La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional: Juan Cassasus: Books – La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional. Front Cover. Juan Casassus. Ediciones Castillo S.A. De C.V., – Education – pages. La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 1 Apr by Juan Cassasus (Author). Be the first to review .

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The Latino communities across Oregon have a rich and diverse history and have contributed greatly to the state’s identity. Oregon’s Latino communities have a rich and diverse history that has greatly contributed to the state’s present identity. This collection consists of 39 oral history interviews; some of which are in English and some of which are in Spanish. Depending upon the interview, there are various audio and video clips available, along with transcripts, summaries, and descriptions.

La Educacion Del Ser Emocional

We expect additions to the collection as further oral history interviews are ekocional. Ella luego inmigra a los Estados Unidos. Ella participa en deportes y es emprendedora pues tiene planes de trabajar todos los veranos mientras que este en ‘high school.

En ese trabajo fue el “top sales guy. En total son 10 hermanos; 5 hombres y 5 mujeres. Ellos tienen tres hijos; un hombre y dos mujeres. Mientras estaba tomando este curso, le ofrecieron un trabajo para ser asistente de maestra en un colegio particular.

Ella y su familia han vivido en Madras desde entonces. En else mudaron a Hermiston, Washington. Emmanuel Robles y sus dos hermanas.

Sus padres nacieron en Aberdeen, Washington. Melissa Reid was born in Portland, Oregon, April 20, Her parents were born in Aberdeen, Washington. Her mother was born July 11,and her father on June 15, Her father worked with the company State Farm Insurance and her mother was casaassus teacher and then became a housewife. A very young age, she learned German; an important experience which Reid thinks facilitated her learning more languages, including Spanish.

After graduating from high school, she attended Linfield College where she studied several languages. Eventually, she lived in Honduras from to and worked as a Spanish teacher. She believes that learning more than one language is important to understanding each other and living together in peace. Miriam Pastrana was born in Modesto, California in Her father was born in a village in Oaxaca called San Mateo Tunuchi and her mother was born in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Her mother was a housewife in Oaxaca and for a time also managed a small shop. Pastrana was born in the United States, nuan spent much of her childhood in Mexico.

She started working at a young age, helping her mother in her shop in the afternoons and attending school in the mornings. At emocionla years of age, Pastrana moved to the United States. Pastrana lives in Canby, Oregon with her family; she works at a paper company.

Se mudaron para tener la oportunidad de una vida mejor para la familia. His father was born in Tecolotes on May 14,and his mother was born in the state of Durango, Mexico on March 6, Growing up, the family often moved in search of jobs.

His mother was a stay emocionl home mom, taking care of six kids; Arredondo is the oldest of the six children. Being the oldest he was tasked with helping his mother take care of his younger siblings.



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At the age of ten, he moved to the United States with his family and was reunited with his father who had moved to the United States before them. They decided to move in order to provide a better life for their family. His family was one of the first Mexican migrant families to come to Canby, Oregon.

He worked as a staff accountant for a local firm starting in and later moved to a medium sized three office firm in Inhe and one of the partners he worked with started an accounting firm Wilcox-Arredondo where he works as of His parents were born in the s in Portland and Hubbard, Oregon.

His mother was a homemaker and later worked at a school cafeteria; his father was a truck driver. Gingerich grew up southwest of Canby in the country where his family lived on a small farm; he was one of nine children. He attended a private Mennonite school in Kansas, Indiana, to study music education and taught music in Canby, Oregon, upon his return. However, after only one year of teaching, he began his own construction business which his has managed since that time. He met his wife in Indiana and they moved to Oregon after he graduated from college.

Gingerich works with the community organization Bridging Cultures Canby, which was established circabut has its roots in a volunteer lunch program that began in Cruz tiene tres hermanas y tres hermanos. Cruz es ama de casa y en los veranos ella trabaja en el campo.

Her mother was born in a village called Yosoyu in Oaxaca, Mexico, and was a seamstress. Cruz has three sisters and three brothers. She immigrated to the United States at nineteen years of age to Madera, California, to work in the fields; she lived there about two years.

For a while she and her husband lived in Mexico, but they moved to Canby, Oregon, inand have three children.

Cruz is a housewife, and during the summer she works as an agricultural worker. Her parents were born in Puebla, Mexico. They worked in the fields; her mother in the kitchen devoting her time to the family. At six years old, her father died. She married at sixteen, has six children, three sons who reside in Mexico and three daughters in the United States. She crossed the border with one of her daughters and a grandson, came to Portland, and met with another daughter who had been living in Oregon for some time.

As ofshe currently lives in Canby, Oregon, with her family. Su madre era ama de casa. Jorge Paz was born in Guatemala on November 2, His parents were also born in Guatemala around His father worked as a farmer with heavy machinery and also worked on road construction. His mother was a housewife. Paz had a short childhood because as the oldest of six children, the family needed him to work alongside his father at a young age.

He attended primary school until the third grade and left school to work. At sixteen years of age, he immigrated to Mexico and lived with his uncle for twelve years helping him to raise goats for sale and consumption. He returned to Guatemala and lived with the mother of his children for a while until he decided to come to the United States. Inhe immigrated to the United States in search of a better life for himself and his family.


He first came to Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a construction worker. He then worked in agriculture, picking strawberry, melon, and other fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural work brought him to Oregon where he received his visa and residency in the United States.

Currently, at the time of the interview inhe is retired and lives in Canby, Oregon. Vigil is the oldest of her siblings – she has three brothers and three sisters; she had another brother who passed away. The majority of her family lives in Dayton, Oregon, or elsewhere in Oregon and in Washington. Vigil resides in Lafayette, Oregon, where she has lived for over fifty years.

She is married with four children, two boys and two girls; she married in Vigil moved from Mexico to Texas at the age of five with her family. She, along with her parents and siblings were migrant workers who worked in various states before settling in Oregon in the emociojal. Vigil worked at La Casa Nursery in Newburg for five years as an aide until it closed. She began volunteering at local educacjon and later became a teacher’s aide at Wascher Elementary School where she worked for about a decade.

Vigil retired in after teaching in Yamhill County for over twenty years, but currently continues to volunteer teaching ESL and citizenship classes. Ella, junto con sus padres y hermanos, era trabajadora migrante.

Ella obtuvo cxsassus GED certificado de escuela secundaria de ‘Chemeketa Community College’ y luego su licenciatura en ciencias y certificado de maestra en el de ‘Western Oregon University. Dducacion a child, his father worked for the railroad as a trackwalker and his mother worked cleaning houses.

Deciding he was not an intellectual, he joined the Trappist monastery in New Mexico some years later inat the age of twenty-seven.

After three years in New Mexico, the monastery relocated to Lafayette, Oregon in because of increased costs of living and inability to cultivate crops in the rocky New Mexico soil.

The Benedictine constitution mandates that its brothers make their living through farm work. He is the oldest of eight siblings, five boys and three girls. His parents, Mexican-Americans, were farm laborers. He lived with his family in south Texas and worked in the fields until he was drafted to eeducacion army in In he moved to Yamhill County where he began a job as deputy sheriff, and in he emocilnal elected as county sheriff – the first Latino county sheriff in the state of Oregon.

He retired in and continues to be active in his community. Es el mayor de ocho hermanos, cinco varones y tres mujeres. He was raised by his mother and father, and grew up with his younger siblings. Emociona father worked as a telegraph manager for the railroad emovional Mexico while his mother trained cooks to prepare food for the many railroad employees. Ruelas Pintorattended primary, secondary, and high school. During this time, he obtained his GED and continued learning English.

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