The Chroma Guardian series of Hipot Testers is comprised of three models. The Guardian is capable of AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and insulation . On Sale Chroma ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs. Rent or buy the by Chroma in the test equipment industry at .

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Hipot test is one of the major test items in electrical safety test. All cchroma components and products including transformers, capacitors, power supplies, chargers chromq home appliances all require hipot test. With more than 20 years experience in developing the instruments for test and measurement, Chroma creates the multi-channel hipot tester with a brand new architecture. It can measure the hipot leakage current of all channels at the same time and conduct tests on DUTs at most simultaneously.

There is cbroma need to purchase various Hipot testers to save the production line space if Chroma is in use. Its one time multi-channel test can increase the efficiency of electrical regulatory test. It improves the productivity cchroma reduces the risk of test for chrima products that require hipot test only. It contains several international patents and is the best tool for electrical regulatory hipot test as not only reliable quality can be obtained, highly efficient test platform can be created.

The issue frequently encountered when testing multiple DUTs for Hipot is unable to synchronize the voltage output. When planning for production line or automation, minimized facility and optimized space 1905 often utilized in the plant; therefore, the distance between two DUTs is usually very short. Taking the output voltage 5kVac for example, when the output of Hipot tester is not synchronized, the two DUTs may create a discharge of high voltage difference up to14kV peak-peak and cause the fixture to be damaged and erroneous judgment.

Chroma synchronizes the output signal so there is no high voltage difference on the adjacent two ends that not only can extend the life of production equipment but also reduce the occurrence of misjudgment.

Flashover is the electrical discharge generated by high electric field inside or on the surface of insulation material that makes the DUT to lose its insulation characteristic and form a transient or discontinuous discharge. It can cause a carbonized conductive path or damage the product under test.

Flashover cannot be detected by monitoring leakage current only. The change rates of test voltage or leakage current are monitored to detect flashover as its detection is one of the most indispensable test items for electrical safety test. If a DUT is open circuit during chromq, the unit might be misjudged as a good one. In general, products under Hi-pot test have capacitance CX.


When the circuit connection is interrupted, a small capacitance Cc in Vhroma 6 will be formed on the broken interface that is usually lower than 10pF. It makes the entire capacitance of the product lower than normal value. The capacitance of a product may be higher than normal when the product chrona short-circuited or near short circuit.

All trademarks that appear on this website are the property of their respective owners. The Chroma Hipot Tester series provide 3 models for choice. The front panels of the fevers make them easy to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be fhroma easily without the high voltage activating. Please refer to the application notes for more detail choma.

This increases the test reliability and efficiency significantly through application of the contact check during the Hipot test. The Chroma series is equipped with a large LCD screen which is convenient for the user to operate and judge. In addition, a GFI human protection 19502 and Floating output design prevents exposing users to electrical hazards. The Series Hipot Analyzers with VA output power can be used to test and analyze the high power withstand voltage and leakage current for products like motor stators and rotors with larger parasitic capacitance.

When a power transformer is used under normal voltage, Corona discharge from the primary side could cause damage to nearby components.

Corona Discharge Detection CDDwhich is a function of C, can be used to detect this discharge during the design phase for improvement of product quality. Corona Discharge Detection CDD can also be used for coil-to-coil or coil-to ground tests to eliminate winding insulation failure chrooma to Corona discharge.

If any gap, void or impurity is produced during molding of parts in the manufacturing process, the insulation capability of the product 1905 be affected. In addition to the patented OSC Open Short CheckHigh Voltage Contact Check is added to test the components with high insulation chroms when high voltage outputs to improve the testing reliability and efficiency.

The Hipot Analyzer provides high withstand voltage test and analysis for optical couplers, HV relays, HV switches and PV modules, which have better insulation capability. Charge and discharge are required for capacitive components when doing DC withstand voltage test.


The Hipot Analyzers have fast charge function that can increase the production test 10952. Chroma series are the smallest Hipot Testers currently available in the world. Its super mini size is easy to carry and the large LCD display is suitable for viewing measurement results.

Chroma Guardian 19052 Hipot Test (AC/DC/IR)

These sophisticate Hipot Testers are most chrpma to safety test for electronic components. As shown in Figure 1, leakage current varies smoothly. In contrast, when electrical discharge occurs due to poor insulation materials, electrode gaps, surface clearances, etc.

This is a phenomenon of poor withstanding.

– Chroma hipots []

Nevertheless, general Hi-Pot testers only detect the RMS value of leakage current, without the capability to detect Flashover. C function is used to check whether the connection is open or is a short circuit between the instrument and the DUT equipment under test before the Electrical Safety Test begins. In some cases, the DUT is short before testing. Testing continually leads to instrument failure due to it suffering the high load current.

Therefore, we check the open and short circuit to ensure the test effectively and protect the instruments. If the connection is open, a capacitance will appear and total capacitive load will be lower than that of normal conditions. If the DUT is shorting, 190552 capacitive load chroja higher than that of normal conditions.


Therefore, we can measure the value of the capacitive cbroma to check whether the contact is good or not. Requirements for test environments indicate that test equipment must be equipped with an auto interrupt device, so Chroma developed a built in Ground Fault Interrupt GFI function. It is not only compliant with the safety standard but also provides more safeguards for test personnel.

Features Specifications Options Brochures Comparisons. Key Features 3 in 1 Tester: Motor The Series Hipot Analyzers with VA output power can be used to test and analyze the high power withstand voltage and leakage current for products like motor stators and rotors with larger parasitic capacitance. Cbroma When a power transformer is used under normal voltage, Corona discharge from the primary side could cause damage to nearby components.

Key Features Compact size Hipot tester Three instruments in one: Flashover Detection The O. Start, Stop, Interlock at 11 pin terminal block only chrma Output: Under test, Pass, Fail.

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