reds, this is where wishful thinking sometimes takes over.

This orchid can grow quite tall, up to 4 feet cmand is often grown in large, mass plantings in semitropical to tropical climates. This variety is sometimes offered for sale these days but is more frequently found in the parentage of many of the newer splash petals and flares. It was the first one that displayed flares of color in the petals and lip, so it was used extensively in hybridizing to pass this quality on to its offspring.


Cattleya maxima see Figure It has a short flower spike with one to two lightly floral-scented flowers relatices average 3 to 4 inches 8 to 10 cm across.

Cattleyae are a few of the many nice ones: The modern hybrids have full, round, and fragrant flowers. The entire flower is lavender-colored, sometimes with a darker lip. Purples, pinks, lavenders, and blues Purple hybrids have been around a long time. Bring out the clowns: The subtle creamy white, cockleshell-type flowers with purple stripes in the lip, borne in clusters, are not what make this orchid so popular — though they could be. This popular species added its small size, spidery flower shape, and evening fragrance to the minicatt gene pool.

This orchid has glossy green flowers about 1X inches 3 cm on short spikes cattleys a medicinal scent. It comes in other color forms, including a blue one.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

Another winner with various bright-orange tones and excellent plant vigor. Here are just a few possibilities: Refer to Figure to see a species, Sophronitis grandiflora, that looks very catfleyas like this one.

Here are two old classics that are still popular: A classic that has as a parent Cattleya luteola, this orchid is found in various shades of orange and red. Instead, its ease of growing and blooming and wonderful fragrance — which has been variously described as smelling spicy-floral or like coconut cream pie, lilac, cinnamon, and hyacinth — are what keep people coming back to this orchid.


Cattleyas grow best in moderate humidity and medium to bright light, with good air circulation, and in intermediate temperatures. In this topic, I introduce you to a few of the many orchids in relatlves illustrious group that are readily available cahtleyas easy to grow.

relativws Tap cross to close filters. Its dark-red ruffled lip provides a dramatic contrast with its golden-yellow petals and sepals that have a spread of about 4 2 inches 11 cm across.

A Hawaiian family, Iwanaga, was the first to create a hybrid using these genera, so this is how this new genus got its name. A compact grower that only reaches a height of 8 inches 20 cmthis species is frequently grown mounted on a slab of tree fern or cork.

An easy-to-grow fragrant orchid that has perfectly formed, 4-inch cmlavender-pink flowers with relativrs frilled lip and yellow in the throat. Until the skyrocketing popularity of the phalaenopsis took off several years ago, the cattleyas were the undisputed kings of orchids.

The claim to fame of the Encyclia radiata is its sweet-scented flowers. In this case, the coloring was purple relativee on white petals and the lip.

Laelias usually have somewhat of a smaller lip than cattleyas.

The Cattleyas and Their Relatives Landmark series on the genera of the Cattleya alliance, which provide details on appearance, growth habit, incidence, and cultivation.

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