DOTZ Produktlinie Shuriken polished and black spokes, Shuriken Gold polished and golden spokes, Shuriken White polished and white spokes. 28 products DOTZ Shuriken white edt. in Sonderfarbe Weiss glänzend/frontpoliert mit TÜV- Gutachten. ,20 EUR. (20 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs). DOTZ HANZO in Sonderfarbe Schwarzmatt/frontpoliert mit TÜV-Gutachten. , 40 DOTZ Shuriken White edt. in Sonderfarbe Weiss glänzend/frontpoliert mit.

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Home Documents Budoya Catalogue Gurachten. Post on Apr views. Each year we travel to Japan, while we are there we meet and discuss shuriken designs with members of various Ryuha that use shuriken and try to get access to shuriken so that we can make exact copies. We also buy books with shuriken in them and also contact people who have collections who are willing to share information and knowledge to help us expand the catalogue of shuriken.

This catalogue is an on going work in progress with new designs already prepared for production. We aim to release at least 5 more in The shuriken are displayed in this catalogue so that you can see them as best as is possible. The photos do not represent the respective sizes. As you can see from the sample photo below some shuriken come is a wide variety of sizes.

We do our best to get these gutzchten to you as quick as possible and are will to talk with our customers to meet their needsPhoto right Authentic antique shuriken that came up for auction in JapanMeifu Shinkage Ryu Shurikne Shuriken Item No – S-MSR 1 These shuriken are individually hand made then tempered prior to polishing. Unlike some shuriken designs these have a shiny polished finished. Square shaft, made from steel and tempered. This style was founded by Chikatoshi Someya Sensei, who began training as a boy in Katori Shinto Ryu from the ‘s to the ‘s.

A nice heavy blade. Round shaft with a single point. The style of blade and throwing method he taught became known as Shirai Ryu. The hexagon profile continues along the length of the point to the tip.

It is regarded as possibly the oldest surviving Jujutsu school in Japan and according to some researchers the mother of all Jujutsu schools today.

Shuriken is only an auxillary art in this Ryu, These shuriken are individually hand made from steel then tempered. Made from steel and tempered, with a blackened or silver finish. This is similar to the Chishin Ryu but with a double point.


Ikkaku-ken is the name given to a relatively modern style of shuriken, created in by modern day shuriken master, and author Shirakami Eizo. He left no successor as head of this Ryu. He was a student of Master Naruse Kanji d. The rear end also tapers but not to a point. These are hand made and as such are quite expensive. We have made them for a Togakure Ryu Menkyo Kaiden who was pleased with them.

However, it is thought that it is really Chishin Ryu as the last Soke of Chinshin Ryu was called Tanba Orie Ujinaga These shuriken are individually hand made then tempered. The blade is flat not square. Steel was also fashioned to look like they came from tanto.

The tang was the main body of the shuriken with the remaining intact part of the blade as the blade of the shuriken. The hole in the blade is where the mekugi hole was. This was the hole where a peg was inserted in a sword handle and passed through the tang. These were either made from broken tanto or wakizashi blades.

We offer 2 different styles.

One based on a 12 point shuriken and the other based on a 16 point shuriken. This senban is a heavier and thinker version than our standard design. It also does not have a hole in the middle. The edges are bevelled shurike an edge. Teppan literally means ‘Metal Plate’.

The Shuriken

During Hatsumi Masaaki, Soke of the Bujinkan Dojo had his students study this weapon as part of their Koppojutsu training. It can also be thrown just like any other shuriken Fits nicely into the hand, with no sharp edges or corners.

Idea for safe training. Made of steel and then tempered with a black finish. An ancient symbol found in the Far east. Tempered with a black finish It is important to understand this is not a Nazi symbol and has no connection to them. A classic 8 point shuriken with a hole in the centre.

A classic 8 point shuriken is classed as a ‘Horin’. The Horin were escoteric Buddhist implements that represented the sun. Used as a charm and also as a weapon. This symbol has nothing to do with the Germany WW2 military.

It is a Buddhist and Indian symbol representing peace. Made from steel and tempered. From an unknown school Made from steel. Iga Ryu and Koga Ryu ninja used a shuriken like this called a kagome, it was regarded as a good luck charm Made from steel.


This shuriken is possibly called as ‘Tsubute? Very strong and sturdy shuriken from the gutachtne Yagyu Ryu. Unfortunately this Ryu has lost its shurikenjutsu but the densho still show drawings guutachten shuriken in them including this one. Unfortunately this Dottz has lost its shurikenjutsu but the densho still show drawings of shuriken in them. We are still trying to confirm this with Togakure Ryu authorities in Japan. Thicker than the senban shurriken and works quite well when thrown into wood.

Quite think but with the heads are sharpened so that the sides are also a little sharp. We now offer two designs of this nice shuriken Made from steel. Hand finished Tempered with a black finish with the edges polished.

This is the larger Matsuba DaimatsuThe Komatsuba is smaller version. They used several different shuriken. This Happo is thicker than the senban, and other Happo shuriken.

The edges are beveled on all sides. This shuriken is similar to two others we sell, this one has a square hole in the middle. He developed this circular shuriken with the edges sharp so that it is more designed for cutting rather than sticking into the target.

This shuriken is also known as an ‘Enban gata’. Representative of a crescent moon. This is a set of 5 shuriken, one of each of the 5 different Iga Ryu that we sell at a gutxchten price.

Togakure Ryu Senban 2. Koto Ryu Teppan 3. Ikeda Ryu Yayuji 4. Nagare Manji 1 5.

Nagare Manji 2 6. Kobori Ryu Horen 7. Kobori Ryu Kaku Manji 8. Kobori Ryu Goho Gata 9.

DOTZ – Streetcar-Tuning Shop

Kobori Ryu Roppo Gata Kobori Ryu Happo Gata Taisha Ryu Hakudo Yagyu Ryu Yayuji Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Sankou Shurikne Ryu Happo 1 Iga Ryu Happo 2 Iga Ryu Happo 3 Iga Ryu Happo 4 Iga Ryu Happo 5 Chishin Ryu Boshuriken 2.

Meifu Shinkage Ryu Boshuriken 3. Shirai Ryu Boshuriken Round 4. Shirai Ryu Boshuriken Hexagonal 5. Ikakku Ryu Boshuriken 6. Iga Ryu Daimatsu 7. Iga Ryu Komatsu 8. Enmei Ryu Tanto Gata 9.

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