View and Download Compaq Armada M Series reference manual online. Compaq Armada M Series of Personal Computers Reference Guide. Armada . M was sold as a business notebook, good for text editing, spreadsheets, but Manual Compaq Armada M has been offered for you. You could obtain the book completely free reading online and complimentary downloading. The book .

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Nothing herein should be construed as constituting a further or additional warranty. I-1 mnual Table of Contents Locating Additional Information In addition to this guide, the following documentation provides information for the computer: Models The Armada M models are shown in Table Features The computer has the following standard features: Configuration Management—optimizes the computer by providing the latest drivers, utilities, and software, which are available on CD-ROM and the Compaq Web site at: For further help with Intelligent Manageability, select Mqnual Intelligent Manageability Accessing the Web Agent The computer m7000 have a preinstalled Web Agent that allows computer configuration information to be viewed using Web technology.

Fault Management Fault Management features minimize downtime and data loss by monitoring system performance and generating the following alerts: Hard drive alert—provides hour advance warning of impending hard drive ” problems and can automatically start optional backup software.

Alerts can armadq enabled, disabled, and tested, and software can be set to back up information whenever a hard drive alert occurs.

Configuration Management Configuration Management optimizes software upgrade and customer support procedures. Compaq provides support software to optimize the performance of the computer. Support software can also be downloaded from the Compaq Web site at: Power Equipment The following power options are available: Both Table Rear Components Function Provides wireless communication between the computer and another infrared-equipped device using an infrared beam.

Accepts an optional security cable to secure the computer to a fixed object to prevent theft. Allows airflow needed to cool computer components. Do not block airflow vents. Table Top Components Function Secures the hard drive compaa the hard drive bay. Contains the mini PCI modem card. Functions like the armadx button on an external mouse. Functions like a right button on an external mouse. System Board The system board provides the following device connections: Memory expansion board ” Complete the preliminary steps listed in Section 2.

Run Computer Setup as described in Section 2. A low battery condition could initiate Hibernation and interrupt the test. Before running POST, complete the following steps: If you must clear the passwords, go to Section 2. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the AC Adapter refer to Section 5. Remove the battery pack Section 5. If POST detects an error, one of the following events occurs: Diskette controller error The diskette drive armsda failed to respond to the recalibrate command.


Diskette track 0 failed The diskette drive cannot read track 0 of the diskette in the drive. Fatal errors indicate severe problems, such as a hardware failure. Fatal maanual do not allow the system to resume. Some of the Fatal error beep codes are listed at the end of arjada section. Provide information about the system once it is configured.

Compaq Utilities include the following programs: To view information or change a setting in Computer Setup: Enter, change, or delete a power-on password. Lock keyboard and pointing stick or cmpaq at startup. If you suspect a memory failure and want to test memory automatically during startup, you may want to disable QuickBoot.

MultiBoot, which enables you to set a Using Compaq Diagnostics for Windows commpaq. Access Compaq Diagnostics for Windows by selecting Start!

To select a category, choose one of two methods: Select the Categories menu, then select a category from the drop-down list. Select a category icon on the toolbar. It also explains several types of messages that may be displayed on the screen. Since symptoms can appear to be similar, carefully match the symptoms of the computer malfunction against the problem description in the Troubleshooting tables to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Checklist for Solving Problems If you encounter a minor problem with the computer or software applications, go through the following checklist for possible solutions: Is the computer connected to an external power source, or does it have a fully charged battery pack installed?

Are compsq cables connected properly and securely? Did the diskette drive contain a nonbootable diskette when you turned on the computer?

Internal speaker does not Volume may be turned off or produce sound when an set too low. Problem Computer is beeping and battery power light is blinking Computer battery mabual light blinks to indicate low battery condition, but computer does not beep.

Battery pack will not charge. Battery pack was exposed Computer shut zrmada and memory was lost when replacing the battery pack. Disc is loaded in the loading tray upside down. Disc has a scratch on its surface. Problem Accessing information on the hard drive is much slower than usual.

Hard drive does not work. Hard drive is not seated Errors occur after starting from an additional hard drive. System does not recognize a hard drive.


DriveLock settings cannot be accessed in Computer Setup. Table continued Problem Possible Cause Cannot communicate There is a conflict with the with another computer bits.

There is a stop byte conflict.

Compaq Armada M700 Series Reference Manual

There is a parity conflict. Direct sunlight, fluorescent light, or flashing incandescent light is close to the aramda connections. Problem Modem loses connection. Modem not responding Modem does not dial correctly.

S10 set too low.

Full text of “Compaq Laptop Service Manual: Compaq Armada M”

No dial tone Phone service is not connected to the telephone wall jack. The modem is not responding to commands from the computer keyboard. Table Continued Problem Modem does not connect at highest speed. Speakers are turned off or volume is turned down.

Computer beeps only The computer beeps once to once when a PC Card is Problem Computer will not turn on. Computer turned off while it was left unattended. Problem Characters on computer display are dim. Computer screen is blank and external monitor displays information. Table continued Item Description Cable Amrada, includes: Mass Storage Devices Spare Parts: Cables and Connectors Cables must be handled with extreme care to avoid damage.

Apply only the tension required to unseat or seat the cables during removal and insertion. Handle cables by the connector whenever possible.

Compaq Armada M700 Series Maintenance And Service Manual

In all cases, avoid bending, twisting, or tearing cables. Ensure that cables are routed in such a way that they cannot be caught or comlaq by parts being removed coompaq replaced.

Circuitry design and structure determine the degree of sensitivity. Networks built into many integrated circuits provide some protection, but in many cases the discharge contains enough power to alter device parameters or melt silicon junctions. A sudden discharge of static electricity from a finger or other conductor can destroy static-sensitive devices or microcircuitry.

Workstation Precautions Use the following grounding precautions at workstations: Cover the workstation with approved static-dissipative material refer to Table later in this chapter. Use a wrist strap connected to ,700 properly grounded work surface and use properly grounded tools and equipment. Use field service tools, such as cutters, screwdrivers, and vacuums that are conductive.

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