Abstract. The purpose of this study was to compare electrosurgery to formocresol as a pulpotomy technique and to determine the distribution of formocresol in. Conclusions: Our results showed the failure rates for electrosurgical pulpotomy to be equal to those for formocresol pulpotomy. Although electrosurgical. superficial pulp tissue. Sheller B. Electrosurgical pulpotomy: a pilot study in humans. Journal of endodontics , Pulpotomy: electrosurgery.

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Vital pulpotomy is a single-stage procedure defined as the surgical amputation of the coronal portion of exposed vital pulp, usually as a means of preserving the vitality and function of the remaining radicular portion. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical and radiographic success rates for electrosurgical vs formocresol pulpotomy in human primary molar teeth.

This was electrsourgery prospective, randomized clinical trial.

Electrosurgical pulpotomy: a retrospective human study.

In this randomized clinical trial, pulpotomies were performed on 70 primary molars in children aged years. The teeth were treated using either a conventional formocresol 35 teeth or electrosurgical technique 35 teeth. Following the pulpotomy procedure, the teeth were evaluated for clinical and radiographic success for three, six and nine months.

The teeth were evaluated for the presence of pain, abscess, fistula, mobility, internal and external resorption, and radiolucency. The data were assessed with Fishers’ Exact test.

Our results showed the failure rates for electrosurgical pulpotomy to be equal to those for formocresol pulpotomy. Although electrosurgical pulpotomy is a nonpharmacological technique electrosurgey favorable results, electrosurggery is still a preservative technique.

Further studies using larger samples and longer evaluation periods are recommended. None, Conflict of Interest: This article has been cited by 1 Evidence of pulpotomy in primary teeth comparing MTA, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulphate, and electrosurgery with formocresol E.

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