esponjosa no sistema nervoso central causada pela hiperamonemia. O proteinograma é um exame indicado para a determinação da causa do edema. 31 jul. Palavras-chave: Erros inatos do metabolismo; Sintomas clínicos; . casos suspeitos e confirmados de EIM, foi a hiperamonemia, seguida pela. Os sintomas podem ser desencadeados por alterações do estado catabólico . Consideramos hiperamonemia o valor de amônia plasmática maior que

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Pathogenesis, clinical signs and pathology of diseases caused by hepatotoxic plants in ruminants and horses in Brazil. Plants causing hepatic lesions in ruminants and horses constitute one important group of poisonous plants in Brazil.

These plants can be placed in three major groups: For some of these plants the toxic principles are known. Cestrum parqui and Xanthium cavanillesi that cause acute liver necrosis contain carboxyatractylosides. As for the group of plants causing hepatogenous photosensibilization, Myoporum spp. The clinical and pathologic features of the toxicosis caused by these phytotoxins, general mechanisms of production for the production of the clinical signs and the methods for diagnosis of hepatic failure in farm animals are reviewed.

Hepatotoxic plants, liver failure, carboxyatractylosides, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, furanosesquiterpenes, triterpenes, steroidal saponins. A bilirrubina existe no soro sob duas formas: Os subgrupos deles incluem: Na histologia observa-se necrose zonal, que pode ser periportal ou centrolobular Allen et al. Bovinos demonstraram menor sensibilidade aos efeitos de Myoporum laetum Raposo et al.

The toxicity of Myporum tetradum Boobialla and myoporaceous furanoid essential oils for ruminants. Compositae em bovinos no Rio Grande do Sul. Estudo comparativo da toxidez de Lantana camara var. A toxidez das diversas lantanas para bovinos e ovinos no Brasil.


A review of the functional and evolutionary roles of the liver in the detoxification of poisonous plants, with hipramonemia reference to pirrolizidine alkaloids. Spontaneous poisoning by Dodonea viscosa Sapindaceae in cattle. Clinicopathologic studies of tansy ragwort toxicosis in ponies: Metabolism of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids from tansy ragwort Senecio jacobaea in ovine ruminal fluid under anaerobic conditions.

Isolation of steroidal sapogenins implicated in experimentally induced cholangiopathy of sheep grazing Brachiaria decumbens in Brazil.

Hiperamonemia en pacientes adultos sin cirrosis | Medicina Clínica

Experimentally induced by dosing sheep with fractionated extracts from Brachiaria decumbens. Liver, biliary system and exocrine pancreas, p. Mosby Elsevier, St Louis.

A screening test for subclinical liver disease in horses affected by pyrrolizidine alkaloid toxicosis. The modification of the dehydromyo-desmone-induced hileramonemia lesion in cattle by microssomal drug metabolizing enzymes.

Cattle intoxication from Enterolobium contortisiliquum pods.

Hiperamonemia by Daniel Navais on Prezi

Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals. Occurrence and pathogenesis of hepatocerebral disease caused by hyperammonaemia. Hyperammonaemia and spongy degeneration of the brain in sheep affected with hepatic necrosis.

Outbreaks of the photosensitization and deaths in cattle due to Myoporum aff. Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals.

Academic Press, San Diego, p. Oxford University Press, Cape Town. The liver and biliary system, p. Academic Press, San Diego. Characterization of pyrrolizidine alkaloids-induced DNA-protein cross-link. Photosensitization and crystal associated cholangiohepatopathy in catlle grazin Brachiaria decumbens in Brazil.

Effects of atractyloside and carboxyatractyloside in the whole animal, p.

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Piccin Medical Books, Padova. Pathology of the liver: Functional and structural alterations of the hepatocyte organelles induced by cell injury, p. Chemistry and Toxicology of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids. Hepatogenous photosensibilization of ruminants by Brachiaria decumbens and Panicum dichotomiflorum in the absence of sporidesmin: Intoxication cajsas Senecio tweediei in cattle in southern Brazil.


Identification of a sapogenin glucoronide in the bile of sheep affected by Panicum dichotomiflorum toxicosis. Crotalaria juncea intoxication in horses.

Acute intoxication by Crotalaria retusa in sheep. Causaw pathogenesis of Lantana poisoning, p. Academic Press, New York. Cestrum laevigatum poisoning in goats in southeastern Brazil.

Guanabara Koogan, Rio de Janeiro, p. Experimental intoxication by Myoporum laetum in sheep. Experimental intoxication by Myoporum laetum in cattle. Wasting and death in cattle associated with chronic grazing of Brachiaria decumbens. Poisonous plants producing acute hepatic disease in Brazilian cattle, p. Intoxication by Xanthium cavanillesii in cattle and sheep in southern Brazil. Toxic hepatopathy in sheep associated with the ingestion of the legume Tephrosia cinerea.

Photosensitization in cattle in southern Brazil, p. Toxicity of Myoporum spp. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in cattle due to Senecio species in Australia. Large Animal Internal Cxusas. Reversible hepatic veno-oclusive disease in na infant after consumption of pirrolizidine-containing herbal tea.

Estudos complementares sobre hioeramonemia toxidez de Lantana camara Verbenaceae em bovinos. Editora Helianthus, Rio de janeiro.

Action of potassium atractylate hiperamondmia in mitochondria and in sub-mitochondrial particles. Cocklebur toxicosis in cattle associated with the consumption of Xanthium strumarium.

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