We have 4 Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3 manuals available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual, Basic Operating Instructions Manual. View and Download Panasonic DMC-ZR3 basic operating instructions manual online. DMC-ZR3 Digital Camera pdf manual download. User manual for the device Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3. Online user manual database.

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You can learn about advanced operation methods and check the Troubleshooting. Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Panasonic! You have purchased one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today.

Please take time to fill in the information on the below. If you wish to discard this product, please dmv-zr3 your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.

Contents Information for Your Safety The camera has ddmc-zr3 function for distinguishing batteries which can be used safely.

The only batteries suitable for use with this unit are genuine Panasonic products and batteries manufactured by other companies and certified by Panasonic. Turn the camera on. Switching the mode by rotating the mode dial.

Intelligent Auto Mode The camera will set the most appropriate settings to match the subject and the recording conditions so we recommend this mode for beginners or those who want to leave the settings to the camera and take pictures easily. Scene Detection When the camera identifies the optimum scene, the icon of the scene concerned is displayed in blue for 2 seconds, after which its color changes to the usual red. Audio will be recorded in monaural.

Deleting Pictures Once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered. OS from the following Web Site. Information for your safety Power Source: Burst recording Burst speed: Hi-speed burst Burst speed: Information for your safety Input: Mail-In Service For assistance in the U.

As examples, this excludes damages for lost time, travel to and from the servicer, loss of or damage to media or images, dmczr3 or other memory or recorded content.

Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Before Use Quick Guide This is an overview of how to record and play back pictures with the camera. For each step, be sure to refer to the pages indicated in brackets. Before Use Play back the pictures. Select the picture you want to view. For connection details, refer to P Batteries which do not dmc-zg3 this function cannot be used.

Manul cannot in any way guarantee the quality, performance or safety of batteries which have been manufactured by other companies and are not genuine Panasonic products. Preparation plug-in type Connect the charger to the electrical outlet.

A gap will remain as shown on the right. Preparation w Charging time Charging time Approx. The charging time may manaul depending on how the battery has been used.

Preparation w Playback Playback time Approx. For example, in the following cases, the operating times shorten and the number of recordable pictures is reduced. Using any other equipment may cause damage. Pictures can be recorded on the built-in memory and played back. Pictures can be recorded on the card and played back.


Time at the home area: Cancel without setting the clock. Preparation Setting the Menu The camera comes with menus that allow dmc-z3 to choose the settings for taking pictures and playing them back as you like and menus dmc-zrr3 enable you to have more fun with the camera and use it more easily.

Switching to other menus e.

Panasonic DMC-ZR3 Basic Operating Instructions Manual

Manua, and hold [Q. Preparation Perform these settings if you need to. Check their settings before using them. Preparation Change the display size of some icons and menu screens.

You can also set whether or not to have the recording information displayed when the guidelines are displayed. Preparation Set the length of time that the picture is displayed after taking it. The pictures are displayed until one of the buttons is pressed. The output resolution is automatically set based on manjal information from the connected TV. For Canadian assistance, please call: Switching the mode by mnual the Mode dial. Dmc-ar3 Picture Mode P38 The subjects are recorded using your own settings.

My Scene Mode P61 Pictures are taken using previously registered recording scenes. Preparation Shutter button Motion picture button Taking the still picture Press the shutter button halfway to focus.

Press the shutter button fully push it in furtherand mznual the picture. Recording the motion picture Press the motion picture button to start the recording. Taking Pictures Using the Automatic Function Intelligent Auto Mode The camera will set the most appropriate settings to match the subject and the recording conditions so we recommend this mode for beginners or those who want to leave the settings to the camera and take pictures easily.

Basic Scene Detection When the camera identifies the optimum scene, the icon of the scene concerned is displayed in blue for 2 seconds, after which its color changes to the usual red.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3 user manual

Focus will keep following the subject automatically even if it moves. Taking Pictures with Your Favorite Settings Normal Picture Mode The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and the aperture value according to the brightness of the subject.

You can take pictures with greater freedom by changing various settings in the [REC] menu. Basic Focusing Aim the AF area at the subject, and then press the shutter button halfway. Keep the camera still from the moment the shutter button is pressed until the picture appears dmd-zr3 the screen.

Panasonic DMC-ZR3 Review

We recommend using a tripod. To make subjects appear even closer maximum of Screen display ] is displayed. Basic w Extended Optical Zoom mechanism When you set the picture size to [ ] 3 million pixelsmanua, 14M Advanced Recording pictures w Recording guideline When you align the subject on the horizontal and vertical guidelines or the cross point of these lines, you can take pictures with well-designed composition by viewing the size, the slope and the balance of the subject.


This is used when dividing the entire screen into 3M3 for taking pictures with a well-balanced composition. Switching to the appropriate flash setting Set the flash to match the recording.

The flash janual automatically activated when the maanual conditions make it necessary. Flash setting Shutter speed Sec. At this time, the selected item is automatically set. Focus range Focus range will be 3 cm 0. Compensating the Exposure Use this function when you cannot achieve appropriate exposure due to the difference in brightness between the subject dmc-zd3 the background.

Look at the following examples. Properly Underexposed Overexposed exposed Compensate the exposure Compensate the exposure towards positive. Taking Pictures Using Auto Bracket In this mode, 3 pictures are automatically recorded in the selected exposure compensation range dmc-zt3 time the shutter button is pressed. You can select the picture with the desired exposure from the 3 pictures with different exposures.

Taking Pictures that Match the Scene Being Recorded Scene Mode When you select a Scene Mode to match the subject and recording situation, the camera sets the optimal exposure and hue to obtain the desired picture. Advanced Recording pictures [PORTRAIT] When taking pictures of people outdoors during the day, this mode allows you to improve their appearance and make their skin tones look healthier.

Rotate the zoom lever as far as poss ble to Tele. Move close to the subject. The self-timer indicator lights up manjal you are brought into focus. Making sure you hold the camera still, press the shutter button fully to take the picture. Advanced Recording pictures [FOOD] This mode allows you to take pictures of food with a natural hue without being manuxl by the ambient light in restaurants etc.

Note The focus range is 3 cm 0. When you use the flash, the light d,c-zr3 it is weaker than usual. Advanced Recording pictures [PET] Select this mode when you want to take pictures of a pet such as a dog or a cat.

It is convenient to take continuous still pictures in dark places. It also prevents underexposure of people cmc-zr3 strong sunlight. The focus range is 3 cm 0. Advanced Recording pictures [HIGH DYNAMIC] You can use this mode to easily record pictures in which bright and dark regions of the scene are expressed with suitable brightness when looking into the sun, janual night, or in similar circumstances.

This allows you to take pictures with a natural color.

Panasonic Digital Camera DMC-ZR3 User Guide |

This is useful if manuap want to take pictures of a fast moving subject etc. Advanced Recording pictures Start recording by pressing the motion picture button. Motion pictures cannot be recorded without audio. Taking a Picture with Face Recognition Function Face Recognition is a function which finds a face resembling a registered face and prioritizes focus and exposure automatically.

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