E2E-CR8B1. PNP NC. E2E-CR8B2. M5. 1 mm. NPN NO. E2E-X1C1. (See notes 1 and 2.) NPN NC. E2E-X1C2. PNP NO. E2E-X1B1. PNP NC. E2E-X1B2. Product Index > Sensors, Transducers > Proximity Sensors > Omron Automation and Safety E2E-CR8B1. Obsolete item. E2E-CR8B1 Omron Automation and. OMRON E2E-CR8B1 | Sensor: inductive; Output conf: PNP / NO; 0÷mm; 12÷ 24VDC; Ø4 – This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik. Check out .

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