The Dynacord CMS is a 22 channel live sound mixer with 18 mono channels and 4 stereo channels. In addition, there are 6 aux channels with 2 effects. Dynacord CMS Mixer, Main Feature: 24 Channel console · Inputs: 18x Microphone XLR/Line Jack, 4x Microphone XLR/Stereo line jacks · Inserts: For. Dynacord CMS has 22 channels, an onboard band stereo graphic, and dual effect engines. $ from Factory Sound.

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The XLR microphone input is equipped with an extremely high quality, ultra-low noise, discrete preamp.

Optimized for ease-of-use, the 3-band semi-parametric equalizer makes it possible even for unpracticed users to perform the requisite corrections swiftly and intuitively. With their extended buss structures, the CMS3 mixers offer very flexible configuration options.


In all, 6 AUX busses are available in each case:. The channel faders are dust-protected and offer not only excellent crosstalk attenuation but also a practice-optimized control characteristic.

The stereo input channels are equipped in much the same way, but optimized, naturally, to carry stereo signals. Two of the four stereo inputs of each model are additionally equipped with cinch RCA sockets switched in parallel for CD or MP3 players.


Dynacord CMS 2200-3 Professional Mixer

Separate Gain controls are provided for the Stereo Line and Mic inputs to permit them to be used in parallel if desired. Three-band tone controls are provided, and a Balance djnacord replaces the PAN control found in the mono channel strips. The band stereo equalizer can be routed to the Master channels or else to either or both of the Monitor Sends according to choice.

The display range covers 40 dB; what is shown is the level in dBu at the master outputs. The Standby switch mutes all channels e. Four channels can be transmitted in either direction simultaneously.

This interface can therefore cns used either for the input of audio signals e. It is configured by selecting the relevant setting in the menu.

The CMS3 has two integrated stereo multi-effects processors that work independently of one another, each offering effects algorithms optimized for live performance, the most important parameters of which are editable.

The program locations of each device are packed with high-quality reverbs, halls and plates that deliver professional results in live performance on stage as well as in both studio and home recording environments. When a delay effect is active, the delay time can be synchronized to the beat of the music using the TAP key. Edited effects programs can be stored in the 20 User memories offered by each device, assigned names, and later selected and used in the same way as the presets.


The large, high-contrast OLED display is easily read from a wide range of viewing angles—even in very bright surroundings.

CMS CMS mid-size mixing console – Factory Sound

The operation of the effects units and processing menus is intuitive and made easier still through the use of soft keys and a rotary encoder. For the basic settings, configuration, use of the effects and special functions, a wide variety of editing options can be selected from the clearly arranged menus. Optionally available for the CMS and is a very robust plastic lid with an integrated handle—a highly innovative solution that offers optimal protection for the device as well as greater carrying comfort.

For the CMSdue to its greater size, a flight-case solution is recommended available as a further option is a dust cover: For rack installation of the CMS or table installation of the models andthe mounting kit RMK is available.

Short Description CMS Dodaci Brendovi Specijalna ponuda.

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