ECS K8TA – A – motherboard – ATX – Socket – K8T overview and full product specs on CNET. View and Download ECS K8TA manual online. K8TA Motherboard pdf manual download. Buy ECS Elitegroup ECS K8TA (VA) Socket Motherboard: Motherboards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Well I feel like the village idiot. I fired up Sid Meier’s Pirates! No improvement in speed. Guess I had too many system changes.

The AGP Express was really holding back the system, so p was the best it could do. This travesty of a motherboard is going onto ebay!

I know it’s way too little, way too late The upgrade order for gaming is: Yeah but the whole justification for buying a combo board would be to allow you to do upgrades incrementally. If you have a RadeonI don’t think there’s any illusion there that it’s a top-of-the-line video card.

I think the goal is there to replace it with a good PCIe card, but the budget won’t support it in this case. If you can afford to upgrade both at the same time, then there’s no justification or reason for a combo board in the first place.

The situation boils down to: Get instant improvement, get stuck with AGP. Get no improvement now. Get improvement in the future with additional investments. But it is actually the third option that is the best in such a situation: Upgrade all in the future. Basically, asicnewbie got nothing for his investment now, and when he does upgrade the vidcard the total cost or performance would probably be worse than if he bought it all then instead. Plus he got to have his money until then instead of giving it away.

But I’m not saying he did wrong, I’m just pointing out that he could have optimized the situation a bit better. He will still get good value for money once he upgrades the vidcard.

ECS K8T890-A – 1.0A – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – K8T890

At least we all know how to get something slower than a RPro now. You might remember them as PC Chips. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if ECS have fucked the implementation of it to save a few cents per board.

  FAAO JO 7610.4 PDF

Get a GT or something, geez. That card is too slow for an AXP. I personally find the whole ‘incremental upgrade’ thing to be less then stellar. I usually hang onto a system for a couple of years, find someone family, etC who is willing to buy the old system and then upgrade everything at once. Since technology is always depreciating just look at the price of X2s it makes sense to me to keep the money in the bank until you can buy the system you want all at once, rather then buying parts here and there and always taking depreciation.

ECS K8t890-a Socket 939 Via K8t890 ATX AMD Desktop Computer Motherboard

I don’t consider myself stupid. Half a system upgrade doesn’t round up to 1, it rounds down to 0, so to speak. The sad thing is, I suspected this is how my ‘sidegrade’ would turn out, yet I was powerless to stop myself from k88t90-a up this atrocity of a combo.

Now that I’ve made a public dcs of myself, perhaps others will learn from my mistake. Experimenting and finding things out empirically is worth something too. And we have all done less than optimal builds, I am sure of it. I was king for a wcs hours since they were released in Europe before USA. Then it gradually came to my notice that the CPU was limiting the gaming performance something awful. Sure, I could play Quake2 in x – but the framerate was rather unpalatable all through the resolution range.

I got like 20 fps in x as well as x Not to mention all the times I upgraded my HDD to the m8t890-a and greatest only to realize that the difference was minimal at the cost of noise and heat.

The difference lies in that with the GTO I have times the speed when using DX9 effects – that are still in the lower end of the palatability spectrum, so I still have to play EQ2 with “advanced shaders” turned off. NV used one with some of their GeForce6 series and it didn’t seem to hurt those at all.


I don’t think you’re talking about the same bridge in both instances. How on earth can you ‘just wire’ a 66MHz 64bit 0. Not sure what you mean by that but it sure doesn’t improve my perception of ECS.

The “AGP Express” name is just marketing. AnandTech had an article on it a while back. There isn’t a whole lot on their list page 31and the cards they do list are fairly old designs more akin to having 8x AGP tacked on than designed to be 8x from the get-go. There are a lot of things buzzing around me head now telling me “Wait a minute, that’s never going to work right”. I see what they’ve done. A bit of logic which will be simply translating transactions from one side PCI to the other AGP while maintaining interfaces to both buses.

Northbridge and card collaborate to maintain that illusion.

ECS K8TA MANUAL Pdf Download.

That on the ECS board is what we’d call “just a fuck up”. Avoid at all costs. Add the ability to upgrade to an M2 processor on that same board albeit via riser card and you just cannot go wrong Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. May 1, Posts: Mon Nov 14, 4: Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Aug 19, Posts: May 12, Posts: Mon Nov 14, 1: Trading fours – Boulder, CO Registered: Nov 28, Posts: Mon Nov 14, 3: Mon Nov 14, 6: Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: Jan 21, Posts: Oct 13, Posts: Tue Nov 15, 6: Tue Nov 15, 8: Nov 26, Posts: Tue Nov 15, Tue Nov 15, 2: Tue Nov 15, 4: Tue Nov 15, 5: WT Ars Praetorian Registered: Jan 4, Posts: Wed Nov 16, l8t890-a

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