Deborah Britzman’s coda reads the psychoanalyst Melanie Klein’s consideration of depression as the origin of the human condition with Paulo Freire’s call to. Deborah P. Britzman is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Faculty of Education, York University in Toronto, Canada. Email: [email protected] Deborah Britzman, York University, Education Department, Faculty Member. Studies Antisemitism (Prejudice), Humanistic-Existential, and Xenophobia.

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Britzman research concerns the histories of psychoanalysis with education. Known for her formulaton of “difficult knowledge”, her studies of the emotional situation of teaching and learning now turn to questions of the historicity of social toleration, the notion of the social bond and mental health.

xeborah Britzman was recently awarded a Tier 1 York Chair in Pedagogy and psychosocial transformations, a five year appointment. The project is designed by four sites of inquiry: Sign in to edit your existing profile or contact Anderson Coward for help. Scholarly Interests Britzman research concerns the histories of psychoanalysis with education.


Selected Publications Britzman, D. Early analysis, play and the question of freedom. Springer Press Britzman, D. A Psychoanalyst in the Classroom.

International Journal of Leadership in Education, 13 3 Journal of Gender and Education, 2 6 briitzman, A psychoanalytic thought experiment. Changing English, 16 4 The Very Thought of Education: Psychoanalysis and the impossible professions.

Psychoanalytic Studies on learning and not learning. Peter Lang Britzman, D.

Deborah Britzman | York University –

Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and psychoanalytic histories of learning. Lost subjects, constested objects: Selected Presentations BritzmanJuly.

Research Projects Book projects Role: Principal Investigator Year Funded:

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