The exam consisted of some open-ended questions and ten yes/no questions. Unbek-. ekonomia Ekonomia eksperymentalna. 2 Except for the twin. Ekonomia eksperymentalna MG MD. Language: Polski Autor: Mikołaj Glinka Shared: 30 Sep , It was copied 9 time(s) You must be logged in to copy. Krawczyk, M. ()„Podstawy – filozofia metody eksperymentalnej w ekonomii”, in Ekonomia eksperymentalna, Oficyna Wolters Kluwer Business.

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The article refers to the issue of the endowment effect, which acts as a mechanism that influences valuation.

The subject of this paper also includes examining whether short-term possession, generates the endowment effect.

It also studies how the possibility of using eksperjmentalna product influences the power of the examined phenomenon.

In order to verify the proposed hypothesis, an economic experiment was used. Its results were analyzed with the use of descriptive statistics and econometric methods.


The study demonstrated that the endowment effect determines the perception of goods and influences their valuation. Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect: American Economic Review, Measuring the Value of a Public Good: American Economic Review, 77, Focusing on the Forgone: Journal of Consumer Research. Academia Economic Papers, 41 2 Journal of Political Economy, 98, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 5, The American Economic Review, 79, Willingness to Pay and Compensation Demanded: Source Dependence in the Valuation of Objects.

Journal of Behavioural Decision Making, 7, Bad Riddance or Good Rubbish? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, American Economic Review, 95, Uwarunkowania behawioralne decyzji inwestycyjnych. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Issue 1 First Online: Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The article refers to the issue of the endowment effect, which acts as a mechanism that influences valuation.

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