CSA B365 10 PDF

CSA B Installation code for solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment. Specifies requirements for the installation, alteration, and maintenance of. hard to find a copy or pdf of Csa b Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment Any know a link or have a copy. CSA B Installation Code For Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances And 10 Tests 11 Additional requirements for solid-fuel-burning add-on furnaces and.

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Anyone have a copy or a link to Csa b365

Posted By jb6l6gcFeb 25, at 6: Anyone have a copy or a link to Csa b Posted By jb6l6gcFeb 25, at 6: In specific looking to find out what indoor wood furnace ducting configurations are code compliant in Canada. My hotblast is installed and inspected to wett no issues with b635 being in parrallel as an add on.

All ducting clearances are above code. I am replacing it with a drolet heatmax and the installation manual says series and parrallel not authorized in Canada stand alone only.

B | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Why would this make any sense nobody could use their house ducts. Any input would be great.


Stop hovering to collapse Not sure if this works Apparently a new revision in and the link above is for As an aside, it dsa me that they make rules, and then charge you ca big bucks to find out what they are. I recall it being the same for stuff like electrical. He can always strike up a friendship with the building inspector I’ve met the county inspector on a couple occasions.

I’m not his biggest fan, I think he’s pretty lazy. Thanks lake girl revision should be fine. Wondering if there were too many problems with proper set-up that resulted in the complete ban on them. Typical though rather than amend the code and find a way that people could install proper. My setup is not Unsafe nor is it operated in any unsafe manner so if I could figure cda out I’m sure a bunch of fat cat engineers could.

Wait scratch that I’ve never met an engineer with a shred of real world hands on knowledge.

I Wonder how many people in Canada do have setups that utilize their existing ducting. That code is mentioned in pretty much every wood furnace manual for Csw installations now but that hasn’t prevented a lot of installations that share the duct work between wood and gas from taking place against the code.


Not sure the reasoning behind the code in the first place but whether you can get away with it or not seems to depend on the level of inspection you have to go through. From my experience a lot of installers ignore the new code but you could run into an inspector who refuses to approve the shared duct work.

CSA B – Installation code for solid-fuel-burning appliances and equipment

Running separate ducting would kill the feasibility of installing any wood furnace IMO. Exception may be if you have an electric furnace already in place.

That’s what I have an electric forced air furnace. The discussion here pondered that it might be for furnaces with gas or oil fuel sources. Electric forced air furnace is not the norm You must log in or sign up to post here.

Standards Council of Canada

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