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Enviado por Guilherme flag Denunciar. He also edited the new additions to the problem sets and prepared a manual giving detailed solutions to most of the problems.

The solutions manual is available to instructors from the publisher.


It is a pleasure to express our deep appreciation to the people mentioned above. We also thank Frank T. Tough, The Ohio State University, for their very useful prepublication reviews. The following people offered suggestions or comments which helped in the develop- ment of the second edition: Behrman, Swarthmore College; George F.

Casabella, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; C. Johnson, Fisuca University; A. Laskar, Clemson University; Charles W.

Moore, Brock University; John J. Schaffer, Lehigh University; John W. We appreciate their contribution.

Eisberg, Robert Martin

Only as much quantum mechanics is developed as is required to accomplish the purpose. Thus we have chosen to emphasize the applica- tions of the theory more than the eisbery itself. In so doing we hope that the book will be well adapted to the attitudes of contemporary students in a terminal course on the phenomena of quantum physics.


As students obtain an insight into the tre- mendous explanatory power of quantum mechanics, they should be motivated to learn more about the theory.

Hence we hope that the book will be equally well adapted to a course that is to be followed by a more advanced course in formal quantum mechanics. The book is intended primarily to be used in a moddrna year course for students who have been through substantial treatments of elementary differential and integral cal- culus and of calculus level elementary classical physics.

But it can also be used in shorter courses.

Chapters 1 through 4 introduce the various phenomena of early quantum physics and develop the essential ideas of the old quantum theory. These chapters can be gone through fairly rapidly, particularly for students who have had some prior exposure to quantum physics. The basic core of quantum mechanics, and its application to one- and two-electron atoms, is contained in Chapters 5 through 8 and the first four sections of Chapter 9.

This core can be covered well in appre- ciably less than half a year. Thus the instructor can construct a variety of shorter courses by adding to the core material from the chapters covering the essentially independent topics: Successive preliminary editions of this book were developed by us through a pro- cedure involving intensive classroom testing in our home institutions and four other schools.


Robert Eisberg then completed the writing by significantly revising and extending the last preliminary edition. He is consequently the senior author of this book. Robert Resnick has taken the lead in developing and revising the last prelimi- nary edition so as to prepare the manuscript for fidica modern physics counterpart at a somewhat lower level.

He will consequently be that book’s senior author. These fea- tures are: The writing is careful and expansive.

: Robert Eisberg: Books

Hence we believe that the book is well suited to self-learning and to self-paced courses. Where general practice in a particular field involves the use of alternative units, they are used here. It is a pleasure to express our appreciation to Drs. David Swedlow for assistance with the evaluation and solutions of moddrna problems, to Dr.

Benjamin Chi for assistance with the figures, to Mr.

Eisberg, Robert Martin [WorldCat Identities]

Donald Deneck for editorial and other assistance, and to Mrs. Cassie Young and Mrs. Carolyn Clemente for typing and other secretarial services.

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