Cisco DVB • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration! User Manual – Download. Cisco DVB User Manual · Cisco / Car DVR. Cisco DVB User Manual • Back panel connectors • Cisco Car DVR. Connects an HDMI cable that sends HDMI signals to an HDTV. Note: Delivers. High-Definition. Personal Video Recorder met Video-On-Demand. Cisco DVB HD PVR. Goedgekeurd voor gebruik op het Ziggo-kabelnetwerk.

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The original iteration of the Phillips box is buggy. By their own admission. If you have been through the Firmware update with them and are experiencing crashing on a daily basis then call them and ask them to send one of the more recently released boxes.

I have yet to install it but I will write of my ciscco when I do. Last edited by monkeyboy76; I have had the box freezing once every couple of weeks since we got it about 6 months ago, but over the last week it’s been crashing at least once a day, requiring the power to 8485db pulled! What should the latest firmware version be?

How do we manually force a firmware update? I’m sorry if this information is 8485dvn out there, a google search didn’t help me any.

English language contents | Cisco DVB User Manual | Page 15 / 44

A quick update on my experience. I have the latest Cisco box, not the Phillips which sounds even worse I got back from a trip last Thursday and found that nothing had been recorded because the box had crashed, and by Saturday I had noticed that it was crashing aprox every 4 hours.

A call to technical support had them lead me through a hard reset and firmware update although it 8485dbv already downloaded the latest firmware when I installed itbut to no avail – still as stable as a jelly. They are now sending me a replacement box.

AND – they have just a few moments ago responded to the complaint I made on Twitter last week, claiming that a new version of the software will be out in the first half of this year which should massively improve stability.

Looking forward to that! I hope they get that sorted out. With cable operators’ stranglehold on TV content provision being quickly eroded by the Web although maybe at a slower pace in Switzerland which doesn’t yet have Roku, Netflix, iTunes movie store, iPlayer etc etc they need to start being innovative rather than producing a product that is in may ways worse than the previous one. I we had iPlayer here then my Mediabox would just be a brick This user would like to thank marklad for this useful post: Mainly because it was a no-brainer in terms of cost.

I pay only an extra CHF. And a one-off CHF I called Cablecom to make sure they didn’t try to shaft me with a new contract like they did the last time I changed my contract. The online process is crap. It arrived 3 or 4 days after I signed up. On the day I got it, I followed the setup instructions, and downloaded a software update no problem.

They included a request for me to post feedback on their site about the installation process. Good value if taken as part of a combo deal. Painless installation and setup process.


The quality of the files recorded to DVR are good. Signal strength is very good. Where the picture is crap, I suspect it is the source. The menus look crap on a large screen. There is a noticeable delay as the thing responds to menu choices.

Cisco Systems DVR DVB User Guide |

That includes moving around the top level menu, or paging through the channel guide. Why can’t you favourite a channel from the normal channel browser? No “tune” facility for DVR playback. The aforementioned programme had audio and video slightly out of sync.

It may have been the original signal though If you power it off, you have to leave it off for 5 minutes. I didn’t believe that one, but upon testing, I found it to be true. TV doesn’t always notice the cablecom box “No signal”. Could be the TV. Last night, the HD programme I recorded froze twice. The picture changed to alternating vertical black and white bars. The first time, the box eventually responded to a remote control “power off” request.

The second time I gave up, powered off and went to bed. I moved it a few days ago from being in the open to being in a not so open space on top of another appliance which was powered off at the time these problems occurred.

Cisco DVR Dimensions width x height x depth: Consumer device docking and storage: So far, it seems a lot more stable than the Philips box. Having 2 tuners icsco than the 3 in the Philips box is a bit annoying though. I don’t really have a problem with the fact that it isn’t possible to watch a 3rd channel while the other two are recording something. What surprised me, however, is the fact that not only is it not possible to watch a programme while it is being recorded if a second recording is taking place, but also it is not possible to watch an existing recording while two recordings are being made.

Technical assistance information, Repair service information – Cisco 8485DVB User Manual

Is there a catch? The offer is better on all three fronts: That is apart from the buggy boxes you guys mention, which could be a real deal-breaker if they dont fix it. I’m with cablecom and on paper can get a better service for less dough. I upraded with CC once before from the std box to the recorder and it was NOT smooth and I ended up with 4 media recorders s they just kept appearing Overall I am happy with the current service from CC, the internet speed is gd great gd until someone chomped the feed when it went down for 4 days, it’s been very good.

The SD media recorder, has been quiet good, and other than some sprurious EPG issues which resulted in programs not recording, and the fact that it is a little slow to respond, it’s worked well. I just don’t have to much confidence in there ability to not fill my mailbox with hardware dgr if it’s not stable.

Last manjal by Papa Goose; I’ve been with Cablecom for about 6 months now and knock on wood, had no real issues so far. The upgrade was simple, though they forgot some piece for the wall socket which they sent via courier out next day. I’ve got the Ddvr box and apart from the bug someone mentioned that you have to wait a few seconds before viewing the Favourites, it’s pretty good.


Since I have this, I’m not watching iPlayer anymore Just thought I’d mention that not all Cablecom is rubbish. Additional to the 79CHF you may have to add the monthly fee of approx. I’ve had all iterations from the first cc receiver, to both versions of the HD recorder, currently the cisco. While certain things aren’t perfect, I wouldn’t suggest that forumers let the shortcomings deter them from upgrading if they want HD.

Although I’m a fussy bugger, there is nothing I cannot live with. My box never crashes by the way. If it did, I would ask for a replacement. We actually don’t have a home phone, so what are the thoughts on the hand sets they are offering, and would I need this adapter to use one of these phones? The phone plugs into the modem, not the tv.

As far as I remember, the adapter came with the modem originally, but this may or may not be the case for you. As dcr phone handsets, there is no reason why you cannot just buy one yourself for example at interdiscount. This user would like to thank krlock3 for this useful post: I went into the CC help point in Zurich earlier to arrange this, last upgrade online resulted in 5 boxes arriving. The girl in the shop kept getting 75chf. I came home and checked again and online it still shows at 56!

I’ve printed it and will take it in to show them, but I’m not sure as to why upgrading in a CC office gets a different price to upgrading online. Big plus for going in to the help point though is that you can take in your old box, and they give you your new HD box immediately, no messing around with deliveries and sending packing up the old one, they do the activation there and then, and say it will be fully working in 2 hours You have to make sure you have cleared them memory on you SD box though, as they also cancel that.

The thread has shifted a little so maybe renaming to Cablecom HD would be beneficial as they seem to be addressing the issue of box bugs I 84855dvb that my tv menu now looks different A cursory examination revealed no further changes Posting Rules You may not post new threads.

BB cixco is On. The time now is The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish. Page 2 of 5. The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish let us know if its better. Papa Goose Forum Legend.

The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish I’m with cablecom and on paper can get a better service for less dough. The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish I’ve 8485dv with 8485dbb for about 6 months now and knock on wood, had no real issues so far. The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish I’ve had all iterations from the first cc receiver, to both versions of the HD recorder, currently the cisco.

The Cablecom HD Mediabox is total rubbish I went into the CC help point in Zurich earlier to arrange this, last upgrade online resulted in 5 boxes arriving.

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