Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps in SAP. T-Code: FBMP. Path: Business transactions -> Dunning ->Define Dunning procedure. Step 1. 1) Configuration Steps: a) Basic setting for Dunning i) Define Dunning Areas (T Code OB61) – Optional ii) Define Dunning Keys (T Code OB17). FICO Configuration for defining dunning procedures. Transaction FBMP or In this configuration activity we are able to define dunning procedures. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO.

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When the customer misses the payment for the outstanding invoice within specified payment duning date. The dunning letter is generated via sap program and send at customer address for reminding the customer outstanding payment.

The dunning system enables to trace liable customers who have not paid their open invoices within a given time span. It enables you to handle the process from, for example, sending a reminder to customers of their outstanding payments through to referring such customers to collections agencies.

The dunning system covers the following documents: Invoices that include installments. Incoming payments that are not based on invoices. We define dunning keys in this step. Dunning keys limits the dunning level of an item. Define Block reason for Dunning Notices.

In this step, we define the reasons for a dunning block under a key. The key can be entered in an item or in the account of a Customer master. Blocked items or accounts are not considered for the dunning run. We can create Dunning text, Dunning level, Dunning Charges and Company code assignment in the dunning procedure. Create Dunning Interval in days to Dunning Procedures.

We determine at which intervals the allocated accounts are to be dunn ed for every dunning procedure. During every dunning run, the system then checks whether the run date is at least this number of days 14 days since the date of the last dunning run.

In this step, we determine number of dunning level set up in dunning procedure. In this step we add the dunning charge as per the dunning level. This is like an administration charge to dun the customer.

Currency Euro is assigned during adding the dunning charge. Define Minimum Amounts to Dunning Procedures. Minimum Amount are customized to charge the administration charge to customer with reference to dunning level.

For inserting dunning forms, click Dunning Texts and assign the required forms for the dunning text with reference to dunning Level. In case the customer has different language and the form contains different language, then please follow the document attached to translate the source language to target language.

Click the dunning levels and input days in Arrears for each dunning levels. Select Always Dun in legal dunning proc for not missing any dunning notices. Assign Special indicator to Dunning Procedures.


Assign Company Code to Dunning Procedures. We have assigned company code with reference to Dunning Level and not by Dunning area. Assign Sort Fields to Dunning Procedures. K1 will control the header content and P1 will control line item while printing the contents. In this step, we insert Dunning procedures in the customer master Correspondence tab.

We have to maintain the Language field in the customer master data Address tab to print the Dunning Notice as per there language, Dunning Text should also be maintained in reference to dunning level. So that the content of dunning notice will be different to dunning level. For dunning run, this transaction should be performed by F This is a month end duty. In case we will specify the checks that are to be maintained by user before starting dunning the customer.

Dunning test for Credit Memo and Down payment. In the dunning run, we can offset existing credit notes with outstanding invoices. This affects the determination of the due date for payment and the dunning level. These are different for customer and vendor credit memos. The dunning program assumes that credit memos are always due on the baseline date, unless they have been given a specific due date or are invoice-related.

Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps SAP

This means that credit memo dunning is not affected if you enter only one payment term manually in a line item. For invoice-related sp memos, the dunning level is taken from the invoice, provided this is contained in the dunning proposal. All other credit memos due are assigned to the highest dunning level determined so far for the account they belong to. This means dunning these credit configuragion are cleared with the oldest invoices.

We can take down payments into consideration during the dunning run. When defining the dunning procedure we must specify which down payment types are included in the dunning run. The dunning program treats a down payment received as a credit memo and reduces the receivables by the amount of the down payment. Sa down payments are only included in the dunning run in exceptional cases, each down payment item contains dunnihg field for the dunning block.

The system sets this block automatically. The down payment also contains a due date field, which the system automatically fills with the document date. You can change these fields with the document change function. What could be the cause for the difference between the number of generated notices and printed notices?

Is there any setting to have only one line item selected for Dunning level 1, irrespective of the minimum amount and days of arrears? Good work nice document with full details. Can you please also guide about the e-mail send to customer, do the functional consultant have to do any config for the same. Then send to email address which is maintained in Customer master data. Fiico well written document! Have you implemented automating the Dunning outputs? Currently we have configured to schedule Dunning job daily in the background that will print.


Thank you for you comment Shobhnath! Thank you very much Mohit! I am new to SAP Community, it is really good material for beginners. It is really wonderful document and useful to many of the FI consultants who is going to implement Dunning. Really great configurwtion done and this will help for me a lot because am new to this community.

Good Document with Detail Explanation. Keep up the Good Work. Very descriptive and well written dunning. Good job and thank you for posting. Thanks for sharing the configuration with screen shots; makes it a lot easier for everyone to understand.

Have a good day! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and keep sharing. Thank you for your reading. Hope you always keep passion to SAP….

Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps SAP

I have one question that I could not find in the document. Is it possible in SAP to send a dunning letter with all the invoices included so not only the past due items. At this moment the statement contains only the 1 day past due invoices and we want to add the 0 days today also to the configguration. Where is the different language document? Anyone can tell if it is possible to automatically post the same interest during the dunning procedure.

Very detail oriented document. Good, its is very detail and clear document. If you can update whether, Dunning amount can be picked in the Invoice of the next month. The information you posted is really good and explanatory.

Kindly reply if you find any discrepancy in my statement. The company I work for is moving toward implementation, and they are concerned about letters going out too soon, based on invoice due dates and dunning periods. Our current configuration is set with a Dunning Interval of 21 days, and Days in arrears of 30, 51, 72 and 93 for the four dunning levels.

Could you give an example of when Dunning letters would be produced based swp the following configuration:. Due by end of Next Month Invoice Date: I have a problem: May 3, 6 minute read. The dunning letter is generated via sap program and send at customer address for reminding the customer outstanding payment Requirement: Invoices that include installments 3.

Incoming payments that are not based on invoices II. Create Dunning Keys We define dunning keys in this step. Define Block reason for Dunning Notices In this step, we define the reasons conflguration a dunning block under a key. Blocked items or accounts are not considered for the dunning run Path: Create Dunning Interval in days to Dunning Procedures We determine at which intervals the allocated accounts are to be dunn ed for every dunning procedure.

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